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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    please anyone who has a full BDM (epr, fls, mpc)
    Golf V 1.9TDI
    EDC16U1 6176
    HW 0281011900
    SW 1037371094

    Thank you!

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    Hello !
    Is it safe to tune this car with reworked KTAG 7.020 ?
    BMW 114D 95hp from 08.2016.
    ECU should be EDC17C50.

    Thank you

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  • 09/17/17--09:24: Porsche keyless go system
  • Hello
    I have Porsche Cayenne 2013 with keyless go system .
    Keyless go not work and I checked with piwis ll so I do not have fault code for keyless go system.
    I changed elv and front BCM with another car for test keyless go system .
    It is working with elv and front BCM another car.
    I changed again to original ELV and BCM so not working again.
    What is it problem?

    Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk

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  • 09/17/17--10:31: ETKA 8 torrent link
  • Free ETKA 8 torrent file. Tested on Win7 32 bit.
    The simpliest install.

    Thanks to Algeni!

    Please press thanks and give me +reputation!

    ETKA 7.5 + 8.0 (1189) 09.2017 + База винов 1234880 шт. [rutracker-5067635].rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 6 times
    Size: 44.93 KB

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    Tomorrow client bring me EZS from Vito 2008
    He say the Key dont working anymore.

    Star Diag say in EZS modul "all Keys Blocked"

    When i read EZS EEPROM and Flash can anyone the keys unlocked again?

    Thanks for any tip

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  • 09/17/17--10:38: Peugeot 807 EDC15C2 and BSI
  • Hi all,

    this car arrived totally dead to me after unidentified ECU swaps/flashes.

    I need just to make it start (to go to scrapyard I think) but still have no luck.

    It is PUG 807, 2002, 2.2 Hdi - 4HW engine inside, EDC15C2 and SAGEM BSI, CAN bus only on powertrain units.

    No way to programm the key via PP2000, security code QENZ correct. Matched keys > 0, ECU blocked > Yes.

    The BSI says : ECU fitted to 206 EDC15C2 RHY omg why? Fing20 Where is that info stored?

    There is a complete datasetreadout of the vehicle >

    ECU EEP , ECu FLASH (EDC15C2 0 281 011 522}

    Could you guys make the car just start, please Sweating

    PEUGEOT 807.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 248 KB

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  • 09/17/17--10:40: Help
  • Please if someone can help me I have Audi S5 2010 I did a transmission job I changed the gear selector sensor and wiring harness for it and for the mechatronics everything went well but now I have new problem only when it's hot the transmission jurk and kick badly on D only .when it's cold everything ok like new I did the basic setting no luck can someone help me please do I have to flash it thx thx thx .no code

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    Hello everyone, sunday is great time to work with ECU.

    I change used EIS and after that I made ECU virgin using AVDI. After that I can´t do any ecu codings using star or any diagnose tool.
    Car runs and no fault codes, only problem no possible made codings.

    I need working ECU-file, if possible so renewed.

    Attachment is virgin file at this moment inside of ECU, readed using KESS.

    Thanks already Smile

    softa ei personalzet.zip
    File Type: .zip
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    Size: 20.37 KB

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    Hi Guys,

    has anybody done such an upgrade on a W176 from 2016?
    Which parts do i need, except the seats with control-modules (we do have them already)?

    Car does have electr. lumbar-support, so just the 2 CAN-wires and one wire for the light underneath the seat should be additional.
    Further the 3 wires on the door-card-memory-switch to the door-control-modul should be enough, or did i miss something?

    Would appreciate if you can tell me which pins and housings i would need for this also.

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    Hey guys

    Fiat QUBO 2015 1.3 engine cranks but won't start after engine replacement.
    the old engine was starting and it was replaced due to mechanical fault....

    currently there are no DTC in the ECM.

    The injectors dont get pulses at all.
    it seems that all the fuel is going through the return pipe at the injection pump.

    when I use spray to the intake, the engine will "start" (showing live signs) and turn off when stopped....

    so the problem is with the engine not getting fuel.

    I've replaced the following parts:
    cam & crank sensors
    fuel pressure sensor
    injection pump (with the regulator)

    what can cause the ECM from stopping the injection?
    is there anything to reset with the manufacturer scanner that can fix this?
    what sensors involved in the injection here?

    Can someone please upload the wiring diagram for the injection system?

    please help

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  • 09/17/17--11:16: Smok uhds full license
  • Hello,

    I have here a 3 months old smok uhds with all license activated.

    For price and info email, Skype or PM me.


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  • 09/17/17--11:18: Ecu w211 clone
  • Hello!

    I have a bad ecu and I want to clone it. Probleme it is that I don't find same series. Please tell which series it is compatible to clone it.

    A 646 153 03 79
    CR3.11 2.2L
    HW 31.01
    SW 20.02

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    S O L V E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have bravo 1.9 JTD wich immo not work so i need immo off
    0 281 010 341
    I try with 5P08 but not work
    so i read 29F400
    I need tested Immo OFF beacuse the car is not at me
    The car stop working far away from my home so i just take ECU
    Can some one help me

    Bravo 1.9 jtd 29F400 Immo ON.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 136.24 KB

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  • 09/17/17--11:50: Scammed By Alex77vl
  • Hey All,

    I want to warn you about this user. He claims he can give you a tune file, and after the payment he does something thats unbelievable dumb and never delivers.

    I had an Audi A1 here a few weeks ago for which i was looking for a DSG Tune.

    http://mhhauto.com/Thread-DSG-0AM-tune-request He replied to me and i send him a PM. He told me it was 50 euro. But i needed the file within hours. So that was a no go.
    Someone also contacted me by whatsapp and had software available for 80 euro. Turned out it was this Alex77vl

    A few weeks later i get another A1 here that is looking for a tune. So i contaced this guy again and told him he offered me software for 50 euro on MHH.
    I had to send my file to him, and he could do it for 50 euro, but he only had WU or moneygram. He claimed i was unwilling to pay(i only have paypal and i wanted to cover my ground on this moneygram/western union).

    In short, the payment was made and he would have the file ready within a few hours after he confirmed the payment. No suprise he didnt come trough on that day, he forgot. I asked him if i could make an appointment with the A1 driver for friday. No problem. He then posted my file on MHH to get it tuned. WTF...

    I didnt confront him about it and gave him the benefit of the doubt. But everytime he forgot, or claims that i am to slow at responding..
    Asked him to refund me as he cant deliver, and he doesnt even answer.

    Just contacted him again, and he claims he send it. Showing me a picture of his out box with my name. My name is Michel Schmets, not Jesus.
    he is checking right now, but i dont care anymore. I doubt i will ever see the file or my money.

    If any of the Admins want the full conversation, no problem.

    Screenshot 01.jpg
    File Type: .jpg
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    I am looking for Dscovery 3 2.7 Diesel with 6 Speed Manual transmission. I found the connector to xyz selector switch cut. Please can anyone assist me with the wire color code to selector switch pin.

    Thank you

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    Hi there,

    Looking for some advice before I create a listing on Gumtree “Vauxhall Corsa CDTI Spares or Repair”....

    She is a – 2010 Corsa (D) Design 1.3 X13DTH 90BHP / 66Kw (VNT Turbocharger), with 88k miles and a good service history.

    So I bought her also spares or repair 4 weeks ago, when I turned up she was cranking but obviously had no compression, so got her home, striped her, Fuel pump failed (locked) which stalled the camshaft, breaking the cam sprocket bolt and rockers. So removed head, striped, skimmed, lapped valves and rebuilt, with new chain kit. (all branded parts, no eBay junk) After removing the air from the injectors she started smoothly after the rebuild, and all seemed fine until I tried to drive her, no power what so ever, and no fault codes.

    Reading lots of info online, I have;
    New oil, air and fuel filters
    Replaced the EGR (£175 Pierburg)
    Replaced the MAF
    Replaced the MAP
    Checked the cylinder compression pressures all okay
    Checked the turbo for free play all okay, and no oil
    Removed the lambda and check the DPF/exhaust for back pressure
    Removes the whole inlet trunking and checked for leaks / blockages
    Started with all inlet trunking removed and will rev but really smokey (white)
    VNT actuator nice an free, operated perfectly
    Throttle valve free and operated correctly
    All DPF parameters reset with Verus and KTS and Op-Com scanners (no difference)
    Drained and replace the fuel
    Opened the ECU to check of water ingress, (the casing was corroded inline with it situ, but circuitry inside was immaculate.
    All live data is normal

    When you start her, you can rev her 3 times, on the four the throttle is almost completely non responsive, and if you hold it to the floor, the revs will slowly creep up to 1400-1500rpm, and the fumes is awful (mostly white). When you try to drive her its the same, and brief 30 seconds or so with low power and no turbo, then the power drops to nothing and all she’ll do is idle, even they she can pull her own weight as most diesel do off idle, she just stalls and s difficult to start..... (and even after holding the throttle down to the floow for a minute with her struggling to rev at 1500rpm, the ecu doesn’t see any faults? (checked all topline garage kit, KTS and VERUS and OpCOM)

    God any suggestions are greatly appreciated, thinking I’m thinking some scope work or, ECU, BCM or turbo??

    What your houghts?


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  • 09/17/17--12:02: IVECO inferferance
  • I'm looking for a good quality interference for IVECO cars any sugestions ?

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    What could be the possible gain be for a 2005 BMW 530d 218 hp be with tuning and EGR + DPF?


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    Someone has good tested file for Alfa 156 1.9 JTD 150HP 0281011984?
    Tested with 2 different file services and with both engine is going into limp mode when I press accelerator pedal at 80% (approx 4000 rpm), and I got error P0238.
    After restart engine, cars go normally until rpm exceed again approx 4000 rpm.
    No problem if there will be more smoke.
    With ori file car runs normally.
    I attached ori file.



    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 0 times
    Size: 102.38 KB

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  • 09/17/17--12:41: audi s5 0B5 dsg
  • hi Please if someone can help me I have Audi S5 2010 V6 I did a 0b5 transmission job I changed the gear selector sensor and wiring harness for it and for the mechatronics everything went well but now I have new problem only when it's hot the transmission jurk and kick badly on D only .when it's cold everything ok like new I did the basic setting no luck can someone help me please , do I have to flash it thx thx thx .no code in transmission

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