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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 08/31/17--15:21: simos pcr 2.1
  • Hello
    This ecu is flash atempst 2 times is safe to unlock?
    Or is deeler update ?
    Im scary for this ecu i never done before pcr 2.1
    And what silicone use for back cover ?

    Thanks and sory for bad english!

    I make id with mpps and said 2 times atempst to flash and ecu status locked

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  • 08/31/17--15:21: Renault Modus Steering
  • Hello...Kolo
    please..Can someone help me connect the Renault Modus steering ECU on the bench????
    I connect..
    CAN H
    CAN L
    120 OHMS resistor...but CLIP donĀ“t find the interface...39
    Best Regards..

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    Hi all,
    please I need your help with clear crash air bag
    I need this info cleared. Thanks in advance 95320_ORI_CRASH
    208 bosch ecu 0285012926.

    208bosh 0285012926 9812713980 crash..rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Hi MHH!

    i need Fiat Multipla Bi-Power immo off.


    IAW 4FF.2M
    IAW 4GF .2M/HW403/2001-BEE
    46761568 61600.400.02 F 12V=

    Picture included,thank you!!

    [Image: IMG_20170820_210044.jpg]

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    Have a Maxx Force 15 setting a cylinder 5 injector circuit fault. Cylinder 5 is not firing. Cannot find pinout for wiring on the Maxx Force 15, we would typically check for continuity on the wiring harness, then would check the injector as well and also the pins from the ecm or the main ecm harness to injector harness

    Does somone have wiring diagrams for this?
    What is spec for the injector ohm's if you remove the injector connector and check the injector itself to see if it is good electronically?

    Any help would be great, maybe even a International/Navistar procedure guide, the code we are getting is 655 and cylinder 5 is not firing, makes no difference when we turn it off in the injector test in ServiceMaxx.

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    Hi Folks, anyone purchased any Autool testing kit to see if it's any good or just cheap chinese junk?

    I'm interested in the Injector testers and cleaners AUTOOL CT150 or CT-200.

    Also their 12v Smoke generator might be useful? AUTOOL SDT-202

    All feedback is useful Nod

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    I have a china Galletto V50 and it has been working fine when reading and writing on OBD. Today I tried to read a Tricore with Boot Mode (it's the first time I try) and the software crashes when I select any of the available drivers. What can be the problem? The seller said that Boot Mode is supported with my hardware.

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    HI GUY !
    Range Rover L405 Full Bulletins + Electrical Wiring Diagrams +Workshop Manual From TOPIX

    rep+thx for PW

    File Type: .png
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  • 08/31/17--18:24: Ktag version?
  • Hi guys, what version Ktag can read Toyota Denso 89661 ecu 175800 processor 76F0039ADG?[Image: 3a32525e15b688817b8fde6206db65ef.jpg]

    Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk

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    I was trying to see if anyone would be interested in making Chassis ID change guide. I have few trucks that have miss-matched chassis IDs (VECU, LCM ETC), I have Vcads and Devtool but I have never done this and couldn't find instructions/Guide.

    If you know where I can do some reading one this, I would appreciate it.

    I am willing to pay reasonable price if someone would help me out with this.

    Thanks in Advance

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  • 08/31/17--19:12: Cat sis 2011 help. No xml
  • Can any one she'd any light on why my cat sis will not load ANY xml user files? I had to replace my hard drive and I lost everything.. laptop has win7 64bit loaded cat sis and the 3 dics, then patch and when I go to load user I get this message.."Sorry, failed to retrieve the user details" any and all help needed fast.. thanks guys in advance

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    Hi everyone,

    I repair mercedes keys to component level, and on many occassions i have found the infrared transmitter and receiver's have gone faulty/dry joint.

    Please refer to picture

    Resoldering sometimes does fix, but also runs a risk of damaging the IR TR,TX component, as they are made of plastic and cannot withstand heat for very long and begin to melt etc.

    I have come across in other forums that people have found/replaced this component but do not give details of a supplier.

    Does anyone know of a supplier of these surface mount IR components in mercedes Keys??

    many thanks.

    mercedes KEY.jpg
    File Type: .jpg
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    Hello guys,

    I faced an issue today where I had to do calibration on a rear view cam on a 2013 Nissan Altima.

    This procedure require 3 "target" to be installed on the ground for the camera to do it's initialisation. Very similar to Audi for those who have done it on these models.
    These target are required for Altima and Rogue models.

    I borrowed the special tool (targets) from my local dealer and took measurement.

    I created an Adobe Illustrator drawing of the targets and i'm going to have them print by my local print shop.

    I created a 15.75 inch X 15.75 inch file in AI format. I'm sharing this so you can have them print too.

    Make sure to have them print at exactly 15.75 X 15.75 inch

    I also include the procedure sheet with the measurement to install them on the ground

    Here's a PNG preview of the target (You should print the AI file for exact measurement)

    [Image: nissan_camera_calibration_target.png]

    Nissan rear view cam.txt
    File Type: .txt
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    Size: 199 bytes

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  • 08/31/17--20:18: Mechanics & Locations
  • Anybody know or recommend a good mechanic (Not an ape with a wrench) around Cleveland Ohio??? It doesn't have to be in directly Cleveland...I don't mind driving further to someone that has cat/cummins/detroit knowledge and somebody trust worthy.

    Thanks for the help.

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  • 08/31/17--20:22: Tango
  • Who has one and how well is it. I have a mvp pro but want something that can do the cars the MVP pro cant. Also I need tools for pin codes or token less machine

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    Update License!!!!

    Autel 1 year update license Cheer2Cheer2

    1. MS906BT
    online price: 695 usd
    our price: 490 usd

    2. MS906TS
    online price: 795 usd
    our price: 560 usd

    3. Maxisys pro
    online price: 1295 usd
    our price: 908 usd

    4. DS808
    online price: 349.5 usd
    our price: 245.5 usd

    5. TS608
    online price: 295 usd
    our price: 206.5 usd

    6. Maxisys
    online price: 895 usd
    our price: 628 usd

    Others Pls to PM or Skype me. Thanks!
    And we also have all Autel tools to sell lower price for you. Original!


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  • 08/31/17--21:44: Want To Buy: Mercedes SW
  • im looking for someone who can remotly install everything i need to to read dtcs, offline re-program mercedes cars , as well as adaptions on vehicles from 2000-Present,I know it wont come free and i have no problem paying for a quality job but ill only do buisness with a reputable member of our good forum,

    ill be purchasing adapter at a later time, just interested in Software and install and Licencing for now, thank-you

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    college of mine has Partner with EDC17C10 motor, he's well... like "MC GYVER" xD and he thought that he could change gearbox shaft witout any issues to the car, well: obviously he was wrong, of course cruise control doesnt work anymore as car does not recognize wheelspeed offsets in ECU...

    I have made it with my alfa 159 2.0 jtdm when i've changed gearbox from F40 to C635 but it was edc16c39 - offsets was clear and easy to edit, not went through edc17c10 file and did not found anything like it...

    Is there some engineer who knows things to point me out where is gearbox ratio characteristics in this ecu?

    File is in attachment, some 3rd company modded it (i've seen duration tuning (xD) = it's not mine and i'm not involved in any edit to this ecu so far.

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    Have up for sell Alldata pro online, has a unlimited access life time use. Has all makes, models, and years ranges up to 2018 and so on when newer years come out, will set up on your computer with Team Viewer after full payment. I accept only Paypal payments will set up invoice and send it over to your Paypal. Thank You! Dan.
    message me for more information and price.

    File Type: .jpg
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    Please help me on this if someone is using it please share information. Can OBDSTAR X100 Pros C+D+E Do odometer job in Suzuki cars? Can it do general diagnostic? If aomeone is using it please share information.

    Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk

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