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    Heya all Kolo
    I have a 2012 VW Amarok with a cooked Eng ECU. The EEPROM is naffed. We have put in a second hand Eng ECU but cant work out how to code it in 1087 1087

    Any ideas????

    Cheers Beer Beer

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    please need pin

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    i am working with CAT SIS 2011B as base with WIN7x64. Databases are either 10.2013 or 01.2014.
    Let's take an example.

    Type STH02653 to the serial cell.

    Then click on "As Shipped Product".I think it is same as "As shipped Engine"

    It is normally fetching you the machine card of the equipment.

    Click on any "Part Number" that can be clicked.

    Say 241-2421 ENGINE AR-COMPLETE. It can be any

    It should normally go ahead and fetch you the next machine card.

    However, the screen "Separate Illustration - Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request" is coming.

    The problem is coming on two PCs running under WIN7x64.
    The same as above in SIS 2010 (base 2009B) is NOT coming and working perfectly.

    Is it problem of crack, version, database, browser or what?

    Please help!!

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  • 06/05/14--23:28: DEACTIVATE ADBLUE
  • Hi guys,is there a software i can use with my DAVIE to deactivate the adblue system in DAF truck.If yes can some one tell me where i can get it.THANKS

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  • 06/05/14--23:41: immo off edc16u1
  • 95320.rar
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  • 06/06/14--01:00: Tool for vag odometers?
  • I look for some tool for set milleage,especially vag cars 2005-2012...which tool recommended me?

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  • 06/06/14--02:41: JLR IDS Legacy Tools
  • I have tried V134, V135, V137 V138 and none of them boot the IDS Legacy tools when the VIN entered is too old for SDD.

    SDD all work fine but IDS no go.

    Why is this?

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    I should make a total immo off on this machine Iud says to do so on the EEPROM 24C02 but is not in the ECU some say it needs to be done in flash can anyone help me

    Alfa spider
    0 261 204 484
    motronic M 2.10.4

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  • 06/06/14--03:15: Vito 638-108 immo problem
  • Hello M8's,
    I have big problem with Vito 108 2000'Headbang
    Problem is related to immo,but i dont know what to do next,
    car battery was flat a lot of times,because car crank but not start.
    Check the ecu for errors and no errors related to immo,but in live data problem can be seen.I dont have "start error" on display!
    In attachment live data from channel 5 and original dumps from ecu and wsp.
    Has anyone had this problem and what to do next?

    greska vito.JPG
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  • 06/06/14--03:16: Ford Fiesta Crash Data
  • Hello!
    Have anyone program for Reset Airbag crashdata? The car is Ford Fiesta 2011. The Chip in Restrain Control Module is S25A32, The number of RCM is AA6T-14B321-BA.
    Thank you very much.

    crash fiesta aa6t-14b321-ba.rar
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    hi peoples

    i need help with control tuning file from this car. can somebody help with this ?

    thanks four reply

    pass PM


    BMW 1 85 KW.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Hello all members i need some help with radio code for old Grundig WKC2680
    I have only serial number

    GRO0604R0153439 034

    Thanks all for help

    Best redgest

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    Hi all i search cat et 2013a-b activation keygen. Thanks

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    Hey guys, What software will I need to get to be able to do basic diagnostic work on a Mack MP7-405M engine. Also, I am correct to believe my CAT COMM adapter 3 will work for communication? Thanks for any help.

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    Hi guys!

    I wanted to change some things in variant coding for my smart 450 (activate headlights-when-driving feature for my visit to Norway).

    But I got the 8.561.6067 error and spent many hours with research.

    Finally I found the solution

    You have to unlock the ECU first!

    I have appended a PDF with screenshots how to get there.

    After this the variant coding can be saved without the error.
    Maybe it is a similar thing for other MB models...
    Feedback welcome.

    Hope that helps,

    SAM unlock.pdf
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    I have recently installed EPC, WIS/ASRA on my windows 7 machine...... successfully!

    There seems to be a great deal of confusion and somewhat strange instructions and tutorials on the www and I was taking notes as I went along so that if I ever had to do an installation again, it would be easy for me.

    Attached below is my step by step instruction and some explanations.
    Be warned it's tricky, takes a long time and occupies a LOT of your hard drive.

    I am new here and apologies to moderators if they feel this should be in another thread but I felt it might get lost in amongst the numerous requests for keys in other similar threads. I think it is worth having this separate for posterity LOL.

    Please do not ask me for advice on anything but IDENTICAL computer setups as I really do not know anything other than my setup type.

    There are various keygens around for EPC-WIS and they are easy to download and to use.

    The attached .doc is the instructions.

    Installing EWA EPC WIS.doc
    File Type: .doc
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  • 06/07/14--01:07: BMW 320D Non Start :-(
  • BMW 320D 2005 M47 Engine 126k On the clock.

    Came in as a non-start a week ago, colleague changed a fuel filter on it and in fairness it ran fine after that.

    It's been recovered in again with the same symptoms. I had no communication with the ecu initially but found water ingress within the unit. Removed it dried it out, now I can communicate. It shows the same faults as before injector activation and glow plug activation but still wont start. I can see fuel pressure building on cranking and I can see rpm also.

    Any thoughts guys?



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  • 06/07/14--01:19: JLR Files and what they mean
  • So what do each of these files actually mean and what do they do exactly?

    I just want to be able to diagnose and code some parts of Jaguars and Land Rovers

    These are the files I have


    I'm not even sure what does each file actually to and hows it related to JLR ?

    I understand stand that the VDF files are the data files for the car, is this Jaguar and Land Rover?

    What confuses me is that when I install all of these the hard drive is only 16gb big. When I looked at other peoples V130 vmware image it was like 22gb big ??

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  • 06/07/14--01:36: Search Full BDM Astra H
  • Hello friends, i search full BDM File for Astra H 1.9CDTI 120HP.
    HW: 0281012549
    SW: 1037A50366


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    Nissan navara has on tacho 360000 km.. i dismante tacho and desolder 93c56 chip and read it with digiprog 3 and it shows 63536 km...??
    Why dont show 360 000?
    Please help...I didnt program it yet.

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