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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    I have bad ecu in peugeot 607 2.2 2000, i have buy used ecu and i think so swap eeprom/flash. But i wonder if i calculate vin to pin can i install ecu with lexia?

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    I hope this is the correct place to create this post, if not please do forgive me. I am hoping for some help on an issue we are having this with program. I have attached a screenshot.

    I am unaware of what additional information is needed to help with this, please ask away. I did update the HW-ID and AppID with a keygen, which worked flawlessly. Is there an additional step we need to take in order to fix this? We need to be able to access the online part in order to program a vehicle we are repairing. Is this not possible with a "cracked" version?

    Any help with this is greatly appreciate!

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    Hi guys/gals...

    First question: While following directions found on this site, I installed XP onto the computer. When entering the name, it told me to use OWNER and STAR. Well, XP would not accept STAR... So i wrote STAR and then his space bar and it accepted it, is that alright?

    Here is my current issue:

    Sorry in advance, I'm sure this topic comes along often.. BUT i did a search and could not find or make out and helpful results.

    I am trying to install STAR/Das using the guide provided.. But after i do NewGuide2i step it asks me to copy AppID 253 to the startup folder... I cannot find this folder on this site. I only found 252.

    Is there some way that someone could point me to the correct file?

    And is these installation instructions correct?

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    Hi all crack here, i try to know if is posible change a CIM module from a Opel Vectra C 2003 to a 2002 model.
    I put a virgin dump, plug it in the car,seems everything ok but ,when i try to program old keys give me Programmed failed.
    The original cim 2002 have a diferent board inside is with 2 hc908 processor and have a single stage impact driver cable but this is not a problem.
    The donor 2003 have a ordinary seeprom memory, and 2 stage impact cables.
    Somebody manage to make that swap?

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    Hi ,
    Citroen Service Box 11-2013 On Torrent.

    Citroen Service Box (DocBackup + Sedre) (11.2013).rar
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  • 03/28/14--13:04: RESIZE XENTRY DESKTOP ON 4/3
  • if you use a notebook with screen 4/3 as the panasonic cf-74 and the like, you can change the size of the desktop and adapt it to your PC ... change this setting ...
    start> c:> winnt> zak> starshell> open starshellconfig
    under the heading version_picture and last_addon change the values:
    x_pos = 690

    copy and paste the attached image in:
    c:> winnt> zak> starshell> background
    good luck!

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    installed demo of Mitchell need to erase all traces so I can use same copy for full install also cannot get the key to work with imdisk virtual floppy doesn't work help

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    Hello, i have problems installing CMD original software , i had it installed but after install shitty bdm100clone the original software doesnt work, does somebody has solution for it? i removed the clone software and still can work with original tool, the tool works fine because i tried in other laptop and all correct.
    thanks. best regards.

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    please help caterpillar factory passwords many thanks

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    Hello mates Beer

    Seeking diagram 60 series engine is to fit in a kenworth cab

    Please help me

    I hope your cooperation, team mhhauto.com

    Best RegardsHandshake

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    I have Calterm III with neqix and also in line 6 adapters. When I hook to truck it reads error--2 devices detected and all firmware updated. Still can not connect. Could someone please give me a step by step process for either adapter. Calterm is 3.64 and ECM is a CM 871 and metafile is red eagle BAC. Any help would be appreciated.

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    hello ,i am selling my used OPTICAN DUAL 2 Chiptuning Flasher.

    It is manufactured in germany by OBD-TUNING GmbH.
    Software download/user manual:

    This tool is in good condition and genuine.
    Last update out of 2010.It has no time limit.
    This tool is a slave version.
    You send genuine file to master ,the master send back tuned file.
    Processing time max 1hour.
    I can send in europe or world(if possible).
    This tool is direct ready to use.

    Scope of delivery:
    -big black Suitcase
    -Flashertool (Slave)
    -Usb cable
    -OBD cable
    -BMW cable
    -Mercedes cable
    -VAG direct ecu cable

    Price 800€ inclusive shipping

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  • 03/29/14--05:14: Wtb magpro x17 master
  • Subj

    PM if u want to sell

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    I was talking to somebody on here about getting the Nexiq adaptor to work with John Deere SA. I searched on here and could not find the instructions on how to do so, anybody have that link?

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  • 03/29/14--06:28: Palio 1.2 8V IAW 18F.B4/B3
  • Hello. I`m looking for ori dump hc11f1 and m27c512. Thanks for help

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  • 03/29/14--06:58: Fiat 250 CD Cancheck
  • Hi Members

    please disable the cancheck (wait) of this fiat radio

    blaupunkt fiat 250 cd sb05
    eprom = 95320
    code = 6541


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    Hi all

    I need disable the adaptive light for my BMW E-91 2010 year I have changed my xenon adaptive front light with normall front light without adaptive function!
    Is possible disable this function from ecu?

    Please help

    Best Regards

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  • 03/29/14--07:34: diagnostics tool
  • Can anyone help me on deciding which diagnostics tool will work with my 6NZ cat engineI've been looking at caterpillar ET
    and then I ran across this website that claims their diagnostic tool can do as much plus more the name of the website is DGtechnology DPA5 and if this will work how hard would it be to get it to where I can change my programming in my ECM any help would be grateful.
    I am new to this forum and very grateful for itI'm also tired of paying someone else to work on my equipment so hopefully with a little advicefrom some people smarter than me I will be able to do my own work Thanks

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  • 03/29/14--08:02: Cummins manuals
  • Hello fellow Mhh friends looking for a couple of manuals. Need a engine manual for Cummins L-10 and N14 had a couple come in our shop and its been a while. I thought I had them on disk but seem to have lost it. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • 03/29/14--08:15: Edc15c2, ineed eeprom 5p08c3
  • Hi! I need dump eeprom 5p08c3, edc15c2 1connector, 0281010775-1037353610, pin bsi-H2NX.

    (Today 06:15 AM)levik Wrote:  Hi! I need dump eeprom 5p08c3, edc15c2 1connector, 0281010775-1037353610, pin bsi-H2NX.Or virgin damp eeprom+flash

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