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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 10/04/14--13:42: BMW ICOM Firmware Update

  • ICOM firmware
    Works on clone and OEM

    Please note that the IP will change after the update. (IN OTHER CASES, CHECK YOUR IP FIRST) (IN MY CASE. CHECK YOUR IP FIRST)
    LOG IN with following Username and Password
    USRNM root
    PWD NZY11502

    On main screen select Update Firmware
    The Select SYSTEM
    Then Browse
    Then Browse for you downloaded ICOM-BootImage-01-23-01.bin(IN MY CASE)
    Double click or select ICOM-BootImage-01-23-01.bin and then click open
    Then Press Send the file
    On next screen Press Yes
    Then wait
    Once BootImage been Flashed DO NOT SELECT OR PRESS ON REBOOT
    Click on Update Firmware
    Then Press Browse button
    and locate ICOM-ApplicationImage-01-37-00.bin(IN MY CASE)
    Select and press open
    Then Press Send File
    On next screen press YES button
    and wait
    Once Done select Reboot
    Then wait
    Go too Update Firmware
    and check too see if SYSTEM IMAGE and APPLICATION IMAGE changed Version numbers
    If yes then YOU ARE DONE

    BMW ICOM FIRMWARE Could be found >>> H.E.R.E <<<

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    Hello, i have an original part d3, but can't connect with it. I reckon i bought the wrong cable, because i opened up the black box and it was empty?
    Is it any way i can buy a adapter/converter card and open up the cable and do it myself?

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  • 10/04/14--13:58: golf 4 90hp remap
  • Hallo I need remap vw golf 2000y 1.9 tdi 90 hp 66kw remap

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 139 KB

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  • 10/04/14--14:09: Audi A3 ECU16U1 help
  • Hello guys

    I need some help on a case that got pretty complicated, i wanted to change mileage on an audi a3 y:2004 1.9tdi EDC16U1. Dash was done within seconds over OBD, but ecu was a PITA there was now way to change the mileage over obd socket i tried 3 different tools and that was the first time that i could not change it over obd on edc16.

    So i decided to take it apart and desolder eeprom...

    When i was done and connected the ecu back, the car wouldnt start for some reason and the mil didnt come on an the glow plug lamp stays on.. So i checked the fuses, and all other stuff and came to the conclusion that the ecu is dead. I took it apart again and put the old dump in the 95320, thinking that it has maybe a checksum control like the flash.. Nothing stays the same. Powered it up on the table, still dead. And there was no power coming on the 1st pin of the eeprom (Vcc) it was 0,4V but should be 5V i think...

    I got another ecu, used but from a skoda Octavia with same engine.

    My question is here is it possible to adapt the skoda ecu on the audi ??
    Or do i have to get a new ecu with same bosch number

    Looking at them they are the same, but there is difference in software

    I read out the Skoda ecu fully over BDM with galletto, from the audi i have the eeprom and with soft number i got the flash also. But doesent work with new ecu flashed inside.. Tried all combinations. The new ecu is only awake with skoda flash but wont start (With skoda eeprom inside is immo off) but still doesent start the engine

    So what you guys suggesting here ? im in a hurry about the audi

    03G 906 016 J
    0 281 011 383
    sw: 1037 368 596

    03G 906 016 DJ
    0 281 011 883
    sw: 1037 371 259


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  • 10/04/14--14:10: edc17c64
  • available damos edc17c64

    Pm !!!!!![/align]

    (Today 12:10 PM)frantik3 Wrote:  available damos edc17c64

    Pm !!!!!![/align]

    File Type: .jpg
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  • 10/04/14--14:18: Please sort the forum
  • Hello,

    I'm new in this forum so i can't tell You what to do but:

    As a new member I have really big problem with finding somthing in this forum, and I don't have time to see 500 pages and serch what I wan't. The "serch" button also finds things that I don't want.

    You should create some sub menus that will clarify the threats. For example:
    Automotive Workshop Manuals
    Automotive software
    ........Engineering software
    ........Navigation software
    ........Navigation maps

    [color=#0000CD]It is only a suggestion of a menu

    It will really speed up serching what You really wan't 049

    Please don't be mad too newbie Sweating that he is saing You what to do and how to run YOUR SHOW Smile but as a newbie I got "fresh look" and it's really hard to find what You want especially in automotive software.

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    Hello mhhauto members

    i am looking for this detroit backdoor password generator
    if any one have this let me know


    File Type: .png
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    Hello. A few days ago, I had very strange example, especially for me. The car was cranking very well, but wont start. There was two fault codes, DF017 main relay control circuit, relay cut to early-permanent, and DF 023 flywheel signal sensor circuit coherence. The second fault code was only when I was cranking the motor. I was replaced the sensor, but the car still wont start. The injection locking relay cut off supply voltage, when I was cranking the motor. I was measured relay wiring diagram, flywheel signal sensor wiring, resistance..everything as the pictures attached below..still the relay cut off. Suddenly the starter motor was dead (thank goodness), I replaced with another used one, since then the car starts as it should, I deleted fault codes with no problem.. I dont know, I suppose there is something disturbing the flywheel signal sensor, therefore the relay cut off supply voltage when I was cranking and it was a fucking STARTER MOTOR.Very strange. Problem solved, if somebody this helps:-)

    File Type: .jpg
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    Size: 84.4 KB

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    [Image: 532Profi_VideoCutOffSpeed.png]

    [Image: 532Profi_CarType.png]

    [Image: 603_DVD-SD.png]

    [Image: 603_Skin.png]

    [Image: 655_Main.png]

    [Image: 603_hdd.jpg]

    [Image: 603_lcd-func.jpg]

    [Image: 655_PIN-menu.png]

    [Image: 655_setup.png]

    [Image: 655_SN-ID.png]

    [Image: 655_PIN-search.png]

    [Image: 715Profi_Car_variants.png]

    [Image: 715Profi_CopyHDD-SD.png]

    [Image: 715Profi_HDDFunc.png]

    [Image: 715Profi_LCDFunc.png]

    [Image: 715Profi_map_copy.png]

    YouTube Pin Reset on Bench

    Retail Price 543.29 EU
    Selling Price 325.00 USD + Shipping
    Can be used on as many laptops as necessary, just copy over the license file
    Contact ME Via PM

    USB TO RVC(Rear View Camera Port)

    I also have SETCONFIG which is like this program on steroids, price is 500EU. Programming is in VB, all menu systems but not as pretty as this. If you make a mistake with this program you should retire. Please find feature list below.

    PIN & Serial Nr. adjustment
    No Speed Limit for DVD, TV and Video any more!
    HDD Configuration (repartitioning, activation on Seat, etc.)
    Car Type Change( switch between Skoda, VW, Multivan, Touareg, SEAT, etc.)

    MRM Profi (Service tool for Video In Motion, PIN change, Serial Nr. config. HDD, etc. ...) is a top version of the MRM that feratures service and complete management of Volksvagen / Skoda / SEAT navigation systems, which includes:
    Volkswagen RNS 510 (MFD3)
    RNS-810 and RNS-810(w/GoogleMaps)
    Bentley navigation

    Video In Motion activator (selectable cut off speed)
    PIN code adjustment
    Car type change (switch between VW, Multivan, Touareg, Skoda or SEAT, toggle EU/NAR/CHN/KR/JAP version, ...)
    Serial number adjustment
    Skin type & Logo config
    TSW Mode Off
    Service Menu On
    FW Downgrade enable
    Factory info
    HDD config
    Production date & factory signature config
    DVD Region
    New features and enhancements for the newest version 7.18:

    both 2 and 3 partitions HDD functions support
    fast backup/restore of music files: copy MP3/WMA files from HDD to SD and from SD to HDD
    install navigation map from SD card to HDD (map on physical DVD not needed anymore!)
    retrieve map-DVD from HDD (create map-DVD image on SD card)
    change LCD type setting for adapting LCD and motherboard (old CCFL type, newer LED-backlight-type, RNS-810/Phaeton big screen)
    RNS-810/Google and Bentley support (only TSW mode functions)
    new hardware-variants added for "car type" config, now there is a range of 55 (!) variants
    new version of USB drivers with Windows 2K, XP,Vista, 7/32 support, 64bit-unofficial (tests pending)
    warning message when entry TSW mode "Beware FW5238 because of TSW bug!"
    new features and enhancements for last version 6.55:

    Serial Nr., VAG HW Nr., Factory ID, ... read & write
    new USB drive for better W7/32, XP and Vista compatibility (Win2000 users please use the old USB-driver version)
    runs smoother on slow computers
    Hungarian language (English, German and Czech are standard)
    +all features of past Beta Version 6.03:

    harddisk functions
    LED backlight adjust and "black-screen-issue" tool
    better performance while reading/writing the device
    What is Car Type Change?

    Every brand of RNS 510 has specific configuration, so for example Skoda Columbus navigation will show Skoda logo, shows the green color scheme and only works with Skoda steering wheel control. However now you can switch this with the MRM Profi.
    This will solve the problems with the rearview camera, steering wheel control, communication with the cluster screen (dash panel display), and all other problems, because the device is completely switched to the required config. You can now change Skoda to Volkswagen, Volkswagen to Seat or VW Touareg to Multivan/Caravelle and vice versa.
    For the correct function it''s necessary to reload firmware using CD-ROM after changing the configuration. The change will be completed then, including part number identification (for example 1Z0 ----> 1T0).
    Advantages of MRM profi:

    no need to add any expensive hardware to the car,
    no CAN filters, no problems with whicle speed information
    do not affect other functions of the navigation system,
    time saving - whole operation can be performed in a few seconds,
    no need to open the RNS device,
    high portabilty,
    works with all firmware versions.
    How does it work?

    The MRM set consist of two parts - software and USB interface cable.
    Operation is very simple:
    pull out the navigation device from the dashboard
    connect the cable to the computer and the connector on back side of the navigation device
    run the MRM software and select requested function (i.e. Video In Motion activation),
    disconnect the cable and push the navigation back to dashboard.
    Language options

    (Software is opened for another language translations. You can even make your own translation.)
    Package contains

    MRM Profi software
    Unique MRM USB interface cable
    RNS power supply connector for "on desk" operation
    Worldwide shiping

    We can ship this product to most of the countries in the world for reasonable prices. Just fill in the country where you need to send it.
    You can pay using credit card or wire transfer.

    Please note that enabling of the Video In Motion can be illegal in your country! Check your local laws!
    Never drive while watching video, it can result in serious injury or death!

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    please designation number

    File Type: .jpg
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    Size: 474.36 KB

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  • 10/04/14--17:20: Peterbilt Schematics
  • I found this site that has many Peterbilt wiring diagrams. On the right side there is a drop down menu labeled schematics.

    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 16 times
    Size: 27 bytes

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    Car: Audi A4 B8

    Is there any module(s) for this car that prevent communications with this car with scan tools?

    Module replaced:
    ECU with Immo off - thanks to 1 member here for his help!
    Climax control
    Ignition Switch
    Bluetooth module
    Brake light switch
    Gas pedal
    Head light switch
    BCM1 and BCM2
    New relays and Fuses (ALL)

    Car has power:
    Door open interior light comes on
    Sun roof open and close
    Radio turn on (No sound)
    Cluster blank with "Brake Light" message
    All head light, tail light, brake lights, and fog lights work

    Cluster is blank beside the brake light with or without keys inserted. Scanner won't connect to car to read code. I've tried step on the brake, with hazard light and high beam on, but no luck.
    Scan tools use:
    VagCom 12.10

    Scantools test with a working car and no issues.

    Please help, I'm stuck and don't know what to check anymore. If I can connect to the car with the scantool, I can adapt these modules I've replace to the car.

    Thank you!

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  • 10/04/14--20:59: xentry/das
  • hello, anyone have the procedure to install xentry 07/2014,
    already copping more smallville still keeps giving appid 252/253 error. can someone help me ..
    PM or skype: diegojmika

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  • 10/04/14--21:03: xentry dongle
  • Anyone know remove the Xentry / DAS Dongle of a facility that requires this key ...
    have a hd that need this dongle and I want removing it ..
    PM or Skype: diegojmika

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    Please i've W208 EZS with hasherrors in both mcu's 2*0D69J
    Mcu I & Mcu II only in key 0

    So if can someone do the correction please !!

    EZS info : 208 545 02 08

    MCU I ZC410699CFU
    MCU II ZC410710CFU

    Thank u verymuch in advance !

    EZS W208.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 761 bytes

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    Hi I have lost my vcds software please help me with a software or download link

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  • 10/05/14--13:31: xentry help needed
  • hi folks, im having problems with xentry i need your help please...
    i recentally purchered xentry c4 up to 07/2014, when i try to open xentry it says "no access authorization code! you must contact the user help desk."
    after much researsh on this fourm all weekend i know that the fault is probally the start key... thanks to webmaster i have found the key generator and put in my hw-id which is 64FE153596A9 and my App ID which is 253 and LAN ID which is 08005BABA84E but the problem i an having is wen i enter the new start key and press save it says No valid start key found. Please help, This is driving me crazy!!

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    Hello, i need Immo off solution for Porsche Boxter 2.5 1999.
    The Immobox are die and i want to immo off.
    Can you help me ?

    Thank you

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  • 10/05/14--13:51: Virgin SID805 Citroen C1
  • Hello everyone,
    I have a problem with a CITROEN C1 1.4 HDI 2006.
    The ECU is a Siemens SID805

    The car would not start and the garage to change the engine without diag !!!
    But the car is still not starting up.

    I did a diagnostic and the problem comes from the immobilizer.
    The message is bad code in the key

    I tried several times to set the key for the program but still impossible.

    I removed the ImmoBox 89740-0H010-00 and make reading the EEPROM 24C04

    Is it possible to make a blank of ImmoBox and ECU and learn their key code?

    This is the dump
    24C04 8BIT ORI.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 159 bytes

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  • 10/05/14--14:07: Automotive Expert 9.41
  • Hi,

    Here the V9.41 Release

    The New Patch is included in the archive

    [Image: ae110.jpg]

    Regards Drive

    Note : Extract with Winrar 5.11
    Automotive Expert 9.41.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 18 times
    Size: 113 bytes

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