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  • 09/27/14--02:11: Citroen c3 bsi pin code
  • Hello,
    I need pin code for Citroen c3 bsi dump 95160
    Please help.



    c3 roland bsi 95160 org.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 5 times
    Size: 1.23 KB

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    Hello to everyone,

    as title i need ori Renault Modus 1.5 DCI 60KW - SW 8200472831




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    hi to all

    need bdm flash 2.048kb,eeprom 2kb...c mac 1.6 tdci manuel transmision,80 kw

    thanks in advanced

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    The Digiprog III is the ultimate speedo correction and adjustment tool available on the market today. DigiProg with their leading edge technology and outstanding technical ability lead the industry with DigiProg III.

    In official website digiprog III is available in two packages the Standard and the Full, please Click Here to see which vehicles are included in each package.

    Product No Description Price
    DIGI03 DigiProg III Machine with Full Software Package 10,000 €

    And the copy is 200$

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  • 09/27/14--02:32: Check engine light codes
  • I went to an automotive shop to have my codes scanned to see what is causing the service engine light to come on. They gave me 4 different codes. They said code 35 for idle speed error. Code 75 for EGR Solenoid error 1, and EGR error 1 and 2. I got myself an egr valve in the last month. I have a 1995 Chevy Lumina with 155,000 miles on it. The shop said it would cost me for their time to determine what is wrong before they even charged me to repair it. Since I just got a new EGR Valve what could be wrong based on these codes and do you feel I should get this repair done?

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  • 09/27/14--03:23: Egr off
  • Hello everyone can someone help me this file by the EGR off? Sadsmile

    Thank you.

    Seat leon 1.6 CR -03L906023GP.zip
    File Type: .zip
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    Size: 109.03 KB

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  • 09/27/14--04:04: Ford S-Max 2.2 L
  • Hello,
    Can someone help me in finding the torque limiter map?

    ECU is: EDC16 CP39

    Many thanks in advance

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 444.67 KB

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    as the title says pm for pass

    cummins high hp.txt
    File Type: .txt
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    Size: 73 bytes

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    I have MB Star 2014.05 with SD connect C4. Everybody works great with new vehicles, but when I plugged in, for example, mercedes spriner 2007 there came error with communication problem. Could you help me?

    Best regards

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    the first native running Universal Xentry/DAS System without needing any pc visualization.
    It its a portable system with lot of MB stuff.
    It will be a xp system installed in VHD-File, which can be located everywhere (USB or Hard-disk) and being booted and run natively by a boot-loader placed on a USB-Stick (or on local harddisk). So no change to the running system and without any virtual pcs.

    No need for virtual PCs anymore!
    No need for powerful cpus anymore!
    No need for driver configurations at host system anymore!

    [Image: attachment.php?aid=54475]

    This system has 3 parts:
    - Bootloader: This needed to get the base system loaded and run.
    - VHD-file: This is the base system, where Windows XP with MB software are in.
    - DB-files: These are the DB files for the MB software as WIS, EPC, Sdmedia...

    The boot loader on the usb-drive will scan all partition for the vhd file and loaded from where it is found.
    Xentry/DAS, WIS/EPC and SDmedia have not to be on same drive.

    Once Xentry/Das system booted, you can add your hardware specific drivers, if there any missing. I integrated more than 1,5 GB of driver in Windows to be used for the detected hardware. Before doing anyting new, restart the system 2 times as the first boot will detect changed hardware, and the seconds installs it. See the folder "may needed" on the desktop, if you have non-working drivers in device manager.
    it is optional to install drivers to use the system. You need only to have get your USB-rs232-adapter running if you use c3, or LAN-driver if you have SDconnect.
    The keys are hardware related, so you will need to generate new keys with the keygen provided on the desktop each time you use this system with new hardware.

    You can use this system on real PC or in a virtual PC.
    I prefer to use on real PC where it works at fastest and portable.

    [Image: attachment.php?aid=54476]

    For real PC you need:
    1. A boot device to install and run the bootloader e.g.:
    - Your internal harddisk of your PC
    - USB-Drive (drive will be formatted)
    - CD/DVD-Drive (bootloader placed on CD/DVd iso)
    2. for the VHD-file: you have to place it in ONE-PART (contiguous) on root of a writable drive, this can be:
    - internal HDD (fastest system)
    - USB-Drive (Some old USB-Sticks are really slow and may cause bad system performance)
    3. for DB (optional): they have to place it on root of a drive, no need to be contiguous, this can be:
    - Your internal harddisk of your PC.
    - USB-Drive (Some old USB-Sticks are really slow and may cause bad system performance)
    - burned to a DVD/BR

    Place USB-Stick and boot! Very stable connection using USB-rs232 adapter with C3-Mux.

    For Virtual Machine you need:
    1. for the VHD-file: you have to add as first IDE virtual harddisk file.
    2. for DB: they have to place it on root of second IDE virtual harddisk file or any real drive connected to the virtual machine.
    3. You must configure your virtual machine com-port.

    The system is configured and worked with c3. Tested myself with many cars.
    Tested with: -Intel C2D Laptop, -Intel i5 PC, -Intel Atom N455 Tablet
    Cars: -w204, -w209, -w211

    System contents:

    DXVEWSSd14Sf08Da03 Edition v2014.09.26 by disinfetor (base 24,5GB*)
    Mega MB Diagnose collection (24,5GB*+45GB)
    DAS/Xentry 07.2014 - Multi-Lang:-(base)---------------------------------------------------
    + all addons + DAS languages + Missing pictures Xentry
    + bin folder fix* + Standalone DAS + IE restrictions removed
    + Blacklist fix + Startup fix + Offline progranvning fix
    + cal.ini's set for PartD C3 + Internet filter removed
    + the lame antivirus removed + Wallpaper with notes*
    + prototype 212,207,... fixed* + "may needed" added with useful stuff*
    + new AddOns 3938-3958* + BG update service disabled*
    + tomcat7 shutdown fixed*
    Vediamo v4.02.02 - Multi-Lang:-(base)-----------------------------------------------------
    + com2 port set (as Xentry) + Patched (Luise Andre)
    + 1079 Vediamo cbf files + 488 from Xentry 04.2014
    WIS+EPC v07.2014 - Multi-Lang:*-(optional full:35.3GB)------------------------------------
    + seperated WIS/EPC DB-DLs* + only WIS DB:11.3GB*
    + EPC-NoBusTrkUnmg DB:16.5GB* + EPC-addBusTrkUnmg:6.7GB*
    + Linked to external DB + local EWA-net within Xentry
    + WIS work within Xentry + Password in header EWA-NET
    + Session Token Validity fixed + IE kiosk mode (disable by Fll)
    + User: admin, PW: adminl + Price List PLV68-1 6.2014 De/En
    + Pass saved by IE + "may needed" updated*
    SDmedia v01.2014 - Multi-Lang:*-(optional full:7.6GB)-------------------------------------
    + NoTrkUnmogBus German only:2.5GB* + NoTrkUnmogBus English only:2.2GB*
    + Linked to external DB + sdmedia dir fix
    + SDmedia Lang change + "may needed" updated
    Starfinder v2008 - En only:*-(optional 1.9GB)---------------------------------------------
    + Linked to external DB + icon fixed
    Disassemby Assistant v2003 - En only:*-(optional 0.7GB)-----------------------------------
    + Linked to external DB + icon fixed
    + Acrobat Reader 7.0.8 + No Low space alert + "Open file location" menu*
    + MFT and FS optimized* + PDF Printer added* + Smaller partitions/vhd*
    + Autoupdate Srv. dis.* + Standby disabled*
    *=new in this release (or re-applied)
    Donate if you like my work and want it to continue. Paypal:-> disinfetor@web.de

    The most problem can be the used USB-rs232 adapter. I use my own programmed adapter for that, which works great! PL-based adapters doesnt work good.

    PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! post comment if it worked or not with these information:
    -PC hardware: CPU,RAM
    -VHD-storage place: Local hard-disk, USB2.0/3 drive
    -Mux: C3,C4...
    -Connection: Direct USB, rs232 to USB adapter (please model), direct Rs232 connection
    -Tested cars: eg w209-2002
    -Tested functions: eg adaptation, erasing errors,...
    -Not working, Bugs, suggestion:

    -If you want only Xentry/DAS and not WIS-EPC-SDmedia then you dont need to download Medbibtarget and dbTarget files.
    -a SATA issue: If your PC hangs while loading Windows, this may an issue of SATA drives. Windows XP has no direct SATA support and this causes this hang. To fix this you may change your BIOS setting. Try searching after SATA Configuration or On chip SATA. Select Legacy IDE or Native IDE. Windows XP doesn't have driver to recognize AHCI, so disable it. In Native IDE mode, the AHCI controller looks and acts like a standard ATA controller that the basic driver will recognize, but you lose the AHCI features, which is not in XP anyhow.
    -efi-boot is not implented yet, you can use CD-bootloader method.

    IMPORTANT: Dont ask me for support on PM. Write your problem here!

    Leachers are not welcome. They will be able to get only the Base-vhd file. For the rest you must show you are not a leacher by having at least 20 posts in the forum or by writing detailed your experience.


    files are uploading!!!! keep calm!

    File Type: .png
    Downloaded: 56 times
    Size: 56.56 KB

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  • 09/27/14--05:29: pin code
  • hello

    please can someone calculate for me pin code from ecu fiat siena 0261 207 432

    eprom 95080

    95080 fiat sienna.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 7 times
    Size: 503 bytes

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  • 09/27/14--05:35: Pin Code Radio VW Golf 5
  • Hello everybody...
    Can anyone calculate the pin for a vw radio with this numbers??
    Radio: 1K0035395G
    Serial: VWZ1Z7G222643
    VIN: WVWZZZ1KZ8W010170

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  • 09/27/14--06:03: Higer bus
  • [Image: 2zxqwkl.jpg]body instruments panel & seat

    3906_81501_Heating System.rar - 900 KB

    3906_81001_Air conditioning.rar - 1.2 MB
    body instrument panel & seat.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 31 bytes

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  • 09/27/14--06:17: Higer bus
  • body window & rear view mirror

    [Image: 2nqhauq.jpg]

    body window & rear view mirror.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 0 times
    Size: 31 bytes

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  • 09/27/14--16:46: isb,isc,isl 2007 training
  • pre urea
    pass as usual

    rep and thanks

    isc,isb,isl 07.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 7 times
    Size: 73 bytes

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    Hello y'all , was wonder if I could flash a cat ECM using a wireless nexiq ? Been trying the last 4 hours ! About ready to quit !! 1087

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    ive posted these before but thought id repost.

    pass as usual

    all cummins wiring.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 43 times
    Size: 73 bytes

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    when i initially log into the ecm with insite SP5 i get this:

    error number: 10431
    The ecm image was not created successfully due to a loss of ecm communication. Please reconnect to the ecm(s) and retry the operation. If the problem persists, please contact the local distributors.

    Error Number: 5200
    Communication between the computer and datalink adapter has been lost. Please check cables between the computer and datalink adapter for proper connection and condition. select retry, cancel or help for additional troubleshooting steps.

    after i hit retry everything is perfect. it does this every single time i log in to the ecm, but once i am in its all good. i was even able to load a new calibration with out a problem.

    any thoughts on what the cause may be or how i can fix this?


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    so i am logging into my isb 24v cummins ecm and changing various settings, specifically the acceleration limiter and speed sensor settings.

    i want to disable the accretion limiter and change setting on the speed sensor.

    neither of these parameters are locked. i can clearly change them. once i send changes to be saved on the ecm they just go back. this is very frustrating.

    i am able to load new calibrations no problem, but these settings will not stay saved.

    i am using insite SP5.


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    hi i ned vergin or clean dump FOR ford F150 2008 AL34-14B321-FA
    please help thanks

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