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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 07/26/14--08:44: saab psg16 pin
  • Hello,
    Maybe someone can help me to know pin code from psg-16 pomp module
    here are two dumps.

    psg16 new.zip
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  • 07/26/14--09:10: OTC genesis touch pc
  • any experience with this?

    Bosch M-VCI software for ESI and Shop Foreman being discontinued and they are going to give a freind of mine the OTC for free.

    Is this comparable? any input is appreciated

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  • 07/26/14--10:05: Original DRB III for sale
  • Original DRB III for sale chrysler / ford

    with all cables / adapters / special meter

    asking 2500 US dollar

    pm for info got pictures and tested its updated till 2006

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    Is there any way to desable Self-Adaptation on CLK 230 Kompressor 2002...

    Car have BRC LPG unit, after 3000-4000 go to safe mode and turn off air compressor because self adaptation cross over 25%...
    After reset ECU (self adaptation on 0%) car goes properly...

    Maybe desable lambda?

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    Does anyone knows the diference between the "Volvo Vida Dice" and the "Volvo Dice Pro +"? (pictures in attachment)

    I'm trying to buy one but I don't know wich one to choose since they cost the same in the aliexpress web site.


    Volvo Vida Dice.jpg
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  • 07/26/14--11:22: Autel MaxiDAS
  • Anyone know where i can find the cheapest MaxiDAS on the market? I've only seen some expensive ones starting from $1500. It is even more expensive buying from Autel.

    I found a website where they sell MaxiDAS. I don't Think i can find a genuine Product for under $2,400.

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    1- ECM Product Identity
    SUCH :
    *type of engine used with it
    *number of injectors can handle
    *type of cooling
    *can same ECM work with engine ,Transmission,Machine or not?
    *controller chip type 8,16,32 bit and type of cpu Power PC (500 Series) & Power PC (5000 Series) good for chip tuner Smile

    2-Engine ECM Capability vs Cost
    *compare between different ecm types (generations) for capability and cost
    *Product Usage with different types of engines

    *Environmental Specifications A4:E1, A4:E2 & A4:E4
    *Operating Characteristics/Specifications A4:E1, A4:E2 & A4:E4

    4-Machine ECM Capability vs Cost
    *compare between different ecm types (generations) for capability and cost
    *Product Usage with different types of engines

    *Environmental Specifications A4 & A5
    *Operating Characteristics/Specifications A4 & A5

    6-New Technology

    *FlexRay Data Link
    *end date of support for each ECM type

    Giving thanks and Rep isn't a bad thing.

    no thanks no rep no password

    File Type: .txt
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  • 07/26/14--13:36: Shopping List Advice
  • I am just getting into the game and have done much reading on the forum and i have put a list together of what i will be needing for when i get paid the list is below any feedback on my list would be great.I would be getting clones because of the cost so any advice on where to go and where not to go would be good if that is aloud on forum.

    My shopping List

    VCM II

    Thanks For Help Everyone

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    This info is just regarding DPF Accumulations reset with DDDL 7.11.No need to go to dealer .Just programme the DDDL license manager to write,read and product level to 1.
    Mine is working perfect .Done 02 today and all is well.

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  • 07/26/14--13:49: Bosch Diagnostic cable
  • hi

    Bosch Diagnostic cable
    KTS 540,570 and 670
    Where to look to buy ?

    Fiat-Gruppe 3-pin
    1 684 463 613
    Mercedes Benz sprinter 14 pin
    1 684 463 594

    [Image: Gb2DL3.jpg]

    [Image: 6YqNo9.jpg]

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  • 07/26/14--14:38: Buy flash files
  • Buy flash files for:
    At a REASONABLE price.

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    Thank you Smile

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    Good evening everyone, I have a Honda civic 77960-snb-j822-m1 and need to clear the crashdata and have no experience.
    Would someone please help me.txsSadsmile

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    BMW RHEINGOLD 2-IN-1 ISIDr2 ISTA/D 3.44.2 and ISTA/P 2.53.2 with EXPERT MODE
    VMware ONLY!! Multiple Languages!! BEST SUPPORT!!

    RECIEVE FREE ISTA/D 3.44.x and ISTA/P 2.53.x UPDATES!!

    [Image: 8urj.png]

    Languages Available:
    American English, British English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Netherlands, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai

    This is the LATEST version of BMW ISIDr2 ISTA/D Rheingold 3.44.2 and ISTA/P 2.53.2. This is a 2-in-1 build which means ISTA/D and ISTA/P are combined together in one image. Rheingold 3.44 is faster, many bug fixes, added test plans, improved interface, and several UI improvements such as fast short tests and eliminated ignition cycle after fault code clearing. This is completely offline... no internet connections and no accounts required. Also has printing capabilities which saves to a PDF format to the Native HDD so it can be later printed or saved for backup.

    This version of ISTA/D now includes an embedded interface emulator which serves as an ICOM Emulator which allows connection to your vehicle by using an INPA K+DCAN, ENET, OMNITEC, and possibility for OPS instead of an ICOM. This only available in ISTA/D as ISTA/P for programming will require an ICOM.


    [Image: wwgi.jpg]

    Genuine ICOM's require registration which will be performed during activation.

    With each purchase you will the above mentioned software which includes installed default languages, UK English and German (1 additional language of your choice will also be installed), 1 PC activation (this is required to activate ISTA and to be able to use it on that set PC). The activation will work only on that one PC the activation file was generated for. Each additional PC will require a new activation at an additional cost (PM me for details). This is in place to prevent resale or file sharing of our hard work and efforts put into this build and future builds as well as marketing and support.

    Please all I ask is if you do not agree with this method or having to pay for this software, please keep your comments or remarks to yourself and keep moving allowing others who do a chance to gain from this. Thanks.

    Recommended PC Spec's:
    Windows 64bit
    Intel i3 or higher (or equivalent)
    Minimum of 6GB RAM (8GB or Higher recommended)
    300GB free HDD space (best performance on SSD or 7,200RPM HDD's)

    High Quality China made ICOM's contact me for package pricing!!
    (1 year warranty and FAST SHIPPING)
    PM me for shipping and/or payment details.


    [Image: urhq.png]
    [Image: m9my.png]
    [Image: zp8f.png]
    [Image: eitn.png]
    [Image: jpl9.png]

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  • 07/27/14--05:50: Vialle lpidiag
  • I'm looking for vialle lpidiag. If availible, the 64 bit version.


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  • 07/27/14--06:32: I need John Deere DVD JDIN
  • Do you have someone DVD for Service Advisor: "JDIN_201405_AG_04" ?

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    File Type: .jpg
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  • 07/27/14--08:31: ezs hash error repair
  • hi to all
    im looking for the procedur or soft to repair the hash error in eis dump and how to clear lost keys
    i mostly worck on the eis of the w202 and w203

    thanks in advance

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  • 07/27/14--09:06: as built data
  • hi, can anyone help with as built data for programming new power steering pump for 2008 focus ,vin WF0SXXGCDS8Y50052,thanks in advance.Smile

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  • 07/27/14--09:15: XKR KEY LEARN
  • Hi, i am trying to program 2 new keys to 2007 jag xkr using sdd v134 ,i have tried several times but always end up with the message KEY LEARN FAILED.I suspect maybe a problem with bcm, also dash shows key has low battery voltage,even after replacing with new one. Anybody seen this before? Thanks.Smile

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