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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    ciao qualcuno è in grado di dirmi su che chip è scritto il numero seriale della diagnosi? Qualcuno può farmi vedere con delle foto dei componenti interni dove è scritto il numero seriale di autocom CDP+ o delphi? Potete anche dirmi che programmatore utilizzare per leggere questo chip? Grazie per l'aiuto e buon lavoro

    hello someone can tell me about that chip is written the serial number of the diagnosis? Can someone show me with pictures of the internal parts where it is written the serial number di autocom CDP+ or Delphi? You can also tell me that the programmer use to read this chip? Thanks for the help and good work

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  • 12/02/14--12:56: Disable DPF on 307 2.0 HDi
  • I have a 2.0 HDi 2002 307 SW (EDC25C2 ecu on RHS engine 110 BHP)

    I had the DPF removed and had it disabled on the ECU (attached is original file + DPF off).

    If I put the new file I get P1421 error. If I put the original file the error goes away.

    I was reading that it is needed to also disable the DPF and additive on BSI unit with PP2000. I have the lastest Lexia/PP2000 tool, can anyone give me the steps?

    Also can anyone double check that my DPF off file is 100% correct

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  • 12/02/14--13:10: touareg egr delete
  • hello , i need to delete egr in touareg 2009 , 2.5 tdi
    thanks a lot

    touareg 2.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 60.65 KB

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  • 12/02/14--13:40: Fvdi installation steps
  • To all our friends we need instruction for installing fvdi commander
    We buy from fly company but we need installation steps
    Thanks in advance

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    Clip renault : How to reprog with different software version?

    Let me say i have ecu with semi automatic (with robot) transmission, and after remove robot unit + ecu of gearbox as usually have some faults in injection ecu

    Step 9

    [Image: sww_zpsdd505902.png]

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    Heya all Fing32
    I have a very Norty 2003 Ford Transit 2.4 giving me a headache Headbang Headbang
    Glow lamp is flashing and PCM logs codes for -
    - P0216 Injection timing control circuit CPS fault
    - P1342 Accelerator pedal position sensor "A" - Only since PCM swap
    - P1608 FIP Watchdog signal lost
    - P1665 FIP communication with PCM

    We have changed Injection pump & PCM. Erased & reprogrammed keys.
    Still no go!!!! Fing20

    Any ideas???? 533

    Cheers Beer Beer

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    So , for example for car Fiat Doblo JDTM 1.3 , i want to know the complete name of ECU , could help me someone with the name of software ?
    The info must show like ECU Bosch ME 9

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  • 12/02/14--15:35: yamaha ecu reset
  • Hi!
    I need to reset a yamaha xt 600 ecu to sync it with The immobox moric2, or a kit of ecu and immobox file.
    Thank you!

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  • 12/02/14--15:50: med17.5 dtc after immo off
  • there's someone could help me remove P160A from this dump?
    MED17.5 TSI VAG
    it's appeared after immo off in flash

    1037510467 ktag.rar
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    Hi, I need full bdm file of bosch edc16+ c34 psa- edc16+ c39 kia/hyundai.

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  • 12/02/14--15:53: Radio Dump Decode
  • Free for all member

    ver 2.5.8

    test on win7 x64



    2.5.8 pt geza.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    activator toyota forklift program 1.79

    who needs to talk to me private message

    Sem título.png
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    I offer a remote repair most of faulty Sd Connects with "00" on SDnetControl bar, no communication with a car, not working LCD display and for example
    DCDI_eErrorCode=204 (204) or DCDI_eErrorCode=201 (201) etc.
    Without soldering! About 1 hour for the whole operation.

    Price on PM.


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  • 12/02/14--18:45: Glider kit
  • Hi!!! Enyone have expierence with glider?...i just have overhoul parts for isx and bill for 14K.All parts genuine from china(parts from dealer),many rebuid also.I start think how to swap isx for s-60.old best engine on 07 vn...Parts is much cheapper,engine can run forever with power and economy.

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    I have a problem with citroen C4 2.016v,RFN, year 05,MM6LP system.Several times the engine warning light comes on with a fault code;
    P1153 throttle stop learning (diagbox)
    P1153 throttle control valve,lower stop (autocom)
    I was found some code description for MM6LP system as fitted to EW10 and ET3 engines; Check motorised throttle unit and ECU software version. ECU download often required for this fault.
    Throttle valve looks clean, I am not dismantle yet for nowShake
    Autocom and texa havent had function for throttle valve learning, I tried with diagbox, but before I execute operation, I get warning "this operation must only be performed when replacing the engine ECU":sadsmile:why?
    A am not able to update the engine ECU software "offline":itwasntme:
    Any suggestions?

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    i change km whit carprog in dashboard by obd2, but no work, now show 400000km and no can read the km whit carprog, i need a dump good for this dash.
    can anyone help me?
    attached the eprom read by obd
    i need 67000km

    File Type: .rar
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  • 12/03/14--14:19: Idle raise
  • Question,
    how can I raise Idle for about 50rpm on edc16c8?

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    The Set of SDConnect (C4) all chips HEX files

    The set contains firmware of:

    - 24C02
    - S29GL064
    - Am29F016
    - k9f5608
    - pic12f629 (both 0204 and 0205 versions)
    - pic18f252
    - pic18f8680 (PM PIC)
    - pic16lf88 (Security PIC) both for 155988 and 101044 versions
    - included fresh real serial number 09.2014


    With this set you can repair any SDConnect device, change serial number, update internal software and more.

    Ebay link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/261673428160
    Special price for MHH users: 299 usd (call for invoice in PM)
    All questions in PM, please

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  • 12/03/14--14:35: Winos
  • Hi I'd like to buy a working copy of winols if any one can help me get in touch thank u

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    Hi folks,
    Hope every thing is going fine at your end.

    Actually I have Peugeot 307 coupe cabriolet.
    The problem is that no communication with the COM2000, thus the Engine ECU is locked knowing that all computers on same CAN are reached.
    Checked all the wiring to COM2000, all are OK.
    I changed the COM2000 but still same problem.
    I changed BSI and BSM with the new COM2000 and the old one, still COM2000 ECU not replied.
    Im 100% sure about all wiring's to COM2000.

    Another ECU is not replying is that of the alarm!!
    Is there any relation between alarm and communication from BSI to COM2000?
    Any suggestion about this problem will be highly appreciated.

    I added this thread to site notice because I need urgent help ( Im sorry Blush )

    Thank you all in advance.

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