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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 07/08/19--03:07: transporter 2007 error
  • Hi
    need help with find some error in file

    P0546 | Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit High Bank 1 Sensor 1

    somebody can help what adrees have this code error ?

    engine 1.9 diesel vw transporter 2007

    HW : 038906016S 

    SW : 1037384630


    Tap here or file !!!!

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    Nissan NERS 4.03 2019 (J2534 ECU Reprogramming) - Torrent

    Nissan ECU Reprogramming Software (NERS) is Nissan and Infiniti J2534-1 compliant reprogramming and VIN writing software. This software supports reprogrammable Engine and Transmission control unit ECUs from 1999 to current model year vehicles, and 2005 MY and later VIN writing into ECUs, when using a Nissan validated pass-through device. Click the Reprogramming Tab for additional information on reprogramming. This software only provides ECU reprogramming, blank programming and VIN writing capability. It does not provide diagnostic or key programming capability. For information on purchasing a Nissan or Infiniti diagnostic tool.

    [Image: Nissan-NERS-4-03-2019.jpg]

    If you need it - push buttons Rate (Reputation) and Thanks, and write on this thread for asking pass.



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    Hi !

    i have problem witch Octavia EDC 15P 1.9 TDI
    Anybody can chech is it checksum corect ?
    After wright file by mpps, car lose OBD conection and does not start
    I thin it can by chcecksum problem, any body can chceck. Ultimo sais so its ok, but car is last edc 15 and i read so chcecksum can by difrent

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    Hi fellow MHH members,

    I am looking for some help on a car i want to make tuning for.

    Its a Renault Megane GT line 2.0 16v without turbo from 2011 with 140cv.

    On kess or ktag/autotuner i cant find the exact same engine with same horespower.
    But also on some sites it states there can be 2 types of ecu's on this car.
    Siruis 32 and sagem 3000. Both are supported in protocols list in kess.

    Can i just go ahead and select the ecu from protocol list and do this car when i am sure what ecu it is ?

    Kind Regards!!!!

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  • 07/08/19--04:26: Volvo bus B12B oil separator
  • hello to all
    the company that i work have a lot of volvo bus B12B  sample chassis # B12B140538
    does any member know the operation of the oil separator in the air system
    system keep blocking up there is a electrical solenoid on the bottom to purge the system but we cannot confirm if the solenoid is ever activate  "all check was make on the circuit and every thing was ok"

    what are the input and or condition that this solenoid  become active 
    are there any parameter setting that can enable and disable the solenoid

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  • 07/08/19--04:27: ford navi radio code
  • Hi please code 

    815 c7e3f0584 b 2686455

    7 612 330 584

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  • 07/08/19--04:28: IMMO OFF 0261203277
  • Hello to all help to make immo off


    BOSCH 0261203277.rar

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  • 07/08/19--04:33: IMMO OFF 0261203277
  • Hello to all help to make immo off


    BOSCH 0261203277.rar

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    Anybody can help me?  I look for good chip. + 40-50Horse power . 

    Audi Q3 CFFB 2.0tdi


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    Can somebody please, make immo off and calculate checksum for these ecu: 0261S04009
    Read with Ktag Tricore TC1766




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  • 07/08/19--04:56: skoda symphony pin code
  • please help pin code radio skoda symphony SKZAZ8C1309896

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    So im getting this error attached with 12.2018 version.

    BUT when I burrow my friends 05.2018 version, it doesn't get this error.

    The 12.2018 never used to get this error.

    Anyone seen it before? Maybe fixable?



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    Hi guys,
    I have customers with W221 facelift and W204 facelift. 
    1) The customer with W221 face - want to activate DRL + headlamp LED;
    2) The customer with W204 face. want to activate DRL + parking lamp? 

    Is it possible? Thank you

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  • 07/08/19--05:09: 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan IPC
  • Would anynone have the pinout for this cluster? It has 2 connectors on the back. 
    Part number 68055679
    Trying to get it on the bench to program km.

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    Ford fusion Need sync ecu edc16 95160 and dash 9s12  please

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    Anyone used MTX DTC delete on Marelli MJD 603 ecu? Have ecu here that works fine but keeps showing P0100 MAF sensor fault. Definitely ecu as tried another ecu on car.
    I tried the free version of this program but all I get is "general system error" see attached screen shot.
    So just wondering if anyone actually used this free (or genuine version) program on these ecu?

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  • 07/08/19--05:13: immo off
  • Nissan NP300 2.5 D 2012 sh7058 E311U4D T2H2D220D7 immo off кто поможет

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    Hi friends! i have this Peugeot 1.4 with ME 7.4.9 ECU . I attach some cruise control buttons and i change config ok in dash bsi etc. Then i made some config mod in the eeprom ecu that doesn't have cruise control from default and it works! But i have a problem, the speed when i turn on cruise control it's like brute and rough while driving when the speed it's modulated at desired speed. I think that is some map of cruise control regulation that is not programed in flash.

    Can somebody help me to fix this? or post some other dump for 1.4

    i poset this mcu flash and config eeprom.

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    Nissan NP300 2.5 D 2012 sh7058 E311U4D T2H2D220D7 immo off кто поможет

    файлы KESS

    E311U4D T2H2D220D7.rar

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    Need Adblue+DPF off from Volvo excavator EC330E VIA TEAMVIEWER

    I have TECHTOOL 2.7.60 DEVELOPMENT + PTT 1.12 DEVELOPMENT and genuine vocom

    can anyone help ?

    please PM me or  whatsapp +447903779077

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