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  • 07/03/19--02:22: buy programmer
  • good morning to all, I would like to know what programmer I could buy to set up the kilometers on BMW and MERCEDES directly in the obdii, or even on the bench, the important thing is that I make them all.

    which sepete can I take?

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  • 07/03/19--02:47: TCU Boot solution
  • Hello, i kill Audi a6 3.0tdi Gearbox TCU by obd magpro. Now i have to find solution to read direct by boot tcu. Anyone have pinout for this tcu?

    6hp19a HW0260550016 SW4f1910156B



    369.61 KB

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  • 07/03/19--02:58: Peugeot Edc15c2 pin 5p08c3
  • Hi guys, anybody can extract pin code from this dump?
    It's a peugeot expert EDC15C2 3 plugs.

    I can't with my soft.




    326 bytes

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  • 07/03/19--02:59: Volvo Radio Code help
  • Hi,Have anyone can help Volvo Radio Code
    V08160 V1300076


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    please i need to synchronise my new ecu siemens S118245023. P30644188 with immo3 blue eeprom 93C66 the problem is that i lost the original ecu with the key


    93C66-IMMO3 BLUE.rar

    597 bytes



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    Hello everyone, I have audi a6 c6 2.7 132kw year 2005. I need to disable intake manifold flaps.


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    Hi guys, someone with experience could tell me what exactly is the family of this ecu: DCM3.1, DCM3.2AP and with what tool could clone. Try with KTAG impossible error message hardware does not match.
    the car is Ssangyong Kyron 2.0D engine -D20DT 104kw year 2006-



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    237.22 KB



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    Hi. need to read SMART W453 dash FUJITSU MB96f696 with upa usb plz.

    plz help me if u can.


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  • 07/03/19--04:20: Sprinter key code
  • Hi !
    Need to program key for sprinter 
     Thank you



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    Hi , i m opening this thread due to i need know what is the opinon from other tuners for that tool .

    I have it since it produced , but i do not trust it . In my opinon it has some issue with checksum correction to a lot protocol . Let me share some of my issues, BMW 320i-msd80 ecu read/write on bench , i read it ,make it nox off with swiftec solution write back car not start at all , same file correct checksum with winols start and run all fine . Other car-problem MB A45AMG MED17.2.2 ecu using obd option , make id get virtual file make my tune file write it back (super fast almost 40sec) car starts & stops. i restore to ori all fine . i use a friends Dimsport Genius same tune file car starts perfect .  i have some other issues such as dq200 mqb read file on bench, tune file try to write incorect file size error,i even choose actual read file again file size error.Finnaly, i destroyed a cla45 amg tcu getrag VGS2-FDCTG2 after read full read , and try to write tune file after many atempts car lost comunication each time i flash a tune file ,hopefully it restored by writing back full back up. i contact mms helpdesk they told me it might be a checksum correction and they will check it,after some days they come back and send me 2 files for testing . i write first  file car not start -lost comunication but this time i can not restore tcu with full backup read , after some talking i realize that the files they send me was only with map area and i write them to bootloader mode .brand new tcu from MB i replace it offcourse ,mms give me 1 more year subs for free .

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    Hi friends , i have car here Chevrolet Cruze 1.6 16v F16D3/LXT 

    I want to read ECU so someone can modify it for me to remove EGR faults and O2 Faults :

    P0404-00 - Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Open Position Preformance 
    P0037-00 HO2S Heater Controll Circuit Low Voltage Sensor 2

    On ecu i only see that it is a Delphi and MT80.1 , 

    I have Kess V2 and Ktag .

    On Kess V2 - ive tried protocol 306 (OBD) for Simtec 76 - but it gives me error "Error while reading SW number" - using Ksuite v2.47

    I have used Simtec76 on a previous Chevrolet no problems but now i suspect ecu's not the same ...

    Any help would be great !

    [Image: 6dqr1c.png]

    [Image: aazrlk.jpg]

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    I have a mini R53 in my shop at the moment and we are looking to make some mild changes to the map to hopefully get it running a little closer to normal. 

    On reading the file a few weeks ago i noticed that the file would have some changes at the beginning every time the ecu was read out , sometimes there are quite a few changes and sometimes they are closer to each other. Having not been near a mini before i am hesitant to load a file on with these changes taking place. Hoping someone can enlighten me a little on if i should be worrying so much as i cant seem to find any information on this subject on here ( feel free to point me to a thread if i'm being stupid ! ) 

    The car in question Is a JCW variant from 2004 ,  the last 4 reads we made of the car are attached to this thread. Any help would be greatly appreciated, we have the car now mechanically sound so it would be nice to get on top of the tune too

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    2012 Monaco Diplomat Motorhome with Maxxforce 10 (EPA 2010J.  EGR and DPF deleted.

    The engine brake only engages when service brake is pressed.  I did some research and found that this is a programmable setting that needs to be changed.

    Does anyone know where I can get the programming done or if I can do it myself?  I’ve heard that if I go to International they will look at ECM and know that EGR and DPF have been changed and VIN will be “black flagged” and no one will touch it.


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  • 07/03/19--05:33: Hi there...
  • Hi there...name is Frank , been a tech for almost 50 years ..I am retired now but still like to fix friends and family cars... Thank goodness for this site ..helps us do it yourselfers cut threw the big boys scams that put crazy prices on fixing your own car ....there should be a law ...

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  • 07/03/19--05:37: RENAULT MEGANE CARD ISSUE
  • Hi to all friends

    Pls does any one had the same issue before

    Starter goes round and engine does not start

    Pls have alook to the video in attack

    The diag showed no errors

    Immo led power off ok

    so immo is ok

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    Hi guys,

    How are you?

    I need for this car Mini Cooper F55, Year 2015
    chassisnr. 2B16920 , Entry Nav ,West Europe 2019-2 Route Map FSC.

    Any expert can help?

    Thanks in advance!

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    hi i offer all solutions 
    £15 per solution 

    package deal for more than 2 solutions together 

    also offer stage 1 , 2 tuning petrol and diesel

    please pm or contact skype   barry.malone6

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    i have discovery 4 tdv6 2.7 engine,car start but will not accelerate at all,also car has misfire and left cylinders will not operate,only one side .
    i tried to change ecu bust still same problem and also i found problem with altarnator,when i connect altarnator car wont start but when i disconnect altarnator car start and no acceleration and misfire .
    i checked fault with sdd but no fault relating to acceleration and misfire

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    For Sale used in new condition Original Xhorse VVDI PROG VVDI-Prog ECU Programmer 
    Plus:  PCF79XX Adapter, EEPROM Clip Adapter value about $100USD
    all working 100% 

    PayPal or Wire transfer only
    Will post only to PayPal verified address.

    Price $290USD +shipping



    411.82 KB


    422.43 KB

    you can download software to see what it can do it.......

    Download Software here.rar

    146 bytes

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    Hello friends.

    I recently posted a question about a late 1990s / early 2000 1sz gasoline ECU, which unfortunately got no replies.

    As i last resort, i have a friend who lives in a country where small Toyotas are popular, and i asked him to call a Toyota tuning shop with a very good reputation and ask.

    And the answer they gave him was very strange. They said (their words, not mine!):

    “No toyota gasoline ECUs can be modified in ANY way. Its impossible to make any changes to them at all”.

    So basically according to them, no reading or writing is possible.

    That sounds kinda dubious to me. 

    The only way that would be possible is if they used a processor with one-time-writable or hard-wired (actually made with the processor) ROM and no other memory, which i think was not used by ANYBODY after about 1993, and even then it was rare.
    But then i dont know Toyotas.

    So, does anybody know? Surely that cannot be true? 

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