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  • 07/24/14--09:11: Calculating Checksums?
  • Hi All,

    Done some research and cannot really see what i need.

    Can someone explain checksums to me? i understand when the data is changed in a chip the checksum will be different. so a few questions:

    1) If you change data in a MAP does the checksum always have to be calculated

    2) if it has to be calculated does it have to be a certain program or will any do it like winhex?

    3) if dealing with 8 pin eprom and using IUD for example for an immo kill. do i have to checksum it after before writing it?

    As much info would be good. Thanks

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  • 07/24/14--09:19: Ford mondeo 2002 stereo prob
  • Ford mondeo 2002 stereo retrofit prob help plz
    I disconnected the original stereo from a ford and put In a newer type but it didn't come any audio, so I switched back to the original stereo but still no audio just some bussing.. Anyone know what I must do? It's a customers car and I really don't want to pay him going to the ford car workshop so please if anyone know or think they know please help )

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    Hi, this forum really is a big help for us!

    So the problem is that while driving it flashes engine brake and make a sound. The brake works fine, no error codes. But it's really annoying that its say beeb...

    Second question. which is associated with the diode looks like a relay in relay box, becouse it' was crossed with another white on resistor block. Chandet it an correct positionnan two error codes repaired 00898 & 03010 in FFR. So what is the diodes for?

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    Hi everyone i have read 95640 and NYO4 give me radio pin code 1635.Am i correct? could someone please confirm?95640 read out in attachment.Thanks in progress.

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  • 07/24/14--10:14: Latest dialogys
  • Does anybody know which version of 0-disc that is the latest one?
    Anybody has it in Swedish?

    Skickas från min iPhone via Tapatalk

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  • 07/24/14--11:23: Broken ECU MED17.5
  • How can I retrieve dump from a broken MED17.5

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    Hi im uploading the Bitelli Ghibli C100 single drum roller parts manual.

    Hope someone finds it useful.


    password in private message

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  • 07/24/14--12:38: p206 edc16 full bdm
  • hi
    i need full bdm for this ecu 0281012525,any sw version is good,its 1.4hdi engine..

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    Hey guys!

    So after spending so much of my time setting up and getting comfortable with INPA and WinKFP I decided to share my knowledge as best as I can. I offer this knowledge without any warranty and I strongly suggest you double check my work before preforming any operations on your car!

    I've assembled a video walkthrough showing how to flash a module with a ZB number while doing in, what I believe to be, a stealth method. This method does not write to the UIF (a "flashing history/index" per say). Thus, people with a warranty or leased car may find this useful. Please remember the total amount of flashes possible for the EGS unit is 64 writes; using this method will not write to the UIF and allow you to flash an unlimited number of times. Even with the UIF write on, this video demonstrates basic skills needed to use INPA for error code removing (included the standard error memory, the information memory [which possibly logs boost values, etc] and the history memory [what I believe is similar to the shadow memory in older cars]. This information was gathered by myself through months of research and testing on my own car. I cannot validate some speculations, however, such as the information memory containing boost values.

    I would love some input, suggestions, and further knowledge! Please let me know if there are any mistakes!

    My setup includes a MacBook Pro on a 120GB SSD and a second internal 500GB HDD. I have a 2.2 Intel Core i7 processor with 16GB 1600MHz DDR3 ram. I use parallels to contain my ToolKit setup.

    A big shoutout to the geniuses who posted the original information to use WinKFP along with the entire BMW forums. If you've posted something I have probably read it at some point.

    This video also speculates about a possible method of determining the flash count through INPA and two un-flashable modules. When my ICOM unit comes I may be able to update this post. Smile

    I tried to make this as detailed as possible by looking back at what I wish I knew when I first started coding and flashing! Yes, those nasty DSC and xDrive malfunction warnings, I'm looking at you... Nearly gave me a heart attack the first time I flashed! (and yes... I did let out a sigh of "I've really done it now... followed by explicit language" for a few minutes.

    Again, Please take everything I say with a grain of salt and do not do anything you are not certain you know how to do and fully understand. This video and information is for educational purposes and shall not be, under any circumstances, used to perform any operation, coding, or reconfiguration on your car!

    Without further ado: WinKFP + INPA Walkthrough for Module Flashing and basic skills

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    Hi there, i got a dump from a 24c02 immo chip. I want to read the immo PIN from the dump.
    In the following image, in the right side there's several numbers...is just so easy that PIN is 11769???
    Or is necessary extracting it by some way from the hexdec values of file? how?

    [Image: eeprom_IMMO_chip_dump.png]


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    i have audi a8 4.2l tdi here ( build of year 2010 ) EDC16CP34

    1.) i have all two ecu read with bdm
    2.) files identically programmed
    3.) Checksumm made
    4.) written in ecu

    i have start the car - not run - 1 ECU DEAD

    WHY ?? SadsmileSadsmileSadsmile

    can I use 3.0 tdi edc16cp34 ecu? If I data from the ecu original ecu bottle?

    sorry for my english

    Best Regards

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  • 07/24/14--16:35: Volvo PTT Files
  • This may be a really dumb question but I downloaded PTT 2.0 and all 27 of the zip files contain .mds files... How do I install/run this program? 533

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  • 07/24/14--16:44: Vin to pin volks cabrio 2001
  • Hi can someone give me pin from this vin :


    thanks in advance Smile

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    Hi Eeveryone ,
    I have a problem with MB EPC, I cann't start the application. When I go
    to the EWA Admin Tool , I found EWA application server Status: offline,
    I have tried to Start the Server, but it will stop itself when I close the Admin Tool Interface. Does anybody knows about this kind of problem ?
    Many thanks.

    ewa error.png
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  • 07/25/14--07:37: Ford s-max airbag light
  • Hi. I have problems with airbag light on. When put ignition on there come 5-6 ding ding and the airbag light stayes on.
    All help shall be welcome, I mounted a new antenna on the roof in front and had to remove the covers to put the wires up to antenna and Down to the radio, can I have make a mistake here? Hope you can help me. The ding ding stops if I have seatbelt on when putting ignition on, but light stayes on.
    Thanks in advance.
    regards Bent

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    Please I need key data for Peugeot Speedfight scooter 1998MY

    there is black box magneti marreli AEC400

    File Type: .jpg
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    Can km be changed via obd on smart fortwo 2002.?
    On 2007. I changed via obd without the problem
    Tool is digiprog 3 v4.88

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    Hello, I am looking for the lastest version on cummins cal number 10048.xx Thanks and rep will be given for help. machine downSweating

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    I need the immoOff for Toledo 1.9 Tdi , the ecu it´s bosch 0281001584, one plug.

    Thank you very much

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  • 07/25/14--10:13: Tachosoft or carprog
  • I did buy carprog for airbag crash data erasing, but the thing is it gets old and can't be updated easily as it's a clone, and even the original is not covering the latest models, so I was looking for Tachosoft but it works with points!!
    so the question is, is there a tool that can do airbag reset other than these two and at what price??

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