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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 07/01/14--10:29: L200 2007 fault code P0089
  • Hello all,
    I have this bloody fault for last 2 weeks and once you turn ignition off and then on car driving fine until first traffic light, then it goes to limp mode. I have changed suction control valve as it says by fault code but no chance to make it better Sad
    So maybe one of you had the same situation??? All ideas are more then welcome very appreciated!
    Rais D

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    i have a problem with VW Golf V 1.6 fsi - MED9.5.1 ecu
    I was writing flash via obd2 and it has stuck, after that no communication with the ECU
    I can only read the flash with bdm.
    But now tha flash is broken and need to recovery it, can some one help me on this please.

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    Hey all, I tried to read a MFD Navi today. I used Carprog and soldered the cables how carprog said..
    I turn on the Navi, and wait 30s, then i connect the cable with carprog and press on decode in the program. Then everytime I get the Verify Error.

    Has anybody an idea what i can do?

    Navi: MFD
    3B0 035 191 D

    Sorry for bad englishTmi

    File Type: .png
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    Size: 465.28 KB

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  • 07/01/14--10:49: Fiat Ducato Checksum
  • Hi. I want to remove immo to Fiat Ducato 2.8JTD with 0281 010 931

    Inside was 29F400 flash and 95P08 eeprom.

    I tried to remove immo from flash in Meucii and AETool but it says that I need to Calculate Checksum.

    How to calculate checksum ?

    Here is original file, and Decoded file!

    Can someone help me please, I need this ?

    Please help, I need this urgent!
    dukato ori.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 141.03 KB

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  • 07/01/14--11:43: Super Vag PC software?
  • Hello, i want to know if it is possible to download SuperVag to pc if i have an OBD2 cables, i saw alot of super vag tools on internet.. but it was a portable ones. I want to know if it a pc version what i can download. Can anyone help me please? If pc version exists any links please? Thanks forwards.

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  • 07/01/14--11:56: pass code for cummins insite
  • hi there
    im after cummins insite passcode.
    pc id C 16EAE27



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  • 07/01/14--12:12: BMW PSdZData Full v2.53.0
  • BMW PSdZData Full v2.53.0

    [Image: 25b117f5342b67fb83b58521d966cc52.png]

    And do not forget say Thankyou and press reputation button 41

    BMW Psdzdata v2.53.0.5.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 14 times
    Size: 69.38 KB

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  • 07/01/14--13:07: navara satnav disc
  • can anyone tell me if its possible to download a free satnav disc for a 2008 navara

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  • 07/01/14--13:42: Blackbox MSV-2
  • My MSV-2 has suddenly corrupted and I cant reflash it, does anyone have one that they could make a backup of the data on the usb memory inside to help me out?

    I think that if I can get it up and running again I can update it and get it going again.

    I would really appreciate some help quickly if anyone can help me out.


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    Is it normal if I am driving in florida 95f outside and my coolant temp is like 190-200 most of the time if I am running 0 pressure coolant system?
    The reason I did 0 pressure because I think it has to much pressure in the system specially in summer

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  • 07/01/14--15:27: BMW CAS 3 programming help
  • undefined

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    who has?

    include keygen

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    i bought a clone galletto1260 to do a remap,but cannot get it to identify my ecu data type etc. It kept saying "error wake read" i think iirc.also sometimes says "switch of ignition for 10secs then turn back on dash wait 10secs then proceed",but same message keeps appearing etc etc.
    i have a mk1 octavia 2002 tdi 110 ASV
    my vcds 12.12 works ok on car.one thing though,when i use vcds to go into instruments then advanced measuring blocks then goto "lock out time" for instrument cluster i get a 8 minute lockout time straight away. also the standard 13861 login (i think) doesnt let me login to instruments,so puzzled with this also.(this also increases lock out time each time wrong login is used.
    im wondering if car has been remapped already as have read that cluster has maybe been replaced /tampered or something.
    also the galletto1260 software doesnt have 'skoda' listed so i went with volkswagen then edc15(i think 'v')/octavia tdi.
    does anyone have any advice?
    can galletto cable be reprogrammed to work as a mpps cable(ie ept/mprog)?
    i can connect btw with vds pro in dos mode on pc with serial rs232 vagcom(blue) cable to do auto window close procedure.can ecu be flashed with this cable?
    surely if i can read eeprom etc with vds pro i should be able to at least read ecu with galletto cable.
    have heard edc15 can be hard to work with ,with galletto unless on bench. have also heard that vcds cabl in dumb mode with vcp drivers installed will do the job also.true?
    so many questions to ask as been at it all day.ned a bit of luck haha

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  • 07/01/14--16:40: CAT ET Adapter III for win7
  • Good Night

    Does anyone have the CAT ET Adapter III for win7 to download?


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    I have a free copy of Calterm III 3.6.0 with E2m, ECFG files and with a keygen. Opens with 7-Zip

    If this help you please give rep and thanks.

    Calterm III 3.6.0.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 44 times
    Size: 73 bytes

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    Hello everyone. I need an Access key for this-
    Version 07.11-02313-00000
    Comp ID FC-34-A3-F0-5A

    Thanks for the help!

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  • 07/02/14--09:52: Impact 2009 with US trucks
  • I have spent alot of time installing and uninstall impact programs and finally found one with US trucks on it. Here it is enjoy Fing32

    The dvd expired file was found on this post http://mhhauto.com/Thread-VOLVO-IMPACT-C...16#pid6216

    impact 2009 with US trucks.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 7 times
    Size: 73 bytes

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  • 07/02/14--10:07: skoda fabia 1.4 td remap
  • Has anyone got a decent remap for a fabia 1.4 tdi 2007

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 156.11 KB

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    Could a very kind person send me an activation key for my Renault Clip, version 117?

    Security code on the machine is:
    107712 111120 7144CC S00215

    Thanks in advance : )


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    Help me clear crash megane 285 581 920R,i have bin ori with crash in attach.best regards

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 1.65 KB

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