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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 10/15/14--06:51: dashboard .bin
  • my files with dashboard bin format . Tup will be useful to you.
    link https://mega.co.nz/#!YFhxFayZ!yTRFUHwwPx...R1ey2Ofq7Y

    dont forget a thanks/Reput.Drive

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    Hi we have a 2011 Kenworth, needs to change the tire size in the ecm. I would guess we use Insite, anyone every done this before? Any help would be appreciated...

    Thanks and +1 will be given...


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    I thought I could make a tutorial for all the people that have a Digiprog 3 clone (yes, I regret buying it, but now that I've bought it I will not throw it in the bin).

    So, if you want to change Renault km with the cable ST51, you will see that your cable comes with the following pinout:

    Black -> pin 13
    Brown -> pin 18
    Orange -> pin 25
    Red -> pin 17

    Those connections (and colors) are wrong, so we will desolder them, and solder on the correct pins:

    Black -> pin 13
    Brown -> pin 14
    Orange -> pin 21
    Red -> pin 22

    Now, if you have the manuals that came with the clone, you'll see that they use different colors (Green, Yellow, Brown and White), so we will consider the following:

    Black -> Brown
    Brown -> White
    Orange -> Yellow
    Red -> Green

    So in this example (Renault Laguna 2002 HC12) you can follow the next image and connect the ST51 cable correctly with your Digiprog 3 clone:

    [Image: gFDB2YK.png]

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  • 10/15/14--07:37: Need Immo off BMW MS41 5WK9
  • Hello,
    please help me, I need immo off and correct checksum for BMW E36 323i
    Siemens 5wk9 032 D13
    DME MS41.0
    Thanks in advance Cheer2

    Siemens DME MS 41.0 5WK9 032 D13.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 53.95 KB

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    Just few e-books - PART 3

    This is third part of e-book pack. Also included BOTH previous parts, so you don't need to find and download them separatly (but they also available on forum).

    Few book are really old but still may be useful for someone.

    And here what you get in this pack:

    1. Automotive Air Conditioning and Climate Control Systems - Steven Daly 2006
    2. Automatic Transmission (seminar work) - Hashir A Salam 2008
    3. Automatic Gear Transmission in two wheelers - Journal Impact Factor 2012
    4. Automotive Engineering Fundamentals - Richard Stone & Jeff Ball
    5. Automotive Technology - Prins, Diag. and Svc 4th ed - J. Halderman (Pearson) 2012
    6. Haynes Automotive Diagnostic Fault Codes - 1998 (this one is really old but maybe usefull for someone)
    7. Haynes Definitive Guide To Car Performance - 2007
    8. Haynes TECHBOOK - Automotive heating and air conditioning - 2000
    9. The Car Bodywork Repair Manual A Do-it-yourself Guide to Car Bodywork Repair, Renovations and Painting - 1986 (!!!)
    10. Haynes Welding Manual - J. Storer, J. Haynes - 1994.

    Pack in .rar archive on MEGA - without password - size 526.5MB.

    As I wrote there is PACK 1 and 2 inside this archive, so you can find in it too:

    PACK 1:

    1. Automotive Fuel and Emission Ctl Systems 3rd ed - J. Halderman, J. Linder (Pearson, 2012) BBS
    2. How to tune and modyfy automotive engiene management system - J. Hartman 2013
    3. Automotive Systems Engineering
    4. Automotive Transmissions Fundamentals, Selection, Design and Application(2010)BBS
    5. How to Diagnose and Repair Automotive Electrical Systems
    6. Reimpell, Stoll, Betzler - The Automotive Chassis (2nd Edition)BBS
    7. US Marine Corps course - Automotive Engine Maintenance and Repair MCI 35.80a

    PACK 2:

    1. Automotive Paints and Coatings(BBS)
    2. Encyclopedia of Automotive Engineering
    3. Manual Transmissions - NATEF Standards Job Sheets 3rd ed - J. Erjavec (Cengage, 2010)

    So, don't forget to press "Reputation" and "Thanks" below my post to motivate me to keep looking for next PACK's. 653


    File Type: .txt
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    Size: 2.21 KB

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    Hi to all.
    I have 2 questions about the Mercedes SD Connect C4 multiplexer.
    1. What is the SD card socket for and how it would benefit me to have a SD card installed in it ?
    2. Is there a way to connect to the C4 if the wired LAN card fails ? Somehow the manufacturer programs the initial parameters in to the C4 including IP addresses. So, there must be a way to test and diagnose C4 multiplexer by connecting to it. If there was an USB or serial port for this purpose it would be easy to do it.
    Any good feedback will be appreciated. Thanks. Smile

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    I need immo off this ecu, Its a Siemens 5WP4 ( 1 Plug )

    Vw Golf 3 2.0 8V ADY Engine

    Inside the 93C56

    Please a working file, IUD - Immokiller dont work.

    Thanks Tup

    037 906 025A 93C56 16Bit Immo On.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 6 times
    Size: 301 bytes

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  • 10/15/14--08:47: Bosch Kts 650 Locked.?
  • Hello
    Does this match with bosch they have locked my tests so it can not be used anymore.
    Has studied a little back and forth and it would be impossible and have it locked up people say.
    But the thought of that in here must have cracked the code so it can be used again or found a way so that it can be used again.?

    Really hope someone can help me

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    Hello guys

    I have a problem with autocom 2013.3
    i have an 12Pin adapter zto OBD (original MAN adapter)

    When i connect it with an Euro 4 Truck (year 2004,2005) works fine
    When will connect to Euro 3 (2001,2002,2003) i becam no connection

    I been looking in the forum
    found a few assignments for the adapter from autocom
    but they are all different
    has anyone of you a correct pin assignment for the adapter of Autocom
    or someone once had the problem

    the pin assignment of autocom and because original are completely different

    I have also been the original wiring diagram viewed from the obd connector
    since there is no change of euro 3 to euro 4

    best regards

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    hi all,
    VW passat 2006 1.6 fsi, is getting heavy steering sometimes, with only one error in the ABS
    01309 - Power Steering Control Module (J500): Implausible Signal

    the ABS is TRW440 C4 ESP
    with soft coding of 000306

    No errors in the steering module

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  • 10/15/14--09:56: daewoo kalos immo
  • hello i have daewoo kalos with kemsco 4r and it will not start
    i need immo off
    if somebodi have solution for this daewoo please help

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 118.07 KB

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  • 10/15/14--10:04: Need DTC Decoder 1.20
  • hi friends, im looking this program, with or without licence.

    please, who have it please PM me.


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  • 10/15/14--10:27: Genuine VCM or VCM 2
  • Hello friends.

    I'd like to buy a GENUINE VCM (or VCM2).
    Please give links,sites where i can find a real genuine VCM.
    Whit good price Smile


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    I am trying to find a solution to make a 330 D E46 engine to work in a old E30 - have tryed to alter the EEP , but no sucsees , the engine will not start - My question after some web search - is it realy imposible to make these , 15 year old ecus to work without EWS ?

    attached is the EEP and EPR

    Best R
    Claus @ TurboCenter

    File Type: .zip
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    Size: 816 bytes

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    Click in thanks & reputation buttom if you want to get this software.
    KOMATSU 2014

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  • 10/16/14--07:51: Program 95320 with tl966a
  • Hi,
    I have to reprogram a 95320 with a tl866a, just that every time I try to write me with this error and will not allow me to reprogram:

    [Image: d6251a4df5e111d8a6dcb44d60e81ce9.png]

    Can you tell me where am I wrong ??

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    Hi all,

    can somebody please remove the speed limiter from the t5 edc17cp20
    it is now set to 60 km/h

    Thanks in advance

    t5 pickup edc17cp20.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 1.73 MB

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  • 10/16/14--08:19: CAS4 mileage online
  • online mileage free tested by autodigitec (from dk) also developer for CAS4 Mileage Tool_ .rar

    bmw cas4 and more ...


    if help you
    REPUTATION button ---->
    THANKS button ---->

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    here the last release 9.30 (05.2014) of this Multi-Tool Hex-Editor

    Quote: Description
    Hackman Suite is a multi-module all purpose debugging tool. It includes a hex editor, a disassembler, a template editor, a hex calculator and other everyday useful tools to assist programmers and code testers with the most common tasks.

    What's new in this version
    Brand new live update system, numerous enhancements and bug fixes.

    The Editor
    With Hackman Hex Editor you can edit any type of file in your hard disk, even your hard disk itself or a process in memory. Data are presented in 6 different ways (modes): ASCII, Hex, Binary, Octal, Decimal and Custom mode. The editor comes with unlimited undo/redo with undo/redo lists, full clipboard control: cut, copy, paste, paste special, clear clipboard, highly sophisticated find and replace, unlimited watches and bookmarks and numerous conversion modes, including Java, C++, VB, ASCII, text and more.
    You can always use the Patch Maker, the MS-DOS Executable Maker, Merger/Splitter and Checksums (CRC16/32, MD5, SHA1 and more) to check and / or manipulate files. Embedded cryptographic capabilities (Skipjack, NSA, RCA algorithms), support for macros, inline command bar, numerous plugins and external tools, configurable toolbar, shortcuts and menus, multilingual interface and online help consist a part of the features list.

    [Image: hm-1t.jpg]

    The Disassembler
    Hackman Disassembler 9.0 is an ultra fast multi processor disassembler, capable of disassembling code at a rate of 250 Kb/sec (PIII/900 MHz). The opcodes cover all x86 Intel and AMD architecture, starting at 8086 and ending at 3DNow! and Pentium 4 specific instructions. With Hackman Disassembler you have a multi-disassembling suite integrated into one program with a handy interface. Opcode sets are available for Intel 8086/80286/80386/80486 (*), Intel Pentium/Pro/MMX/II/III/P4 (*), AMD 3DNow! (*), 1802 (*), 6502/6510/8500/8502, 65816, 65C02/65SC02, 65CE02, Motorola 6800/6802/6808 (*), Motorola 6801/6803 (*), Motorola 6805/146805 (*), Hitachi 6809/6309, 8085, Zilog Z80, Gameboy CPU, Java Bytecode. Asterisk (*) denotes detailed online help availability.

    [Image: hm-2t.jpg]

    The Template Editor
    Hackman Template Editor is an ultra fast editor based on multi-format templates. The templates can be either simple structures or complicated layered formats. With Hackman Template Editor you have a powerful template based multipurpose editor integrated into one program with a handy interface.
    Supported Formats are Characters, Hex, Binary, Octal, Decimal, 8, 16, 32 and 64 bit signed and unsigned numbers, Floating numbers, DOS and UNIX Date/Time among others. You can edit both files or disks (physical, logical, compact flash, smart media, etc) and of course you can construct your own templates to match your needs.

    [Image: hm-3t.jpg]

    The Calculator
    Hackman Calculator is a versatile scientific calculator that can operate in any mode (decimal, hex, binary and octal) up to 1024 bits. It is able to perform both signed and unsigned operations. From simple arithmetics to advanced logical or boolean operations, Hackman Calculator can provide you with fast and accurate results up to 1024 bits.

    [Image: hm-4t.jpg]

    The Bundled Utilities
    Hackman INI Editor is developed by Innovation Systems as an extension for Hackman Hex Editor. You can edit INI and INF files with the ease of a few clicks!
    Hackman DIZ Editor is developed by Innovation Systems as an extension for Hackman Hex Editor. You can edit DIZ files which you can include in your distribution zip files.
    Hackman Autorun Generator is developed by Innovation Systems as an extension for Hackman Hex Editor. You can create autorun.inf files that you can distribute in your application`s CD-Rom.
    Other tools include MP3 Tag Editor, Version Changer, Date Changer and more!

    [Image: hm-5t.jpg] [Image: hm-6t.jpg] [Image: hm-7t.jpg] [Image: hm-8t.jpg]

    Note : Extract with Winrar 5.11

    Password : mhhauto.com
    Hackman Suite Pro 9.30.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 4 times
    Size: 172 bytes

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    From offical dealer in turkei otocheck company to all MHH members..

    key pack: which include AVDI + TAG + VAG key pack + BMW light pack + PO007+NN005+FN012+MI006+HK006+FR006+ON013+RR006+TN006+MN022+CR005+PN012+TAG key tool – normal customer price without VAT is 18335 euro for MHH members = 12.500 eur

    odo pack which include AVDI + AN044+PO006+FN013+HK007+VL003+FR005+ON014+RR004+MN020+CR006+PN013 – normal customer price without VAT is 8460 euro for MHH members = 6.500 eur

    FULL + FULL avdi = 20.000 eur

    friends can be contact with me via mail no pm please


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