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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 06/21/19--05:52: PIN from CIM Vectra C 2003
  • Hi! Need help with PIN from CIM 13132282 eeprom 93s66 or by vin W0L0ZCF6931054424
    Thanks in advance!


    93S66 CID ORG.zip

    466 bytes

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  • 06/21/19--05:54: W221 EIS on bench
  • I am trying to connect W221 EIS on the bench, to extract password. I have connected a 221 gateway, CAN B, CAN E, I can communicate with the GW, but no matter what I do cant get communication with EIS. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    Hello Comunity I needed help !!!!!

    I have flashed for a known VW T5 2008 1.9 Tdi 75kw EDC16U31 038906016T-9711-384631 (with charger 13,4 volt) via OBD Kess
    flash successful car starts and drives
    but has strange errors in the memory which did not erase
    errors do not exist before the flash

    Address 03: Brake electronics-01314 - Engine control unit 004 - no signal / communication - sporadic
    Address 09: Central electrics-01341 - Control unit in dash panel insert on comfort CAN (J285) 008 - implausible signal - sporadic
    Address 17: dash panel insert-01314 - Engine control unit 49-10 - no communication - sporadic
    Address 19: Diagnostic Interface-01314 - Engine control unit 49-10 - no communication - sporadic

    back to original flashed successful car starts and drives
    errors still exist and can not be deleted

    a total of 5x flashed always successful errors persist can not be deleted battrie depended error persist
    does anyone know or can Help ?

    Thanks for Infos

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    Hi all

    Please mileage correction for this dump
    Citroen C4 Aircross

    Currently 69184km
    Need 44168km



    c4 aircross.rar

    390 bytes

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  • 06/21/19--06:08: A6 Need lambda CAT off
  • AUDI A6  3.0  V6  2002 
    ME7.1.1 0003 petrol
    0 261 207 596

    Need Lambda off CAT off 
    P0421, P0431 , P1114, P0441

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    Hello friends.

    So i have a fairly general question for you today. 

    I spent most of my time playing with Bosch systems, i have absolutely no experience with Toyota at all, its all very alien to me.

    My friend has recently done a really cool project, they took the engine and transmission from a 1999 or 2000 (approx) Toyota Echo ( vitz  / Yaris) 1.0 VVTi and put it into a vintage 1970s NSU car. 

    The ECU is Fuji 89661-52065. It is “that” type of ECU with the white plugs. I have seen similar ECUs in Corollas etc before i think.

    So, I am sure people here will know EVERYTHING about these systems.

    I have some questions, could somebody please help me with those?

    1. What do you call these ECUs? You know most ECU families have names. Bosch Have things like EDC-17 and ME7.5 etc. For example, when working with VW, If you say “i have a ME7.5 ecu” everybody instantly knows what you are talking about. How about these Toyota ECUs, what do i call them?
    2. The only two diagnostic tools i have which seem to work with this are Toyota K-Can commander 2.0 and CASCADE. Commander is either a really shit tool, or i have a bad/broken version, because it doesn’t work very well. It seems to be a generic OBD2 tool pretending to be a special Toyota tool. CASCADE works but of course unfortunately CASCADE is somewhat limited and has bugs. Can anybody suggested a better full-dealer-level tool which will work with this? 
    3. So far i have been reading and writing the EEprom by soldering, and i have not had access to the main memory (i assume flash?) yet. When it comes to modifying the main memory for things like cat delete, changing map etc, what tool will read/write it? Is it possible to read / write the eeprom and main memory (flash?) with OBD? Or is it soldering or in-circuit (bdm frame type) only?
    I hope someone can help me with this info. Thank you very much.

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    Hey Guys,

    so i have a 2006 Freightliner Columbia with a Series 60 Engine and an UltraShift Gen 3 trans with the Steering Column mounted paddle shifter. 

    Truck starts up fine and runs through all gears when cold. When you let the truck get up to op temps, the trans will start missing shifts and looking for gears. eventually the trans locks out and truck wont move. the gear display will flash an "88" and then goes to ".."

    Once you shut the truck off, it will not start back up, most likely because the computer power was lost in a gear other than neutral. 

    Once you let the truck cool down for a few hours, you can start it back up and everything runs ok.

    I do not have SR, which makes this a PIA to diag. but the screenshots attached are what i can see in Diagnostic Link.

    Any and All help would be appreciated!!



    143.8 KB



    144.21 KB



    147.38 KB

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    Hyundai Solati 2017 Wiring Diagram
    [Image: nw7691j6ucdbqb36g.jpg?size_id=5]

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  • 06/21/19--06:49: Tech2Win data in TIS2000
  • Hi All,
    Can someone tell me how to transfer a Tech2Win data capture into TIS2000 for viewing?
    I believe Tech2Win creates a 'disp' file, whereas TIS2000 reads a 'sur' file.
    I don't know how to transfer the data from one to the other.
    Thanx ...

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  • 06/21/19--07:12: ddec3 ecm
  • need help or info.. what need to be done to the ddec3 ecm to go over 3000rpm i know you have to open the ecm and do some work..
    thanks for the help guys

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    feeling thick here i can usually find these things just having a problem finding this anyone have it and would like to share ? thanks!!

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  • 06/21/19--07:26: clear airbag ford k 51976526
  • hello all
    i need clear airbag ford k 51976526 st95320



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  • 06/21/19--07:31: smart 453 doesn't start
  • hello guys
    i  have smart 453 the car doesn't start, i did full scan, no error codes, but to actual values to engine ecu and sam, i see that immo authorization is not ok, i thought maybe key is problem, added another key but same problem like in picture.

    any idea guys??



    283.89 KB



    242.63 KB

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    I have a problem installing the Xentry Openshell 2019.05:

    I had a first rollback in module 404, it was fixed with patch KB4019990, but now, I do it again in module 440.

    The installation runs on windows 7 Ultimate SP1, without any more patches.
    Thank you

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    PLZ Pin Code cles kangoo 2007

    (4 minutes ago)loveprog Wrote: PLZ Pin Code cles kangoo 2007


    UCH KANGOO.rar

    364 bytes

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  • 06/21/19--08:08: checksum dash golf5
  • Hi,i need calculate checksum in 24c32 dashboard siemens vdo golf5 2004.
    dash is writeing massage error.



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    please check picture
    Lost account..so no file folder
    just FEW PCS in stock. Be sure can be reflash by STLINK..You can flash with any binfile!!
    Payment By Western Union ONLY



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    I`m working on a 2008 Freightliner Columbia that has a dead voltage gauge and a low voltage warning on the instrument cluster. truck runs fine, batteries are good, alternator output is good. 

    This guy had the batteries stolen out of his truck so my first guess is a wire that wasn`t hooked back up correctly BUT I cant find any other wires anywhere near the battery box.

    Does anyone know where the instrument cluster gets its voltage signal from for that gauge? 


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  • 06/21/19--08:59: Buy Steds 8.19 r2
  • Buy Steds 8.19 r2 or new Priv price

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  • 06/21/19--09:19: MAP 3 bar to 4 bar?
  • Hello, I have a VW 2.0TDI CR currently there is a 3 bar map sensor in the diagnosis mode max indication is 2601 is someone who takes the limiter and would pick up the indication in the diagnosis mode to 4bar and did rescale the 3bar sensor (0 281 002 401) on the sensor 4 bar (0 281 006 059)?


    (odczyt cmd)ORG.rar

    91.96 KB

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