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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 05/23/13--12:07: Freightliner Servicelink
  • Hello
    Would anyone have a new link for the offline content of Freightliner Servicelink?


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  • 05/23/13--12:20: VDL Bus and Coach
  • Service link for VDL Bus & Coach. Docs by manufacturer. Plz to PM.

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  • 05/23/13--12:47: Audi TT 3.2 Soft Top Problem
  • good evening everyone.i have one audi tt 3.2 roadster with softtop problem.the diagnosis gives faults in two top senders G-596,G-597.i find them two in diagramms in elsa but can"t see where they are in car.the car is model 2007,engine number BUB and has automatic transmission.i have elsa v4.0,but don"t find this i search.can anybody help?thanks

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  • 05/23/13--13:10: SBC pump issue
  • Hi members,
    Does somebody knows, what do I do wrong with resetting of the lifetime SBC pumps?

    Sometime I can restore lifetime with star or AK500, but sometimes it does not works with none of this. Is there some trick for this, or something I forget to do with it?
    Any help appreciated

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  • 05/23/13--15:14: Galletto V3 REPAIR
  • Hello to all,

    i need help i have open my Galletto V3 and destroyed.

    Thats now i need a new Chip U5 and Elko C28.

    Who can Help.

    By by from Spain


    Galletto V3.bmp
    File Type: .bmp
    Downloaded: 10 times
    Size: 235.48 KB

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    GM transmission spare parts from America
    looking for some company who can supply GM transmission spare parts to us.

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  • 05/23/13--17:34: SECMA
  • anyone nows what kind of ecu this car have?
    its a Lambordini LGW 523 engine.


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  • 05/24/13--07:28: DDRS 7.06 Help
  • I need DDRS 7.06. Does someone can help me please!


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  • 05/24/13--08:21: Ford 2500 16f876a Radio
  • hello anyone can help with dealing with this car radio please? it has a 16f876a PIC

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    Greetings friends,

    I have a Part D (C3) MUX that works great on an IBM T30 w/ Star 7/2012. Just built a Dell D630 w/ Star 11/2012; install went fine, no errors. When I hook up the MUX to the D630 laptop, SDnet Control does not recognize the Part D (C3) MUX. However, the Part D (C3) MUX is listed and under the 'Select MUX' tab, though it looks shadowed. I cannot select the MUX on this screen. Also, on the SDnet Control Tool Bar, the right-hand side is green but only in Road WLAN mode. Any ideas on how to get Star 11/2012 to connect to the Part D (C3) MUX? Thanks in advance.


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    Magpro kit for sale.

    Magpro base 5.5
    X-17 modul
    BDM v.3 modul

    Price 3400.euro no sub

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    Hello all... Well, I have Calterm III installed, I purchased an Inline-5 Adapter, And set out to do some testing with Calterm-III on my International Prostar 2011 ISX (CM871) BAC engine. I can Connect to the engine, read any paramaters live that I want, and even use the F7 to get the paramater edit function to work, but I cannot actully change any settigs whatsoever. I know that the ECM must first be unlocked, but that is where I run into trouble. I have all levels of the Calterm software active including Unlock, ToggleSecurityKey, etc... Whenever I choose Unlock from the dropmenu, I get the Unlock screen and selecting 'Find Deivces' finds the ECM at 0x00 no problem. I can get the status every time with the 'Display Current Status' button with these results...

    Module Type: CM871
    Prod ID: BAC
    Cal Version:
    Part Number: 3684275
    Cal Security: Secure
    Module Status 600D
    Run Location: Application
    Serial Number: 1013025

    After the results are dispayed, I then get this set of errors...

    Connection : Unable to establish a CLIP Session with the device at address 00
    Input string was not in a correct format.

    Stack Trace: at Cummins.Calibration.GTIS45DataLink.Connect()
    at Cummins.Module.ModuleNetwork.CreateCalibration(IDeviceInformation deviceInfo, Boolean createNew)

    Unlock : Device Address Changed


    Choosing the 'Switch' button next to the 'Security: Secure' setting results in all fields reading NONE, and at the bottom, I get 'Cannot connect to the Device'. I don't know what to do, as there seems to be no problems connecting and reading paramaters otherwise. Some help is definately needed, thanks in advance.

    --edit: Also, jut for some more info, I used Insite to Zap all passwords from the ECM including the OEM. So there shpuld be no passwords or protection to get in the way.

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  • 05/24/13--12:36: W204 Starting Problem
  • Hi folks,
    Hope things are going well at your end Tup

    I have W204 with a starting problem ( Not always ) Sadsmile

    I start Car, after 1 sec, it turns Off. ( Also Dash Board goes Off ).
    Mostly If I remove Battery Cable then reconnect, it will work ( not all times ).
    If the car starts normaly, U can drive for 10 hr's continuously with no any problem.
    On Xentry, No faults in Engine ECU, EIS and all Modules Pc

    I checked the Fuel pressure, Its Ok.
    Crank Shaft Position Sensor is also Ok.

    What Could be the problem?

    Any Suggestion would be highly appreciated .

    Best regards

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  • 05/24/13--13:30: Chiploader , torrent
  • Hi all.
    Since i got no reply on the chiploader threads, there is another one.

    Downloaded the files from some torent sources.
    All tells me critical error when launching the installation file.
    installation cant launch....

    Even desactivate zonealarm.
    Would to seed for it too.

    Please help.

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    need full bdm file from
    Kia carens 2.0crdi 0281013072 1037378380
    Thanks advance

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  • 05/24/13--14:16: cruise control
  • hello need help to activate cruise control in the Mercedes W169 ofline

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  • 05/24/13--16:28: log in / password
  • can anybody help with login & password for land rover
    sdd 134?

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  • 05/24/13--16:35: skoda octavia 1.9tdi flat
  • Hi!I have skoda octavia 1.9tdi and some problems white this car when hot no start,no power to 2500 revs is flat no engine management faults i think is something wrong in ecu map.Please if somone can help me and check this map because i dont know if this car was remmap beafore.

    skoda octavia.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 252.41 KB

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  • 05/24/13--19:53: Cummins ICON
  • ICON Diagnostic software.

    INLINE 4 PC Driver:

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  • 05/24/13--23:45: here some org BDM files !

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