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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Hi, i have one Seat Leon MK1 with a Magneti Marelli ECU IAW4CV... car must be INMO1 beacouse it has separate inmobilizer box...VCDS has not communication with ECU now... customer tried to swap cluster but he not disconnected battery for the operation, and mayble acc was on, i dont know what he did really...... car did not start after that...he tried installing original cluster again but car dont start..immo light flashing in the cluster...
    I did an autoscan and ecu is not detected...
    What can be the problem? ecu by itself its damaged? I will try to connect ecu on bench for see if it is accesible or not...i'm looking for the correct pinout yet..

    Autoscan result:

    Chassis Type: 1M - Seat Leon (2000 > 2005)
    Scan: 01 02 03 08 15 17 19 22 35 36 37 46 56
       Mileage: 230520km/143238miles
    Address 15: Airbags        Labels: 6Q0-909-605-VW5.lbl
       Part No: 6Q0 909 605 A
       Component: 0D AIRBAG VW5       0003  
       Coding: 12356
       Shop #: WSC 06441  
       VCID: 3561C75F0FB4ADB6775-4A3A

    2 Faults Found:
    00532 - Supply Voltage B+
                07-10 - Signal too Low - Intermittent
    01317 - Control Module in Instrument Cluster (J285)
                49-00 - No Communications

    Address 17: Instruments        Labels: 1M0-920-xx0-17.lbl
       Part No: 1M0 920 800
       Component: S5-KOMBIINSTR. VDO V15   
       Coding: 04147
       Shop #: WSC 43405  
       VCID: E1C9C30F6BBCF1167BD-5072

       Subsystem 1 - Part No: IMMO
       Component: IDENTNR: SEZ7Z0Y0456905         
       IMMO-IDENTNR: SEZ7Z0Y0456905       

    3 Faults Found:
    00779 - Outside Air Temp Sensor (G17)
                30-00 - Open or Short to Plus
    01314 - Engine Control Module
                49-00 - No Communications
    01321 - Control Module for Airbags (J234)
                49-00 - No Communications

    Address 19: CAN Gateway        Labels: 6N0-909-901-19.lbl
       Part No: 6N0 909 901
       Component: Gateway K<->CAN    0001  
       Coding: 00004
       Shop #: WSC 06441  
       VCID: F0EFB64BB056489EE43-5072

    2 Faults Found:
    01314 - Engine Control Module
                49-00 - No Communications
    01321 - Control Module for Airbags (J234)
                49-00 - No Communications

    Address 46: Central Conv.        Labels: 1J0-959-799.lbl
       Part No: 1J0 959 799 S
       Component: 41 Zentral-SG Komf. 0001  
       Coding: 00257
       Shop #: WSC 06441  
       VCID: 4E9388B38A22FE6E56F-49D8

       Subsystem 1 - Part No: 1J1959801C
       Component: 41 Tõrsteuerger. FS0002r  

       Subsystem 2 - Part No: 1J1959802D
       Component: 41 Tõrsteuerger. BF0002r  

    4 Faults Found:
    00953 - Interior Light Time limit
                25-10 - Unknown Switch Condition - Intermittent
    00931 - Locking Module for Central Locking; Rear Right (F223)
                27-00 - Implausible Signal
    01358 - Internal Central Locking Switch; Driver Side (E150)
                27-00 - Implausible Signal
    00912 - Window Regulator Switch; Front Left (E40)
                27-10 - Implausible Signal - Intermittent



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    Hello Friends,

    Is there someone who can help me to add: LC (''2step'') & NLS on my car/ecu?

    The normal way "i did try the Lc script what is on the web''
    But the me7.1.1 use different parameters, and after searching high and low i need to ask it to one of you (who has the brains to make it work Pc )
    Some info what can may be important before adding the LC & NLS:

    It is the: *BUB Mk5 R32 engine --> mounted  in my Leon 1m,
    Ecu is a: *022906032CE (DSG) --> converted it full as: 022906032CD (6MT)
    Exhaust: 2.5'' downpipes --> WO Cats --> 3.0'' exhaust
    The Ecu is DTC free! , measbloks  066 clutch switch works and show 1/0 by press / releasing

    I Hope someone can help me! and i can stop pulling my hear out Headbang
    I promise i take a nice go-pro video to share with you, And off course thanks and rep.!!

    Kind regards, Herzliche Grüße



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    I have, for sale, the latest version of parts identification program JOHN DEERE AGICULTURE, JOHN DEERE CONSTRUCTION, JOHN DEERE FORESTRY + HITACHI.

    PM for price. 

    [Image: 1.jpg]

    [Image: 2.jpg]

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  • 06/02/19--03:17: Edc 17cp45 Please verify
  • hello to everyone...
    i have problem with a car that need to be rechecked the file(ecu bin file( by some one...
    The problem is that the car has arrive to me with a modification in software unknowed surce....(somewhere in uk i think)
    Big problem is black smoke in high revs(customer said to me that is remapped stage 1, also dpf scr off)....
    SCR system still working (customer said to me that it `s turned off , remmaped )

    It`s able anyone to verify that software ? i will pay...
    Also i want to solve this problems to do customer happy!
    I will pay it !


    (BMW Version_no scr dpf 1037536507).rar

    1.38 MB



    1.38 MB

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    I can't use Xentry on my 2013.9  version because after I launch xentry and do diagnostic 50 seconds and I have this error:
    internal error: (3.822)-3.183 - I have tried to set the licence to read only, delete the licence and make the x4711 trick but it does not work.
    Can anyone tell me if there's solution?
    I have SD C4.

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    I need help with L230 and L235 fault codes.
    Lifting and lowering not working.
    Any one can share trouble shooting guide and wiaring diagrams.

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  • 06/02/19--03:54: Actros Cluster pinout
  • Hello 

    i need help to find  pinout for MB Actros cluster ( no background light on the middle LCD ) .
    Cluster NR : A 003 446 07 21   Year 2007. ---has twoo connectors marked  as X1 and X2.


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    can someone do Pops and Bangs switchable over driving profile? Car is Audi A3 8V 1.8TFSi Simos 12

    Will pay for solution.



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    Hi guys,

    I am looking for a tune file for a BMW 328i e36. The car has now M50B25 manifold installed, I need a tune with 7000+ RPM Limiter. Can anyone help with this? I am attaching 2 Original files, one is read by KESS, one by Galletto1260. KESS said checksum is incorrect on reading, WinOLS said the same, I am not sure why. Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards,



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  • 06/02/19--05:18: BMW i8 HV system fault
  • Hi there guys, I have an i8 that suddenly started to develop HV energy system faults.After deleting all the errors in Ista+ i have the following ones
    I do't know what could cause this, though i did see some contactor stuck open in the faults before i deleted them.Attached those also
    Anybody, ideas?
    I searched for TSBs that could account for this error, i found one but i can't get much information about it.
    TSB #B120917
    Service Action : PROGRAM CONTROL UNITS.THE HV system is being shut off without a request from the driver.

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    hi guys,

    having a problem here with a audi a4  2009
    car whas driving and then stops.
    no dtcs 
    electric fuel pump works good .
    injectors are good 
    changed mechanic fuel pump with sensor n290 NO SUCCES!!
    engine runs with start pilot( not keep running when stop spraying)
    i hear a loud of noise from sensor on mechanic fuel pump N290 all the time.
    and at 1 wire i get 12v
    second wire 3.5v    (from n290)
    i think there is a short to ground .
    does somebody have this problem before 
    or have some engine wiring diagram please .
    thanks for help

    audi a4 2009
    automatic transmission 
    engine code : CAGB

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    hi, i need km change on dash and bcm Iveco Daily 2015, thanks.
    Need 143.753km.
    Right now have something like 145.000km.
    Thanks a lot.


    DASH IVECO CONTINENTAL A2C84155001 5801815717 DAILY 24C16AN.rar

    1.04 KB


    IVECO DAILY 2015 BCM EEPROM 95640 SW5 04 5801955903 498A-BCML7.rar

    1.18 KB

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  • 06/02/19--06:29: need immo off Brilliance ME7
  • Hi
    please I need immo off for this ecu BOSCH F01R00DA08 ME7
    thanks in advanced



    91.47 KB


    bosch me7.bin.zip

    1.39 KB

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    I have a problem with Porsche Panamera 4s 970 from 2010 Year.

    Sometimes after few meters sometimes after 5-10km shows on dash PSM failure, and SPORT AND SPORT ULTRA mode does not work.
     After turning ignition off and on its ok. 

    Once it came even without moving a car but after turning the steering wheel. at this time i had dignostic and was looking on data from steering angle sensor but all data looked ok.

    Also while driving i cheacked the information of car speed sensor in wheel but till failure came was ok and a second after failure came out it freezed and then ok one more time. But i think that abs sensors are not the problem and freezing cames after failure and not before.
    with this failure cames also A/C problem but it does not metter if A/C is on or off. Failure cames all time.

    Any one could know what can couse the problem?
    Or have something similar? 

    Here are the faults that cames back always after failure exist  

    DME (digital engine electronics)
    P1583 Sport mode not available

    Transmission control
    U0418 Check PSM control unit Trouble Codes content
    U0456 Check A/C operator control unit - This fault can be ignored if active.

    Porsche Stability Management
    002085 Sport mode, centre differential lock, fault
    00208A Sport mode fault
    C12089 Steering ECU fault
    C120A1 Centre differential lock control unit fault

    C12097 Check A/C unit Trouble Codes content

    Steering wheel electronics
    801103 Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) signal implausible

    Rear end electronics
    C12097 Check A/C unit Trouble Codes content

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  • 06/02/19--07:24: wanted Xprog m
  • i m looking to buy a good quality Xprog M.
    also need it to read mc9s12XEQ384 mask 3m25j

    I updated my old one and of course its dead now.
    PM me with offers and proof of quality not china

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  • 06/02/19--07:34: Audi Q7
  • Fuel pump

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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  • 06/02/19--07:37: Audi Q 7 fuel pump leak
  • Fuel pump

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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    did anyone  have tried to do all key lost with fvdi 2018 clone version?

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  • 06/02/19--07:54: Renault Media Nav Evolution
  • looking for latest map updates for Renault,
    if anyone has them to share I would be very grateful

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    Hi all,

    I have replaced the CEM module with a like for like part and model number after the current CEM module failed (car not starting IMOB/TRANSMISSION/COOLANT/DTSC fault on dash no comms with ECU), I now have to code/program the correct VIN number into the CEM module so it will talk to the ECU. Other than getting the car to a Volvo main dealer is there any other way of doing this??

    Thanks in advance.


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