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    I played around with vediamo and the ecu CRD2_NFZ ( cbf from DAS 07/2014 ).

    I can't read the unrestricted bytes from ecu ( all values are zero ), and yes i have unlocked the ecu.

    I can change values in the restricted 20 bytes and i can code the unrestricted bytes ( setting all options like the restricted ) but after pressing "SG Kodieren" i can see in the log that the values are written without errors ( no refused error ) but then the readed values are zero again ...

    The ecu keeps the settings on the restricted 20 Bytes and if i read the settings with das ( normal scn view ) i can see my changes.

    But i'm not sure if the ecu uses this values ...

    DAS Developer says if i open the unrestricted section that at least one setting is invalid ... ( i suggest its getting the zero values too )

    Thanks for your Help


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  • 10/29/14--14:14: how start remove EGR and DPF
  • hello, I need help on the following. I have some experience with airbags and dash but wanted to start removing EGR and DPF / FAP.
    I need some tips on how to do it and what software to use.
    this removal is always in the engine ecu?
    memory is always the same which usually removes the immobilizer? ...
    etc .. thanks

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  • 10/29/14--14:16: virginiz ecu
  • hello

    can somebody help to virginiz this ECU (ready for coding)


    Mercedes A180cdi W169
    MB nr A6401501691
    bosch 0281013965
    OM 640
    HW 12.06

    thanks in advance

    compl dump.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 5 times
    Size: 595.58 KB

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    does anyone knows how the CRC are calculated (the CRC is e.g. in MelcoMapUpdateMain_45Gen2,dat)


    I checked all the files, no file got this CRC, I suppose it combines multiple CRC's, can anyone tell me how to calculate it?

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards

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    Looking encoding no ECU 3C0 614 095 S

    I checked these numbers

    ECU accepts the code but I have all the time error
    inncorect coded module

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  • 10/29/14--14:39: Dongle unit - Where is it?
  • Hi
    I have a RHD 2003 petrol Almera 1.5S which I am told may have a Dongle unit. I need to change the ecu and immobiliser but will need a Dongle unit if it has one. My dealer cant tell me from the chassis + engine number + registration. He has sent me a page from the manual which says

    To further improve security against physical attack of the immobiliser control unit and antenna amplifier, some models incorporate a third unit known as the dongle. This unit prevents possible theft by substitution of the IMMU and ECCS ECM.

    The dongle unit is installed in an area which is difficult to access and is connected in parallel with the radio.

    When a new IMMU is first installed, it will interrogate the dongle unit to determine its ID code. On receipt of the ID code, the IMMU stores the code in its memory. Once in the IMMU memory, this code cannot be reset.

    When the ignition is switched on, the IMMU sends an ID request to the dongle unit. On receipt of this request, the dongle unit sends its ID signal back to the IMMU to allow it to check the key ID.

    If the dongle unit ID signal is not the same as that in the IMMU memory, (e.g. if the IMMU and ECM are substituted) the engine is prevented from starting.
    Does anyone have a pic of a dongle and info where it is found? The breakers yard doesn't know what it is looking for

    Also can I use a doner ecm + immobiliser + key transponder in my existing key or must I also have the doner BCM/SEC

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    Good day!
    Wirtgen W1000L hydraulic and electric schematic needed.
    mail zigzag80@rambler.ruSadsmile

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  • 10/29/14--15:07: smart roadster dash
  • Hello guys .. I can not change the frame of this file, every time I try never going to succeed..it is possible to help me?

    change this vin WME4523341L025994

    93c86 ori.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 567 bytes

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    1969 Ford car shop manual body

    Lincoln continental
    Continental mark III

    Dont forged to give thanx and reputation!!!

    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 230 bytes

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  • 10/29/14--16:19: ALTERNATOR SOFTWARE

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  • 10/29/14--17:03: Allison 3000 RDS problem
  • Having an issue with an Allison 3000 transmission, keep getting a 51-43 code... off going shift ratio 4-3. ohm tested wires from tcm, with no problems found, fluids good, replaced input and output speed sensors. I'm kinda lost?

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  • 10/29/14--17:56: Jaguar xj 2013
  • Hi !! I RCM dw93 14d374 bb, 0285011339 memory 95128, shot cushion pedestrian protection.
    Errors B1003-13 B1001-13 Control opening right and left side of the hood.
    We must content without crash date 95128 Handshake

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  • 10/29/14--18:10: DDEC 6 no oil pressure
  • Hello fellow m8s, if someone could give me any ideas here it would be much appreciated. I have a 2009 DDEC 6 Series 60. Fully deleted and the customed popped a turbo. He had it towed in and the turbo was replaced. After it was started up, there is no oil pressure. The engine sensor harness was changed, the mcm was changed and the oil pressure sensor was also replaced. Still no oil pressure on the gauge and it is giving me a fault code for "oil pressure circuit low". 58 psi on a mechanical gauge. Any ideas would be helpful.

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    It works with 3.44.10 and 3.44.50 too
    Dont forget to press in the reputation button!

    BMW ISTA-D Rheingold Language Pack ES PT SV.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 5 times
    Size: 53 bytes

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  • 10/30/14--16:19: ISX CM871 FUEL PRESSURE
  • My engine died while i was driving and one of the codes was FUEL PRESSURE . If i was to monitor fuel pressure with INSITE what value should i see for properly operating fuel pump ?

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    Does anybody has a solution to deactivate Addblue in 2014 CDI models?

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  • 10/30/14--17:21: SVDI VAG BMW TAG KEY
  • I sell the SVDI interface

    VAG v19
    BMW v9.6
    TAG KEY tool v5.8

    The interface is new, only used for perfect operation.
    Price: 600€

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    This is the next edition of the unique native running Universal Xentry/DAS System without needing any pc virtualization.
    It is a portable system with lot of MB stuff. A Windows XP based system installed in VHD-File, which can be located everywhere (USB or Harddisk) and being booted and run natively by a bootloader (on a USB-Stick, local harddisk or CD). So no change to the running system and without the need for any virtual pcs.

    [Image: attachment.php?aid=57717]

    is comming.


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    hi guys,
    i did a dpf off with sensor decoding but the car is giving some errors,
    p269f p246c p2463 p2269

    can someone help me?

    thanks in advance

    original file in attacment

    ford connectt 1.zip
    File Type: .zip
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 55.91 KB

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    I am looking for software tuning. I looked at velos, but they don't do lexus only bmw

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