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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    In the begining was Rover.
    And Rover begat Land Rover, well the Rover car co could not get enough steel after the war for reasonable levels of car production so they looked round, found many ex army Jeeps were wearing out and decided to make a replacement using readily available aluminium for the body panels,.
    This became the Land Rover. 4 wheel drive utilitarian slow.
    they planned a faster version the Road Rover but by the time it ht production with a V8 engie and near 100 mph top speed it had taken the name Range Rover, with the break up of Rover the Land Rover became the Defender and the 4wd Defender, Range Rover, Discovery, and Freelander producing arm of the Company became Land Rover and moved to Ford ownership.

    Normally a "Land Rover" is the jeep type vehicle with Leaf springs and selectable 2 or 4 wheel drive, Range rover the 3 or 5 door off road 5 seater Hatchback with permanent 4 wheel drive and coil springs. Defenders are essentially Range Rover mechanicals and Jeep type Land Rover styling.

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  • 09/24/14--01:43: Strange problem Clio 1.5 dci
  • Having a strange problem with Clio 1.5dci 2001. Car drives fine at normal speeds but if revved hard in 3rd gear for a several seconds it can suddenly start knocking badly and a cloud of blue smoke comes from exhaust. If I take foot off gas and allow engine to slow it will continue to drive normally. I suspected a possible bad turbo as there was a fair bit of oil inside compressor pipe going to egr housing and the stainless steel pipe going to intake manifold also had a fair coating of sticky / oily carbon inside.

    Bought a new turbo CHRA unit from Nerings via Ebay, fitted that and cleaned all pipework etc but problem occurred again shortly after fitting the new turbo.

    Wondering whether the new turbo is leaking oil from the compressor side because if I remove the stainless steel connecting pipe between turbo outlet and intake manifold, then rev engine to about 3000 rpm oil can be seen spitting out of egr housing. Tried to attach a video clip showing this but cannot upload it.

    In this test the egr was disabled (in closed position) by disconnecting plug. I held a piece of cardboard in front of egr housing outlet (which is connected directly to the turbo pressure hose) and oil can be seen spitting out of housing and after a few seconds the piece of cardboard turned black with oil. Prior to this test the housing was wiped clean of oil.

    I am beginning to wonder if new turbo is faulty? The original turbo I removed did not have any excessive wear in bearings so not sure what is going on here. Any ideas?

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    Will this work with 2002 Ford Transit? does it support Module Programming and Key coding?
    Does this come with Calibration files for programming modules?

    Many Thanks

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    I have 1.6 petrol 407 with Magneti Marelli ECU IAW 6LPB is it possible to do an immo off on this ECU??

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  • 09/24/14--01:57: Renault Clio 3 Piantone
  • Hallo,
    we are looking for dump for a column (as in Italy "piantone") for a Renault Clio 3.

    The codes that we have are: TRW
    54084732K XP00B3TM
    04108 RG2C8
    5035011 59308842

    Thank you for help

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  • 09/24/14--02:05: Scania v2.18 USB Key problem
  • Hello,
    I have installed (I guess properly) Scania v2.18 Software on Windows 7, but it doesn't recognize USB Key. Where's the problem? Sad

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    i had firmware p0358 and i want to update to k0770 firmware

    after updating without any error my bose system not work properly

    do you have any idea how to solve this problem

    03389 - Data Set Implausible

    Address 47: Sound System (J525) Labels: None
    Part No SW: 4G0 035 223 C HW: 4G0 035 223 A
    Component: BOSE-G3-C7 H07 0160
    Revision: CJ007000 Serial number: 00000000011261
    Coding: 030000
    Shop #: WSC 02391 785 00200
    VCID: 1D35DD47BF71

    1 Fault Found:
    03389 - Data Set Implausible
    000 - -
    Freeze Frame:
    Fault Status: 01100000
    Fault Priority: 2
    Fault Frequency: 1
    Reset counter: 217

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    The MB Star C3 is the generater3, the SDconnect is generater4, they are same functions with the same software, and version also same. Their developer verions are the latest software verions, MBStar C3 and SDconenct both come with 01/2012 verion software. This version of MB STAR C3 can fit all computers, it is not only limited on Dell D630 laptop or IBM T30, it has one hard disk contain DAS and WIS system. Your friend is right, the Dell D630 laptop is the best for MB SD Compact4. but cannt update software online, you have to send your HDD back someone who sell you or buy a new HDD.

    you can view the folling content i copy form http://www.xxxxxxxxxxxxx.com
    The difference between XP MB star C3 and MB Star SD Connect Compact4:

    1. MB Star SD Connect Compact4 support Wireless diagnosis;
    2. MB Star SD Connect Compact4 not only support K L diagnosis and 3 road CAN BUS diagnosis, but also support UDS diagnostic protocol, because of old XP-STAR lack of the UDS chip, it will be replaced;
    3. MB Star SD Connect Compact4 Multiplexer except can wireless diagnosis, adopt USB connector, it can support more computer model;
    4. MB Star SD Connect Compact4 connector adopt Military quick swap technology, it can support 10,000 times pull plug, more stable;
    5. all of the key accossery adopt original new packing chip, and 24hours test, guarantee the Quality of the products;
    6. support language:English, German,French,Italian, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Denmark, Sweden.

    EDIT BY MODERATOR Mariusmilanezu
    If you have something to share then post it here!
    If not ,then please advertise in Selling Box ONLY! Nod
    Next time you will get WARNING!

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  • 09/24/14--02:58: Iveco Daily Immo Off
  • Hi,
    I need help with Iveco Daily 35s18 3.0tdi
    I need IMMO OFF+calculate checksum... Can someone help me?

    Best regards!

    deily 35s18 3,0tdi org_All.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 5 times
    Size: 500.12 KB

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    Is there anyone who familiar with Ford Cargo Truck euro5 engine tuning ?
    Also for MAN TGA-TGX euro5 adblue removal via programming? Mostly people recommend for adlue emulator but my customer dont trust tools because of bad experiences and prefer remapping..
    Thank you indeed in advance..DriveRauch15

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    What tool can I use for tune this car?

    I think ECU is EEC-V.

    Engine is 1800TDDI 75HP


    Ford Transit Connect

    I have try with Magpro, Kess and MPPS but with no luck.

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    THE VIN IS WDD2210221A094013

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  • 09/24/14--04:23: Renew MB EIS
  • Hi folks,
    How we can renew EIS ( 4ex W203,164,211,.... ) if all keys are used?
    What software can be used for this?

    Thanks and regards

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    i need a Damos File for a MSD80 ECU from a E92 335i.

    Software ID is 333711.



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  • 09/24/14--23:30: NTG2.5 Pin Code
  • I just mount a NTG2.5 on a prefacelift W164 and after few minutes ask for Code Anti Teft.

    On VeDok this Comand has no code.

    Offline or Online unlock do not work. Any solution will be much help!

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    Too whom it may concern
    Webmaster and his/her associates

    Changes on topics to sort things out
    Not to make a Post or Posts look like a bunch of mix-match stuff

    When one selects section he/she wouldn't be here looking FOR EVER
    there could be added few sections such as
    AUTO Software on Rapidshare.
    ******** Software link .... activation requests.. etc......
    ******** Topic.....I can't download.. help...
    ******** Topic..... I can't install it.... help
    ******** Topic where do i find a software version of.....

    Cause what it looks as of now is as follows
    Sticky(x)9= only 2-3 post per page then next page ........

    Second thing....
    I see sellers here..... and buyers and readers.....
    To keep this Forum active it would only be fair too
    First ask sellers too contribute proccentage too keep it going if they'll make a deal with buyer on this forum
    Out of a good faith Only

    (Yesterday 10:35 PM)cataha Wrote:  Too whom it may concern
    Webmaster and his/her associates

    Changes on topics to sort things out
    Not to make a Post or Posts look like a bunch of mix-match stuff

    When one selects section he/she wouldn't be here looking FOR EVER

    Second thing....
    I see sellers here..... and buyers and readers.....
    To keep this Forum active it would only be fair too
    First ask sellers too contribute proccentage too keep it going if they'll make a deal with buyer on this forum
    Out of a good faith Only

    Here is how
    On a personal profile there should be check marks
    User/abuser24 seller
    When one will sell then it would be easily identified
    or both at the same time
    if one user want too buy something then there would be a list of seller from whom too choose and what product under signature....
    If Seller want too have BMW option been more flashy or fancy then he can buy fancy bmw ad(logo or ..... your code, you know what is flexible)

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    HI All,

    I am wondering if somebody could help me change the mileage of BMW X6 M power 2012 model year?

    I tried using Digimaster III but it doesn't seem to read the mileage or adjust. Is there any tool that does it?

    Or if anybody could guide me on how to perform it manually (i mean by pulling out the odometer and CAS module and changing the respective hexadecimal data in the chips)

    Also, since its my first time dealing with BMW odometers, could anybody explain me about CAS1, CAS2, CAS3 and CAS4 (tried googling it but didn't find out which vehicle has what CAS)?

    Help shall be greatly appreciated.

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    Here is a little program that keeps XP Pro up-dating til 2019.


    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 8 times
    Size: 1.12 KB

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    Hey guys, i Need the Original file for the Golf 4 R32

    Sw 370183

    Hw: 022906032EG

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    Hi to all. This is my 307. The car is working fine no errors in any module but in abs/esp pp2000 unknown reference ecu being referenced. Some say that ecu of abs/esp has been changed. How to deal with this? I want to reinstall it properly.

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