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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    GM MDI Tech is Dealer Level Diagnostic Tool for Multiple Brand vehicle: GM, Opel, Chevrolet and Saab. obd2cartool already update Vetronix GM MDI Tech hardware,new and original components work perfect!!

    obd2cartool GM MDI PCB SHOW:
    [Image: GM-MDI-01.jpg]
    [Image: GM-MDI-02.jpg]
    [Image: GM-MDI-03.jpg]

    GM MDI Tech Features:

    1. All New and original Chips is included in PCB
    2. With opel Global tis global diagnostic system
    3. Support offline lease function
    4. support programming online
    5. support cable communication,Hw update
    6. support wireless communication, device have internal wifi card inside.
    7. Support Opel offline programming function
    8. With GDS2 diagnostic system
    9. Tech2win diagnostic software support adding latest software
    10. support original factory latest software
    11. With European Chevetl Global tis, Supports European Chevetl offline programming
    General Motors Global Electrical Architecture (Global A) and Global Diagnostic Hardware & Software, Global Diagnostic System DGS & Mutiple diagnostic Interface MDI

    welcome PM!!

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    Hello everyone, I have been investigating and I could not find the speed limiter in this vehicle. The speed is limited to 175 km / h. I attach the original file.

    amarok irom tc1796.rar
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    I have retrofitted a NTG4.7 to my W212 year model 2009. SCN coding has been done at the dealer since i don't have DAS yet.
    Dealer could not get Navi pin code from Vedoc so I bought the Navi pin from elsewhere. I installed latest maps into Navi successfully.

    The navi has only one annoying bug at the moment: It says constantly that it's "Off road", even though the position marker would be on a road. Usually the map marker runs just a bit on either side of the road on the navi. The navi has not even once thought it's on a specific road and routing does of course not work correctly.

    The GPS antenna is a cheap Ebay one, but still I have gotten up to 11 satellites so I don't think the problem is with the antenna, or is it?

    Now the question is: What could possibly be wrong? Is the somekind of "Off road" -mode the Comand is in? Or is there somekind of other coding I am missing for the Comand?

    Or is it the antenna, or something else?

    Thanks for any help with this annoying issue!

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  • 09/16/17--22:41: MSV80 need ISN
  • Hello to all!

    Ive x5 2008 N52, 3L. With CAS3+ Crypeted. All key lost. I was able to actually prepare the key and program it to CAS so the ignition turns and remote works no DTC in CAS. So car cranks but dosn't start because of the code in DME 2f49 immo anti-tampering protection. So The key ain't got programmed in DME.

    There is other way around is program key with Tango. And it needs along with CAS a DME dump or ISN... So I was able to read DME with K-tag/KESS. But tango won't accept this dumpShake

    So what's the solution here? Can someone get ISN from KESS dump of MSV80? or make that dump to be acceptable by tango some how?. Or just immo of that MSV80?

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    Hi Folks,

    I have problem when power up EDC7C1, Iveco Tector - 0281 010 253 bought via Ebay.

    I have the ECU both connected as KTAG pinout and also tried as byteshooter pinout and in both cases it get about 250 mA in 1 second and then back again to 0 mA.
    I've done the same with Volvo Penta EDC7C1 many times and it works perfectly, remains at 250 mA and is then possible to read and write.

    Do you think the Tector ECU is broken? Any ideas? I have never had this problem before that it wakes up and then directly get down to 0 mA again.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello everyone! Can anyone help me with a chiptuning file for this vehicle. I would be very grateful!

    ECU me7.1.1
    vw 2.5l 20v Engine

    jetta 2.5i 20v me7.1.rar
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  • 09/17/17--00:13: ECM2600+ +Kessv2.35+Winols24
  • Hi
    I am sharing my software from my kess v2 clone.
    Key on PM after thanks and rep.

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  • 09/17/17--00:29: Setra Bus with MB Enginge
  • HI,

    i have an inquiry for a Setra Bus CompfortClass400.
    Type S44/53

    He has an OM457LA engine with 428PS
    I found the protokoll 146 in a Mercedes Truck AXOR MP1.

    Does somebody know if it will work to flash Setra Buses with
    the protokolls from the MB Trucks?

    Nice wishes

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    ECU BOSCH 0 281 011 260
    immo off in flash pleasse

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  • 09/17/17--00:45: Tutorial how reset ktag kess
  • I post how reset ktag and kess
    1.Download version ksuite 2.08 here
    2.Buy new sd card 1gb-2gb and format in fat32 ussing this program
    3.For kess use this cfg and 4 file
    Copy on sd card 4 file and in ksuite 2.08 open folder update and copy update folder
    Connect kess and wait for update all protocol
    4. For ktag buy new sd card format in fat32 with program posted and copy 3 file on sd card and update on folder update in ksuite 2.08 connect ktag and wait for update all protocol.

    Use only ksuite 2.08

    New Text Document.rar
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    Hello i have a Ford fiesta from 2005 engine 1.6 tdci and i have immo problem. The diagnostic show i have eeprom 24c08 from cluster corrupted . Someone can pair the eprom from ecu and from cluster?

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  • 09/17/17--00:57: volvo v50 2008 sinchro
  • hello, who can help me with volvo v50 2008 2.0d sinchro ECU-CEM? ECU is SID803a, abs id in attachment

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    Dear All,

    Does anyone have this tool? please send PM to me.

    Thank you

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  • 09/17/17--01:26: help Vediamo v05.01.00
  • Good afternoon!
    I am looking for a person who will be able to remotely install through TeamViewer Vediamo 05.01.00 the file has been downloaded, the patch has been downloaded. But after installing and typing hw name and key. After the application starts, the application is closed.
    I await your feedback. Thank you in advance and thank you from me + and reputation.


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    Can someone make a tune for this car? And need aktivste/deaktivate fuel cut via AC button.


    1P0907115C Leon Cupra 240PS Ori 1037386637.zip
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    please advice.
    is there any soft which turns off immo from dump?
    eeprom 24c02

    like passat b5 98 year. 1.9 tdi

    or which bites need to change manualy.

    thanks Smile

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    Dear members,

    I need to reset crash data on Maserati Coupe 4.2GT.
    Airbag control unit is
    TRW 182230 331225 // 33122503020040RG
    E2P: 24LC0B (attachment)

    Can anybody be off asistance?

    Best regards,

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  • 09/17/17--02:05: iveco airbag reset
  • hi could anyone help me with an airbag clear crash data on this iveco
    airbag control unit part number 5801460860 TRW with 5LCA eeprom

    many thanks


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  • 09/17/17--02:27: Autocom VCI board type v8
  • I found the solution for board v8 with BT- My interface correctly recognized USB driver and I was able to do FW update - just wont connect to any car.

    In my case Q704 was short between legs, I soldered q704 from another VCI and voila ! all tested on BMW f10 successfully.Cheer2

    Not sure how about other PCB types however I advise you to check all transistors around LM393.

    Maybe for someone this information will be useful.

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    Full blacklist fix for C4 (DAS.CAL.870.Fix included)
    Xentry.OpenShell.XDOS.2017.09 only.

    [Image: c4.blacklist.patch.xentry.openshell.xdos.2017.09.1.jpg]

    [Image: c4.blacklist.patch.xentry.openshell.xdos.2017.09.2.jpg]

    [Image: c4.blacklist.patch.xentry.openshell.xdos.2017.09.3.jpg]

    Made to work with MS.Windows of any version.
    (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10) x86 or x64
    The program automatically detects version, system environment variables, installation directories.
    Saves original CreationTime, LastAccessTime, LastWriteTime and file attributes.

    PM for password, after "thanks" [Image: postbit_thx.gif] and "reputation" [Image: postbit_reputation.gif]. Please, give me the link to a POST for the password you want to get.
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