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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 08/28/17--18:01: CAT CT11 CT13 calibration
  • Hi,
    I'm looking sample calibration for these CAT engines.

    Sent from my XT1064 using Tapatalk

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    I would like to know if you anyone sells latest version of carprog software ?

    PM the version and the price please


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  • 08/28/17--19:00: IMMO off question Ktag
  • Im new in this ktag world, i would like to know if its possible to have the IMMO EEPROM dump with Ktag ?

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    Will be great if somebody help PIN out from this file.

    Thak's for help!

    File Type: .rar
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  • 08/28/17--19:20: AGCO Tractor Manual
  • Hi to all,
    I am much in need of a workshop repair manual for a LT90 AGCO tractor and have searched everywhere without sucess. Does anybody have or maybe you know where to go for it. Thanks to all who take the time for this.

    PS - Maybe you know which Massey or Challenger model is contemporary with the LT90 AGCO. Thanks again.

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    Launch X431 PAD 2 II 10.1'' Android Full System WiFi Diagnostic Tool Update Online Two Year for Free with Special Functions

    X431 PAD 2 highlights:
    1. Global version, surpport multi-language: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese and Chinese.

    2. Update Center
    LAUNCH X431 PAD2 can update online two years for free, after that,it will cost 829USD/year.
    Support one-click upgrade for firmware and car model software and release updates in real time.

    3. Large car model diagnosis coverage
    Support more than 200 car models and more than 2000 car brands in European, American, Asian and Chinese markets. Such as Maserati, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedez Benz, BMW, etc.

    4. More powerful hardware configuration
    Cortex-A7 4 core processor, 1.2GHZ; 2G memory, solid state memory 32G; 10.1 inch IPS high definition capacitive screen; machine passed the IP65 test

    5. Comprehensive diagnosis for all functions
    Full system diagnostic device, supporting: Read data streams, storage, playback, read DTCs, clear DTCs, actuation test, special functions
    Special Functions: Idle Analysis, Fuel Supply Control, Battery Replacement Reset, EGR, and key Matching

    6. Multifunction extension module
    Oscilloscopes, sensors, endoscopes, multimeters, and battery detection

    7.DTC intelligent search
    With the car model name prefix to quickly search for DTCs on Internet.

    8. Maintenance database
    Provide a large amount of vehicle maintenance information

    If you need or interest, please do not hesitate pm to me for price

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  • 08/28/17--20:22: Passat B5 hot start problem
  • Hello members,
    Need your help in "hot start fix" on VW Passat B5 2003 1,9l R4 EDC G200SG 1524.

    thank you

    38906019GQ-SG 1524.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    with PC locked

    PM for price

    best price

    File Type: .jpg
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    Old series 96859013xxxxx Launch EasyDiag 2.0 Scanner for IOS and Android 2 in 1 for sales!! only for 2 days!!

    Launch EasyDiag 2.0 Scanner it used for private use based on Android and iOS 2 in 1. Original Easydiag 2.0 is an effective low cost obd2 scanner with good functions. Easydiag provide technician full access to Engine, Transmission, ABS (Brakes), SRS (Seatbelts and Airbag) systems and more.
    [Image: 4bd044a0735ed0bb0a53011adde97b04.image.400x400.jpg]
    obd2cartool easydiag introduce:

    All EasyDiag 2.0 is Old series 96859013xxxxx, and little 96859014xxxxx

    If intersting welcome PM me Handshake

    File Type: .xls
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  • 08/28/17--22:37: Esys flashing NBT Evo
  • Hello i have problem with flashing Sad

    Meybe someone have this same problem like me ???

    [HU_NBT2 - 63 - swfl_0000271a-006_001_044] Transaction type: swDeploy; Message: 13% progress on ECUId:HU_NBT2_0x63 [100% of swfl_0000271a-006_001_044] [TRANSACTION]
    [HU_NBT2 - 63 - swfl_0000271a-006_001_044] Transaction type: swDeploy; Message: 13% progress on ECUId:HU_NBT2_0x63 [100% of swfl_0000271a-006_001_044] [TRANSACTION]
    MCDDiagService<id=333200, job=com.bmw.psdz.jobs.http.MCD3_PerformECUFlash_Http, service=RC_CHECK_MEMORY_HTTP - RoutineControl CheckMemoryHttp, description=error: positive response with negative content, link=HU_NBT2_63_ETHERNET_63> [DIAGSERVICE]
    [HU_NBT2 - 63 - swfl_0000271a-006_001_044] Transaction type: swDeploy; Message: 13% progress on ECUId:HU_NBT2_0x63 [100% of swfl_0000271a-006_001_044] [TRANSACTION]
    [] job failed with negative response error:
    code: result of the routine control service is not correct
    description: service RoutineControl CheckMemoryHttp returned unexpected result: debugInformation_02_FF; ECU: HU_NBT2_63_ETHERNET_63
    severity: FATAL ERROR

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    Is it possible to make immo off on Ford s-max siemens sid206?

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    Hi there guys,i'm facing a problem with an F10 520d 2010.When i drive it hard i get "Drivetrain malfunction".The error stored in ISTA+ is
    244C00 Charging pressure too low/positive deviation
    I checked for leaks at charging tubes,checked MAP sensor,cleaned throttle,inspected vacuum tubes connecting those electronic valves,cleaned intake plenum and changed intake seal carrier,still no luck.I'm skeptical that turbocharger damage is the cause of the error.If i accelerate normally or on park i don't get the malfunction.
    Any ideas?

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    Need flash bsi C4 2011 bsi jc !!!! Please help

    Functional Plan No: 9664058780
    Manufacturer: Johnson Controls
    Functional Product No: 9666895580
    Software Index: 05.02
    Diagnostic Index: 0R
    System: B0
    Software edition: 17.23
    Software signature: E2.EC
    Software reference: 9678922580
    Programming Date: 10/10/2011


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    hi members
    anyone can help with this crash
    i read with upa flash 1 2times and flash 0 1 time
    i compare files flash 1 and flash 111 (second read and seen 81 bytes difference)

    xc2336b-40f80l flash1.rar
    File Type: .rar
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  • 08/28/17--23:22: Alarm Toyota Rush 2006
  • Hello all members
    How to disable the Toyota Rush 2006 alarm
    Help please

    Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk

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    anyone can help with crash clear
    flash 1 i read and again read flash 111 and seen 81 bytes difference
    flash 0 i read 1 time

    xc2336b-40f80l flash 0.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 123.59 KB

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  • 08/28/17--23:27: Ford HSRNS Code Need
  • Hello.
    I need code for Ford MK4 navigation.

    7S7T 18KT931 BL


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    Gentlemen needs to clear sensor airbag, P31406254 Volvo V40 2013, MCU XC2361A72 read upa
    thank you very much

    Flasch 3 crach.rar
    File Type: .rar
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  • 08/28/17--23:49: need urgent help please
  • car 508 ,after some little operation now its in immo mode..

    vin : VF38D9HR8CL002773
    dumps in attach
    need valid login ,I tried 01LK-KL10-10KL-LK01 but no success
    I m ready to pay for fast helps please
    sid 807 evo

    psa 508 sid 807 evo + bsi .rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 898.86 KB

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    hi,got this car need to dpf and egr off. possible only from flash 2mb?
    i got info that need full bdm

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