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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    I Recently bought a computer with insight SP5 downloaded and an in-line six adapter to help with my field diagnostic problems and tune issues I work Thu recently bought a computer with insight SP5 downloaded and an in-line six adapter to help with my fuel diagnostic problems and tune issues I work Through the problems and have been trying to learn insite but seems I do t have and cal files and limited to things I can’t click on 

    I’m now having turbo problems and need full version and cals 

    Any help would be much appreciated 

    PCid 2E152960

    Thanks in advance

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    Remote install - Spare parts catalog Ford Microcat Europe + North America (USA)

    • Ford Microcat Europe 2019.02
    • Ford Microcat North America 07.2018
    Catalog of spare parts for cars, vans and trucks Ford, produced for the North American market and the European.

    Price - $25 for each program

    [Image: Ford-Microcat-Europe-02.2019.jpg]

    [Image: Ford-Microcat-North-America-07-2018.jpg]

    If you need it write on this thread for asking email.

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  • 06/24/19--13:38: AVDI B class
  • Anyone knows if it possible to activate a transmission module for 2010 B class with original arbrites AVDI ?


    (3 minutes ago)pmercury Wrote: Anyone knows if it possible to activate a transmission module for 2010 B class with original arbrites AVDI ?


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  • 06/24/19--13:41: Consult 3 .dll error
  • help me I have not toug book. how I do run consult 3 (not plus) normal pc .... DLL ERROR ALWAYS

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    Hi! I need change mileage on ECU DELPHI CRD2.16 OM651 -->25LC256 chip.
    Xentry show 432640 km(DPF Mileage Last Succesfull). 
    I need 232 000km. 

    Need clear all mileage from this ECU?


    W212_95c256_ CRD2.16.rar

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  • 06/24/19--14:18: Tune for jeep 2.7 crd
  • Hi guys!! How it is going?

    I need a tune for jeep 2.7 crd, stage 1 if can egr off better.

    HW: 0281011094
    SW: 1037366704

    If somebody could help me could be great

    Thank you so much in advance guys



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  • 06/24/19--14:46: Volvo C70 1998 add key
  • I have volvo C70 with not programed key

    when I check errors in immo it is that the unrecognized transponder
    I open IMMO BOX 9442819 and read eprom 93c56

    I have 2 key when red by zed bul is

    chip pcf7935


    chip pcf7935

    How to paring the key with immo box?



    349 bytes

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    Hi members. 
    The car has these fault codes. No accident.
    With what you suggest to start? 
    Is it possible to disable this system from the car? 
    Thanks for advices.


    IMG_0688 (1).jpg

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    I have a Smart ForTwo w450 0.6 petrol with ecu problems. No starting, plug out all sensors, ecu gives no errors, no crank speed, nothing.
    Decided to replace the ecu and make immo off eventually on the donnor one. The donnor one responds to every sensor but has immo ON.

    Tried to copy the 24c02 microcip contents from one to another, tried to immo off the SH ecu, nothing worked

    ORIGINAL ecu:
    HW: 0261205005
    SW: 1037351625

    EEPROM: 58252 (24c02 family)

    DONNOR ecu:
    EEPROM: 24c02
    updating tomorrow...

    Can someone make immo off please to the SH ecu ?

    I have attached both original ecu and donnor ecu (SH ecu) in case there are some incompatibilities.

    Thank you


    Smart w450 0.6 ecu eeprom.zip

    721 bytes

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  • 06/24/19--15:23: Donor EZS for VITO / VIANO
  • Hi Guys,

    I have a viano with a malfunctioning EZS, I have dismantled the EZS but could someone help me explaine why it isn't possible to find the part number in EPC ?


    Original EZS:

    The EZS numbers I found in EPC are:

    I have found one EZS for 639 chasis on the scrap yard, but the number isn't matching either with the part numbers I found in EPC. Would this be usable for this car?

    Donor EZS:

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  • 06/24/19--15:28: BMW LCM2 on bench
  • Hi,

    i want to diag a LCM2 modul from BMW E39 on bench. I want to power it up for diag to change VIN and KM. For OBD solution there is like PA Soft. I want to use it on bench. Or are there other solutions by eeprom?

    Any Ideas?

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    Someone can help me clean this airbag, fiat 500 52056238 A2C95530206?
    Thank You.



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  • 06/24/19--15:34: airbag dacia
  • Can someone help me with the date crash of this unit.



    dacia crash.rar

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  • 06/24/19--15:40: Calterm Master Tool v1
  • Ever wanted to install and run multiple versions of Calterm on the same machine? Well, now you can!

    This tool named the Calterm Master Tool will let you do just that.

    Post HWID for license. Will be giving FREE to the first 5 people ONLY!

    PM for password.



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    Hi, Skoda II 2006.  They brought me a new scrapyard  Skoda Dashboard with 24c32, Micronas, wants to replace it to his skoda with old green LCD.
    [Image: O9K8cQI.png]

    The "new" used dash part numbers and data is the following:
    [Image: qMGu93w.png]

    [Image: V46YbZC.png]
    1Z0920 8420

    For the moment i got this datas from the 24c32 eeprom :
    [Image: JP0d3BG.png]

    Im not sure about compatibility of this swaps , although i heard people upgrading to Maxidot dashs with colour LCDs.

    So next step would be , extracting pincode from old dash , and then after that what would be the best steps?


    a) Adapt cluster with VCDS. Maybe need ABS coding ? Also need to make new transponders to start the car and use the old remote without touching the remote part ? (just replace with new coded transponders insude the old key shells).

    b) Immo-OFF ECU.+ABS coding with VCDS

    c) Adapt with ODIS although im still new with odis.Would this avoid making new transponders?

    d) Transfer Immo-Data with carprog from old dash to new one ( Pincode,CS,Mac,Config,Status,VIN) ( Although here im not sure about CS lenghs are the same in old and new dash could be a problem) Would this avoid making new transponders?

    Also would need to change KM,but this is not a problem i already tried and can change it.

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  • 06/24/19--16:24: MB C320 EDC17 DPF off
  • Hi,
    It is possible to make DPF off.
    Mercedes EDC17CP01



    787.76 KB

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    Latest version is RENOLINK v1.81 (2019)

    I can activated ORIGINAL license software for RENOLINK.
    First 2 License is free... After 10 License %50 discount.

    Licence is for only 1 adapter (but works on more computers)
    You need to have OBDLink SX USB adapter, ELM 327 v2 chip STN 1100 or ELM327 v3 chip STN 1170 only USB adapters !!!
    We don't sell hardware but we only can guide you where to buy one. 
    Producer/Seller of this adapters:
    For OBDlink-sxUSB Click HERE   

    For ELM V3 STN1170 Click HERE 

    Work also with ELS27 USB (only original adapter) 

    Software Database for Renolink is 2019.
    Clear Crash Airbag 
    Read/write eeprom
    EPS Virginizer
    Keys (news Dacia Duster Docker Logan new)
    Card Laguna 3 / Megane 3 
    TDB (cluster) and much more
    All functions work by OBD connector !!!
    Attention: some people sell cracked software for cheap price . The cracked software dont work with latest updates (Ex : brick ecu airbag, eps dump not ok, and much more problems) !! 
    ( This not cracked exe, i only sell original license file and original bins. )

    The activation is valid for the SN number of your obdlink sx usb adapter or STN ELM adapter, and you can move software to another computer without need again reactivation. Can be used on as many laptops as you desire.
    You pay one time and you can use forever.

    Pm for Price of original Renolink software. 
    Payment accepted : payoneer (via card; fast payment) or Bitcoin
    Software language: English+French (both combinated)
    After payment you will receive email with instructions and software for your adapter.
    For any questions use PM or this thread.
    Follow the thread: I will make promotional prices for mhhauto members And First 2 license is free !!!
    I will offer support only for installation, but all details about installation steps will be send to you via email and its easy to do that.

    Now latest version is RENOLINK v1.81 (2019)



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    179.13 KB



    30.89 KB



    167.25 KB

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  • 06/24/19--15:40: Calterm Master Tool v2
  • Ever wanted to install and run multiple versions of Calterm on the same machine? Well, now you can!

    This tool named the Calterm Master Tool will let you do just that.

    Post HWID for license. Will be giving FREE to the first 5 people ONLY!

    PM for password.



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  • 06/24/19--18:07: IDSS2 VDA Issues
  • Just want to make everyone aware. I ran into an issue with IDSS2 the other day where Isuzu cut off my account for no apparent reason and my software would not boot at all. (I have a paid license for IDSS)

    Apparently, Isuzu has stopped selling 12 month licenses for IDSS and is now only selling 6 month. The crazy part is that they randomly shut my account off with no notice. After I spent a few hours bantering with Isuzus tech support, they uninstall my software and reinstall IDSS2 and get me logged in. Now my DPA5 is not a supported VDA as per Isuzu. After months of using my DPA5 just fine, now all of the sudden, they don't support it. On top of that, the tech support person that I was working with said that I could use a USBlink2 and he opens my runfiles and enables the dropdown to select the USBLink2. Then I ask him, if he could enable the USBLink2 that easily, why couldn't he enable the DPA5 as well? He claimed that it doesn't work the same..... I called bullshit and told him that doesn't even make sense. 

    So long story short, if you are a DG Tech DPA5 user and want to use it with IDSS2, you are shit out of luck!!!! Isuzu is going to stonewall you and force you to buy a USBlink2 or the Isuzu VDA.

    Fortunately, I have a friend who is a software engineer at DG Tech, I sent him everything I went through today including the communications that I had with ISUZU tech support and screen shots of all the programs that he used to enable the use of the USBLink2. He is going to work on cracking into IDSS2 and enabling the use of the DPA5 (hopefully quickly) 

    So if any of you run into this same issue, stay tuned, I will share what I get back from DG Tech to help get anyone else that runs into this back up and working again soon!

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    Does anyone have John Deere 4430 service manual?

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