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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 07/06/19--10:33: Bmw MSD80 clone ecm
  • HI trying to clone bmw msd80 ecu tried with kess v2 version 4.47 car now turns over no start vin is now correct for car. Read and write ok but some information must not be transferred over!
    Got k-tag clone  but only v2.25 so msd80 not listed anyone know how to update to version 4.47 which has msd80 listed please or any other way to clone with kit I have

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    Saf-Holland 2012 + Online in VMWare12 Win7-32bit costs 25$

        Size 10GB total, 4GB archive (WinRAR)

    This catalog contains information on axles, couplings, brakes and other equipment of the manufacturer Saf-Holland. User-friendly catalogue and very easy to use.

    To get the data for payment of money and the link with the password for downloading, write to private messages.

    [Image: 0bd271fe7547646eabbc364fbe9f6a4c.jpg]
    [Image: e0102546c1da2c740694643f2e1c325b.jpeg]
    [Image: b2d18b20c32f3e5b488ceccc3c7b08b2.jpeg]
    [Image: 923d13ed84e1dd5c54389c914022405c.jpeg]
    [Image: 200b185878238c6aa21ef781afd503b7.jpeg]
    [Image: 7541c233c16fc77e464125e686255dcb.jpeg]
    [Image: ab709014759d01bce862e5bdb6dafdd9.jpeg]
    [Image: 0a1c7e416901eb55a9748be0161a1909.jpeg]
    [Image: b8acc61244b9e419e0c3f8874f881a9d.jpeg]
    [Image: e6830d0c6607dd448c7674789cd98099.jpeg]

    If you use that VM, remember to click "Thanks" and "Reputation"! )

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    Someone got a good dump of this chip?


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    can someone help me with link for good files service for new car 
    like jlr MEDC17  to desable adblue and mb edc17cp57 ext...
    need with a tested solution
    thank you

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  • 07/06/19--12:08: mercedes hu5s1 maps data
  • hello ,

    can anyone help mercedes hu5s1 maps update ? need maps data

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  • 07/06/19--12:13: Code
  • Hi there,
    I need the code for a radio. Photo attached.

    Thank you



    213.51 KB

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  • 07/06/19--12:16: Door open position for Lishi
  • Hello all,

    I’m keeping records for some car doors in the open position. I think that these records will help you to unlock the doors by using Lishi. 
    Please help us if you post the open position for other cars that are not listed below.

    Door open position

    11 Chrysler 300 open left
    12 Impala open left
    13 chevy cruze open left
    05 ford f150 open right
    13 chevy express 3500 open left
    11 sonata open right
    06 scion tc open right
    07 saturn aura open left
    07 sonata open right
    08 nissan sentra open right
    12 Toyota Yaris open right
    09 ford f150 open left
    06 jeep commander open left
    16 chevy silverado open left
    12 honda civic open right
    00 lexus rx300 open right
    02-06 audi a4 open left
    01 Toyota corolla open right
    17 subaru forester open right

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  • 07/06/19--12:19: write isn on CAS3+
  • Hi mate
    need write isn on cas3+
    ISN DME : CD 4F E2 0F 0D 00 C0 04 ED C0 2E 14 7B F0 01 00
    ref : 9221719


    eeprom cas 9221719.rar

    1.43 KB

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    Short long story.
    Have a Volvo v40 airbag light on. Try to read  the unit by obd with carprog and now the unit is full of faults that can i delete.
    I think carprog shit damage flash or chip.
    So i have second unit, get it from a crashed car and want to clear crash, but how i can read this unit?
    I have xprog 5.5.1 and make conections like xprog sheet but only i get a error
    ...Device id does not match 0x0
    The same thing with the both ecus.
    The processor inside is xc2631-72f infineon
    Somebody please have the xprog good connections for this, without lift pins and all that stuff?
    And YES i put 12V too the unit.

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    looking for Toyota hilux 3.0 D4D 4X4 remap, car has hybrid turbo, front mount inter-cooler, 76mm exhaust, BMC air filter and snorkel. looking for 1.6bar boost. willing to pay.

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    I am selling KTAG 7.020 red PCB 2 LED version, the tool was reworked from a big member on other car forum, only rework was 250€. Never had any problem, tested on few ECUs: BMW EDC16 and EDC17, AUDI EDC17 and some Truck ECUs (Bosch, TRW EMS...)
    PM me for more

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  • 07/06/19--14:30: Immo off Fiat Ducato 2,3 jtd
  • Dear Friends,

    Can someone help me and switch off immo in my Fiat Ducato ?

    Dump to download here:

    thx for support.

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    Hi - Would anyone have the above a2l?


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  • 07/06/19--17:21: Ecu/Immo Dumps
  • Hey guys am a total noob when it comes to this need to be pointed in the right direction. Have a VITO with the start error have no idea what software i need etc etc to dump the files from the car. I understand how to fix it just need some direction on getting the dumps i need. Thanks in advance

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  • 07/06/19--17:58: Chev 4.3 to 5.7 swap
  • so I deceided to use a low mileage 5.7 vortec to swap into my chev with a 4.3, have the complete donor truck, but.... of course there are differences..

    Donor: 1999 chev 2500 4WD 5.7L 4l80e

    Swap Truck: 1996 Chev 1500 2wd 4.3 4l60e

    my issues so far are : the wiring to the heater that goes through the firewall on the passenger side, the donor has a large rectangle plug, the swap truck has 2 smaller plugs with less wires,

    as far as the trans goes they look the same except im told the 2 trans use wires in the plugs in different locations,

    so far I have the donor ecm programmed to the 4l60e with the o2 and egr off so if anyone can chime in if they have done one of these would be really appreciated.

    Pics[Image: 87bfce775eb0c0a37288729ce0c71bd9.jpg][Image: 20b0fb938eddd356d84f592e5eec02ff.jpg][Image: 34dee50942e8749e3720fcd0ab4c7f30.jpg]

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  • 07/06/19--18:19: Multibrand tool? Easydiag?
  • Hello! Could you recommend me an multibrand tool for actual cars?

    I use CDP cars 2014 but it's getting old and i'm getting some new cars that I can't work with...

    I was thinking on Easydiag pack, but I can't find any reliable and reasonable place to buy it, prices have growth a lot last days.

    What do you think? Is easydiag a good choice I should I go with another tool?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I replaced fuel injectors on cylinder 1 and 2.
    First fuel injector code for injection quantities was accepted, but second code is throwing following error: "Invalid value Repeat entry."
    Someone who knows what can cause this error? I checked the code 10 times, I even scanned the QR code with mobile to confirm I don't have typo when I entered the code and I'm 100% sure the code I entered is right code from injector.

    BTW here is the code: FCB1MII and attached is photo of the injector



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  • 07/06/19--19:29: 17 Silverado Mileage
  • Hello
    Can someone please edit this 95320 from 72801kms to 57600kms

    2017 silverado 95320 BCM



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    Hi Guys !!!

    Ive a Sandero II, but Idont have km calculator,

    Someone could change it for me ?? please.

    I need km 43500, 

    Many Tks,




    Sandero II -2017- Dash and ABS.rar

    3.62 KB

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    Someone attempted to tune an N20 MEV1724 dme. Car revs ok in idle but any attempt to drive off results in jerky behaviour. Accelerates to 2000rpm then cuts out and starts accelerating again. Almost as if dme is seeing over-fuelling and cutting out injectors.

    I wouldn't mind getting someone who understands this engine complete the tuning. We want maximum power with stock engine. 88 octane petrol,


    F365216 original flash.zip

    1.36 MB


    F365216 tune 1.zip

    1.36 MB


    F365216 tune 2.zip

    1.36 MB

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