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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Here is keygen for Peugeot service box 11.2012 and Citroen!!

    Edit By ToMiBoY
    Please Read and Follow Forum Rules Here!
    Rule #14

    Peugeot-Citroen Service Box_KeyGen.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 14 times
    Size: 128.09 KB

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  • 05/27/13--14:27: Renault Clip 117 Key Request
  • Hi

    I have installed Renault Clip v117 and it get a message when I try to launch with crack file. Launches into activtion page ok with original RSRwin file though. Please can sombody send me activation code?

    SECURITY CODE: 10550C 111187 71337F S22800 077D18 0009DE


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  • 05/27/13--14:51: KOMATSU PW148-8 shop manual
  • Hi Everybody!
    I have a shop manual for Komatsu PW148-8. I hope it will be usefull.

    Komatsu PW148-8.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 6 times
    Size: 74 bytes

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    Hi all, please help me find the workshop repair manual for Toyota Corolla Axio 2007 and oblige.

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  • 05/27/13--15:21: CAT ET 2009b
  • HI,
    I need a license code for CAT ET 2009b
    DCD3 C227 BF40 0FC4 A2
    Thanks in advance

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  • 05/27/13--16:15: Help with Autocom procedure
  • I have been trying to piece together a routine for getting Autocom 2012.3 running for awhile now, I have read so many threads and other sites that I have basically just confused myself at this point. I don't remember where I got all the tools I am trying to utilize, some from mhhauto for sure but I think some stuff/info I gleaned elsewhere as well. I am hoping somebody in the know can review my process and find the error/errors that I am making.

    Here is my failed Autocom 2012.3 install routine

    1) Web turned off on target computer

    2) Use a Keygen with a web located serial number (20418) to generate a Hardware code, Keygen I found will actually edit an existing "Fileactivation.xml" if you point it to one, I do this later.

    3) ) Install Autocom 2012.3 CDP Cars

    4) I then run the appropriate certificate.exe file I found on this site "CDP_CAR_CERTIFICATE" (At this point I always get a "no certificate to remove" message), I then extract the contents of the CDP_CARS_CERTIFICATE.exe and manually copy the "n1.acx" and "n2.acx" files in the extracted data folder to the data folder located in my Autocom installation folder (C-Program Files-Autocom-Data). I then copy the certificate that I extracted from the CDP_CARS_CERTIFICATE.exe file to the root Autocom installation folder (C-Program Files-Autocom). This may be redundant or my problem but I end up with the downloaded and extracted Certificate file and n1.acx and n2.acx files in the correct locations I think.

    5) At this point I think I am supposed to copy an 819 byte "Patch File" to the Autocom Installation folder, I am unclear what this file is and how I get it so I skip this step (another possible point of failure if this procedure is otherwise correct)

    6) I Run Autocom for the 1st time and the registration procedure begins with no web connection active on the laptop.

    7) I choose "USB method" and Autocom creates a "FileActivation.xml" file on the usb stick and prompts me to remove it and put it in a computer with a live web connection.

    8) I move the USB stick to another machine and run the Keygen again on that machine, after inputting the same serial number and hardware code that I used for the install I point the Keygen to the "FileActivation.xml" file on the USB stick and the Keygen appears to successfully edit the "FileActivation.xml" file on the USB stick.

    9) I then return the USB stick to the laptop I am trying to install Autocom 2012.3 on but I recieve an "unknown error" prompt after it tries to use the edited Fileactivation.xml file on the USB stick, the activation fails and starts the whole process over the next time I try to run Autocom.

    10) I have tried to manually copy the edited Fileactivation.xml file from the USB to the Autocom root folder but this changes nothing.

    I have uninstalled Autocom and started over but this brings the same result, I would greatly appreciate any help in identifying what I am doing wrong here.

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  • 05/27/13--16:46: Perkins EST "HELP"
  • Hi All
    Can anybody help me get a working copy of EST.


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  • 06/03/13--00:59: need power for opel 1.3
  • hi all ,
    i need a little bit more power for this opel 1.3 diesel
    here the file

    opel 1.zip
    File Type: .zip
    Downloaded: 5 times
    Size: 235.87 KB

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  • 06/03/13--02:15: help immo off ECU ford ECC-V
  • help immo off ECU ford ECC-V

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    Is here someone who knows how to disable scania brakepad wear (lining wear) system? Can we do it with sops editor/decrypter?

    Its enough for me if we can disable it on the front axle.. all help is welcomeSmile

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    Copy this file to F:\programme\das\trees\pkw\flashen\ini

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 64 times
    Size: 4.99 KB

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    [Image: ca634fa286d949f2a0df37ad6be15418.jpg]

    Mercedes Navigation-CD NTG4-212 Audio 50 APS Europa Version 9.0 2013
    Part No A2128278359 | Database for this CDs : TomTom Q2/2012 | 17.0 GB

    DVD 1
    Andorra, Switzerland, Gibraltar, Italy, France, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Great Britain, Portugal, Spain, San Marino, Vatican City

    DVD 2
    Andorra, Denmark, Austria Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City, Poland Czechia

    DVD 3
    Andorra, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, France, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Czechia, Great Britain

    Austria, Switzerland, Czechia, Italy, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, San Marino, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Bulgaria

    Colour Code/Code - Salmon/N1
    NOTE: NOT for the Mercedes Benz Comand APS DVD NTG4-212 (Hard Drive). This listing is for the Audio 50 APS (not Comand variant)

    For Mercedes-Benz Models:
    [Image: 821f77a438392b1e535d64709e2a2395.jpg]

    Download Links.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 7 times
    Size: 230 bytes

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    All hello who knows what chip has to stand

    how here to add the photo

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  • 06/03/13--03:20: Pin out C3 Mux Request
  • hello
    can you help me with pin out of multiplexer c3

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    Hello Guys i need a Radio Code.

    Part No.: A1708200386

    Model: MF 2910

    Serial: AL2910Y0336732

    Many Thanks


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  • 06/03/13--06:58: Chrysler Voyager
  • Can I ask you to send the code to the radio in the car Chrysler Voyager? The codes for the radio are: PART NO. P56038585AO, DATE CODE 0392 ,
    SUPPLIER 17719D , S/N TCCAA0392Z6160.

    Thank you

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    Hello. I have problem with relay 15 in Grande Punto 2008 1,3 Multijet. Relay 15 cliks. error P0657. Any sugestion.

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    Hello Mate,
    I bought one internal hard disk DAS 05/2012 used in Dell D630,
    The key is ok, but appear 2221-32 Error.
    And i don't know what's it。
    Is there someone knows this error?
    Thank you in advance.
    best regards

    2221-32 errro.jpg
    File Type: .jpg
    Downloaded: 11 times
    Size: 170.64 KB

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    Hi friends,

    Im using DDRS 7.09 and trying to connect to 11 Freightliner Cascadia with Detroit Diesel DD15. It is a little rough getting it to actually connect and when it does, it says "The connected vehicle contains devices with incompatible software versions. You will need to update these control devices using Program Device." Once I'm on the "Program Device" tab, it offers a list of devices to program and options for each one: 1-Replace device settings with server configuration, 2-Update device software. One of these requires a connection with the Detroit server (which I have no login information for) and the other requires you to have downloaded a file previously (from the Detroit server, same problem as before..)

    Just wondering if anybody with knowledge of DDRS can help me out or give me a good log on to Detroit's server so I can retrieve the required files.

    Thanks in advance!

    PS: I have attached a screenshot of what I see on DDRS, hope it helps.

    File Type: .jpg
    Downloaded: 13 times
    Size: 263.99 KB

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  • 06/03/13--22:04: ISBe engine problem
  • I have ISBe cummins engine give me code 329,everytime I turn on key tranfer pump actautor making a noise get lost power on truck nw,,,can anybody help me,

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