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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 06/20/19--14:18: CVN fix - VAG MED17
  • Hello,

    could some pls fix the cvn in my MED17 file?
    Checksums are not corrected at all. Kess will correct the "normal" CHKs besides the cvn. Could this be a problem correcting the cvn?

    Ori und tune in rar.

    Thanks and br


    Beetle Stage1 - 525288).rar

    780.23 KB



    780.24 KB

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    I'm trying to read the flash from a VW MQB cluster - either crypted and somehow decrypt it or decrypted (via OBD or any tool). I know ODIS has the flash files, but they are crypted and, for now, I don't know how to decrypt them. MCU is Renesas/NEC.

    Can you point to a tool (OBD or JTAG/flasher) that reads them unencrypted? Or decrypts them?

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Not a Jeep man, Or do we have any useful tech data on this..

    This 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 CRD 214PS Automatic Transmission.
    came to us with a unusual issue. (Really hope someone has come across it before.)

    Customer complained of All warning lights illuminating. (Eng, ESP, ABS, TC, and Throttle light)
    Also Auto Transmission would not change up gear.

    When we test drove. after clearing down codes, we find that little throttle it would drive okay.
    and work through gears normally.
    but Throttle light would occasionally start to flash.

     when giving 50% or more throttle, All Gear lights (P-N-D-1-2-3) would illuminate.
    Oil pressure and Eng Mal function light would flicker strangely.
    ESP, ABS, TC, Throttle & Eng MIL would all come on solid. And it wont Change up to next gear. 
    just limit it gear its in.

    On investigation (with some little info we had from Haynes Pro)
    We find that TC relay was removed with a jumper cable attached. we replaced it with a relay. and issue is still the same.

    We have no experience with these, not even sure on location of TCM, or if is part of ECU with these?
    Customer has had ABS pump replaced elsewhere. and has only had the car for a few months.

    Global scan attached from after error happened on road test. (after clearing all DTC before road test)

    Any and all advise is greatly appreciated.
    If can do anything in return. we are happy to.



    JEEP Global Scan.RAR

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  • 06/20/19--14:39: immo off opel astra g 2.0dti
  • hello pleas i need immo off for opel astra G 2.0 dti 2002
    0281 001 869


    24c04 origine opel.rar

    261 bytes

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  • 06/20/19--15:32: volvo edc17cp22 clone
  • Is it possible to clone edc17cp22 volvo v50 2.0 diesel 2011 ?
    Thanks in advance.

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  • 06/20/19--15:43: Opel 2015 Radio Code Please
  • Hello Friends I have Radio for opel Need code for this radio

    Serial Number 3202530
    Device Number 7612830182

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  • 06/20/19--15:44: dtc DF code to p code
  • Hi 

    Does anyone know the P code for dtc DF087


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  • 06/20/19--17:19: XENTRY 07.2019 PATCH
  • I just find on Internet. 
    Here is the Xentry 07.2019 patch.
    Hope It help!


    Xentry07.2019 patch.txt

    43 bytes

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    I have a friend that his son lost the only key he had so he went to the dealer and got a key cut and I ordered a usb cable from the internet and installed Techstream V14.00.018 and it asking for a pass-code to continue the immo reset procedure. Is there any way of getting the pass-code without paying 200.00 online?

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  • 06/20/19--18:05: Cantool kit
  • Hi Folks 
    looking for someone to install cantool on my xentry   thanks in advance

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    We use one for diag. Works all brands except Mitsubishi. Just hangs. Recently updated setupcommon.exe. Anyone else with same bs?

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    I am wondering any locksmith has already purchased KwikDecoder New Type HU66  Lock Pick and Decoder, is it working fine, how does it work?
    Would you like to share  your using experience here. Thanks in advance.

    Good Day!

    This is KwikDecoder New Type HU66  Lock Pick and Decoder

    [Image: 19062015610787437823.jpg]
    Google and see this video

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  • 06/20/19--20:04: Crafter ESP9CEI malfunction
  • Hi all spent a week in research, now need your advice.
    Got a Crafter 2012 m/y
    SW 120700
    HW 111100
    P/N 2E0614095P

    Using VAS, MB Star, Autocom, vcds(too old so cant connect to ESP).
    Here i got faults
    44AD00 -Front Left speed sensor, Air gap too large
    sometimes it comes with 
    507500 - Engine control module, abnormal torque signal.

    FL Rpm sensor been replaced with same p/n, FL Hub replaced with sensor from donor car (100% work correctly) - with no luck.
    How it comes: there is no direct dependence.
    You can start engine and 44AD00 comes with all ESP lights on dash, fault becomes active, cant erase;
    you can start with empty fault data, then ride approx 100m-5km distance to get fault back.

    Friend of mine told me that it becomes common ploblem and it may occurs because of software bug.
    Its another option to repair, got flashdata cds, no matter how i try i cant find SW 2E0614095P for it.

    Once again: changing hub with sensor gives all same symptoms.
    Replaced wiring to sensor (havent found any damage on original one).

    Share that file if someone have
    Any advices appreciated

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    Trying to help my uncle figure out a problem with his truck, intermittent no start.

    Truck is a 2013 WS dumpt, glider with DDC 60 and eaton auto trans

    Truck will start and drive fine and then randomly wil lstop shifting and just stay in one gear.  When you stop and turn it off it will not start again because it's not in parking.
    Sometimes it will start again after few minutes sometimes after few hours.  When this happens transmission service is displayed on dash and codes 54 ( 84 12) and 55 (216 14) will show up.

    He went to dealer and they have no idea, they already replaced wiring harness (not exactly sure which harness), tranny computer and speed sensor but nothing helped.

    Anyone has any ideas?  Or could someone at least help me with some wiring diagrams for this thing so I can have a look.



    92.03 KB



    106.39 KB



    108.02 KB



    104.26 KB

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  • 06/20/19--21:21: cm870 control boostpressure
  • can anyone help me figure out how to control the boost pressure? im missing a parameter or have a table with too much in it?



    673.57 KB

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  • 06/20/19--21:48: SÜDTRAK AC 136
  • I am looking SÜDTRAK AC 136 Bus Air conditioned wiring diagram. Please anybody help!

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  • 06/20/19--23:32: Scania SDP3 2.40.1
  • Scania SDP3 2.40.1 FREE thank you + reputation



    138.84 KB

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    Diesel fuel turn black after about a week's run on Series 60 DDEC IV. Engine runs fine, has no faults, and no air bubbles on injector fuel return.

    Please share areas that could cause this problem.

    Thank you......

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    Just to start. Its a STUPID solution for a old key.

    You got 2 little exe files.
    They copy licence file into safe location, and replace them just before xentry will start. 
    So if your keep loosing licence authorisation this should work for you.

    2 little programs:
    licence backup.exe 
    xentry start.exe

    Open CA, enter key and apply. Do not start Xentry. Start program licence backup.exe
    Once is done, you it will copy licence file to safe location.
    After that you should used Xentry start.exe to start Xentry.

    Simple and easy.

    Thanks and Rate for password.

    (they are exe files based on my batch files creation, for inspection i'm happy to show source, virus, spyware free)



    121.14 KB

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  • 06/21/19--00:22: Xentry PassThru 05/19 Help
  • Hey
    I need help at activation for Xentry Passthru 05/19. i installed Oldkeyloader and Got the Dev Keygen but alwqys it say invalid key. Please help will give you some tip


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