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  • 08/24/17--08:42: SRS crash nissan micra 2016
  • Hello.
    I need help to clear crash for micra airbag module 988201HH1B st93c56

    nissan micra 2016 988201HH1B crash.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 298 bytes

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  • 08/24/17--08:50: p307 sid803 dpf off
  • Can someone help me for manual solution for p307 dpf off pls
    ecu hw9655041480
    sid803 5ws40029O-T

    307 orig_Mic.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 134.01 KB

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    Hi, can anyone delete P0638 on this car?

    Fiat Ducato

    Ducato flap 1037501111.zip
    File Type: .zip
    Downloaded: 0 times
    Size: 58.66 KB

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    hello guys . i have fiat punto 2002 year 1.2 petrol 8 valve. the car doesn't start, immo illumination and dtc is U1600 Electronic key-immobiliser system fault

    i changed ecu + key + body module. but the same problem. U1600 is present. i checked fuses and wires and all are ok.

    any ide guys?


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    I have Skoda Octavia 2006 2.0 TDI 103 kw EDC16U31. 03G906016HF 0281012292 1037372727. I bought it with the ECU tuning, I want to restore it to the original state but I can not. Via OBD I read the file but the original I can not write I tried several files that I could find, via BDM I wrote OBD ori file car can not start cooling fan works continuously. Via OBD, only the file that was in the ECU can be written.
    Please, if someone can help,
    Thanks in advance.
    Added tuning file

    Skoda Octavia 2.zip
    File Type: .zip
    Downloaded: 0 times
    Size: 278.74 KB

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  • 08/24/17--09:28: login immo
  • Hi all,
    please immo code VIN W0L0TGF7552160757 Opel Zafira
    very thanks

    Login immo I need to find out from the VIN code.

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  • 08/24/17--09:29: mini cooper dss no coms?
  • Hi All,
    2011 mini cooper can read dsc but unable to code get 0009 error no coms,
    dsc is showing coding error ?? anyone seen this before, cant work out why I can read it ok but unable to write to it.

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  • 08/24/17--09:34: ducato immo help
  • Hi
    Can you help me make this Fiat Ducato ECU immo off?
    0 281 014 209

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 0 times
    Size: 501.84 KB

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  • 08/24/17--09:42: code Radio Chrysler 24c16
  • Please
    generate code Radio
    Chrysler 24c16 P05064385AF


    24c16 chrysler P05064385AF.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 0 times
    Size: 1.71 KB

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    I look for a software mid 144 with number:
    SW: 21314428
    HW: 21313715
    Anyone can help me?


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    Hello everyone!
    I have a problem with airbags code is B1901
    It means "Open in P/T Squib (D Seat Side) Circuit"
    What is "P/T"?
    Where is this Squib location?

    Would appreciate help

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  • 08/24/17--10:06: MMI 3G - red screen
  • Hi!

    My friend recently bought a 2010y audi A6. And today he tried to update his unit in according to install new map (from 2017). Something goes wrong in this process and he ended with bricked unit. It's not cheap. But I searched ethernet and found a pdf that describing how to repair this unit ( https://pl.scribd.com/doc/225614389/How-...r-3G-Plus) if this is software fault.

    And this should be soft problem, since:

    Unit is turning on, green screen for a half second with:
    MMI3G EmApp 22.30.1642
    Starting up.
    Scan metainfo
    Please wait

    And then red screen:
    MMI3G EmApp 22.30.1642
    Trigger to shutdown in 53 sec!
    Mount error
    Update failed! Trigger shutdown after countdown...

    We downloaded few firmwares from many sites and unpacked them on SD card. (one is version 0031_3 with 1,2,metainfo2 ; another one is 0257_6 with 1,2,3,metainfo2 and many versions between them), since I tried to just give unit the source. Because I think it only need a source to update.
    But none of this works. Only change is that when SD card is inserted there is no "Mount error" but "Metainfo CRC error".

    Any help? Any advice?

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  • 08/24/17--10:17: advice picoscope 4425
  • hi guys i need to know who work with picoscope 4425 kit

    any experience ?

    thanx for you sharing


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    I have a Detroit Diesel Vehicle Interface Module & a couple reprogramming harnesses that I no longer have a need for, I want to sell it but do not know where to. Any suggestions?


    Vehicle Interface Module w/ Reprogramming Harness

    Detroit Diesel

    Series 60

    Including Cables for

    -DDEC III, IV, V, VI, 10, & 13

    -MCM, ACM

    Reprogram any Series 60 Detroit Diesel on your workbench!

    As well simulates vehicle functions such as:

    -Park Break

    -Service Break

    -Clutch Release

    -Cruise Control- Enable/Set/Resume


    -Engine- Run/Crank

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  • 08/24/17--10:42: new tuning tool
  • hi
    any opinions on this tool

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    Car: Peugeot 508 Hybrid MY 2012
    I have a problem with air condition.

    I found only one fault in BSM, fault code is B1300 13 (see poto)

    I want to check wiring and I'm looking for this module from wiring diagram PR01

    Where I can find it?

    File Type: .jpg
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 54.88 KB

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    I need original image SD Card Kess 5.017
    I will exchange original SD Card Ktag 7.026 with instruction for installation on 6.070.

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  • 08/24/17--10:52: gm mdi clone
  • Hello, maybe someone buyed this, and can tell me something about it? and where i can find hq clone, in aliex? how about programing modules..?Nerd

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  • 08/24/17--10:53: volvo sid 803 immo off
  • Hey,

    Is it possible immo off v50 sid803

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  • 08/24/17--11:03: Need Help - Smart 450
  • Hello Drive
    I need your help. And this is about a Smart from the 1. model series, model 450. I already have the Stardiagnose to read out etc.
    The Smart is each control unit (SAM, ZEE, tacho, airbag, engine control unit) described and with the FIN programmed.
    Is there a way to completely delete these control devices, to make them quasi-new to be able to learn them again in another car? For example, A tachometer with pixel error would like to replace the current with only a new part, because the Stardiagnose a error message. Thus, only control devices can be described and learned when these are moved into the new state.
    Who can help me and tell me what I need to use soft- and hardware to clear the control units?
    1000 Thanks for your support
    Hallo Drive
    Ich benötige eure Hilfe. Und zwar geht es um einen Smart aus der 1. Baureihe, Modell 450. Ich besitze bereits die Stardiagnose zum auslesen usw.
    Beim Smart ist ja jedes Steuergerät (SAM,ZEE, Tacho, Airbag, Motorsteuergerät) beschrieben und mit der FIN programmiert.
    Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, diese Steuergeräte komplett zu löschen, quasi neu zu machen um sie in einem anderen Auto wieder anlernen zu können? Wenn ich z.B. einen Tacho mit Pixelfehler austauschen möchte kann ich das aktuell nur mit einem Neuteil machen, da mir die Stardiagnose eine Fehlermeldung gibt. Es können also nur Steuergeräte beschrieben und angelernt werden, wenn diese in den Neuzustand versetzt werden.
    Wer kann mir helfen und mir sagen, was ich dazu an Soft- und Hardware benötige, um die Steuergeräte zu löschen?
    1000 Dank für eure Unterstützung.

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