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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    hello my friends if anyone present on the forum is able to pull the pin code from the mower ??

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  • 07/10/19--13:27: Me 7.5.1 Ibiza 1.4
  • Hello
    The dump is correct ?



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  • 07/10/19--13:51: G12 BMW mileage
  • I want to change mileage on G12. 7 series BMW.
    I need pinout for canfilter on the BDC or the Dash .

    Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk

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    wont turn over no coms ECU,,,,abs etc can connect
    faults codes from bsi

    Multifunction (Body computer (BSI) (Body computer) - Diagnose - MT/AT) DTC Description
    5FF - Unexpected re-initialisation fault coming from the BSI - Not recognized - Permanent
    015 - Communication fault with engine ECU - Not recognized - Permanent
    98A - Front right position lamp - Not recognized - Permanent
    98B - Front left position lamp - Not recognized - Permanent
    98D - Front left dipped headlamp - Not recognized - Permanent
    9A0 - Starter motor relay control circuit - Not recognized - Permanent
    9B7 - Ignition on relay - Short circuit to ground - Permanent
    9B8 - Power latch - Short circuit to ground - Permanent

    any help thanks

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    Hi.  I have 07 Merceds C300 with bad SAM module .got used one from recycle need help with coding  . car no start  

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    i need the solution for All Keys Lost for 2008 HONDA VFR 800 bike.

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    Please, I need this software EFFI 101 modules for mini zed bul. I will certainly thank and click on the reputation

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    Yesterday a client arrived with a Fiat to which the DPF had been removed, but the light of dpf was still on. try to put the patch again with kess v2, but that's the same. Any suggestions or someone who can help me?



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  • 07/10/19--12:02: Kess Problem?
  • hi everyone! , I bought a kess V2 c ** ne for testing which seems to work well and I was able to read and write my ecu sh12 without problems.
    I then found an online remapping service that processed my original file.
    Once the modified file is write to ecu (without any error) the engine starts hiccuping and turns off. If I reload the original file there is no problem.
    Now they tell me that the problem is due to the Kess clone that fails the checksum ...... is it possible?  i think instead that is a bad tune! ....
    thaks for support

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    MBE 4000 Back door password please

    A: 2702312708
    B: 52175

    need Unlock code

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    hi dears
    i have one Mazda CX-5 /2.2 /150ps /2012-2015
    someone know to how many Nm and degrees tighten bolts in dual mass flywheel

    Thanks in advance

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    I have install blank new bendix ec60 alwais error file missing online  to program esp in techtool 
    With a-com bendix. Replacement error vin to flag set to backup and program
     I talk to techtool support  in this case ...  
    did you have any solution ? Or test to program

    Vin    M013603. Mack chu613

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  • 07/10/19--18:01: Tread removed
  • I made a post this afternoon with some screenshots about sum file issues, the customer asked me to tak it down so I asked admin to do it.
    In the end the shop made it right rith the customer out of his pocket, but the tuner like normal hit the yellow brick road.

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    If anyone has link or has available would appreciate Hino 308 2005 Service manual.


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  • 07/10/19--22:22: OM648 Tuning
  • Hello everyone. I have a special project I am working on. OM648 swap into W211 wagon. Here in the states we dont have these, so it will be very fun.
    This donor E320cdi i bought had a Brabus engine cover, so my guess is Brabus tune was flashed. I stole the injectors from it for another E320cdi I have because that one had injectors that someone did a horrible rebuild job on. (guessing) Would like to transfer the tune to the other car for some cheap horsepower.

    I have not gotten a strait answer if i can use C30 AMG injectors in this OM648. Will i need a tune? Easy to do without dyno? E400cdi pump required? OM648 injectors are $320 a piece and I can get the the C30 for $130 each. If i need to spend money I would at least like to bump up power.

    I do not need a lot of power, but a little more than stock would be nice.
    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Hi need egr off Fiat Ducato 3.0 180 Hp 2015. File attached. Nr ecu 0281031351.



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  • 07/10/19--23:09: radio code lexus
  • Hi guys,
    can anyone help me with radio code for lexus ?

    part number: 89120-3A531
    s/n: SH000286

    thx in advance




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  • 07/10/19--23:32: Need help with Kombi coding
  • Hello friend 

    anyone can help me to code Kombi Bmw E87 116i year 2009 ?

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    MERCEDES BENZE + VW ODIS Tools Acronis Image

    I have installed all tools on one machine and shared here in easy to use Acronis Image file.

    Here is a list of software included.
    - XENTRY OPENSHEL 07.2019  or XENTRY PASSTHRU already install vas5054a drive
    - WIS/ARSA 03.2019
    - EPC      12.2018
    - STARFINDER 2016
    - SDmedia 2014
    - vediamo 5.1.0
    OS: Windows 10ProN x64

    *VW TOOL
    - ODIS s 5.1.5
    - ODIS E 9.0.6
    - ELSAWIN VW+AUDI database 2016
    - link to download flashdaten

    OS: Windows 7ulti x64; VCI Vas5054a

    I need some money to buy a desktop to keep all file  availble to download
    Every donate is wellcome
    Here is my paypal
    If you need help, cantact me as below



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    XENTRYopenshell07.2019 WIN10X64_full_b1_s1_v1-2.tib.rar

    364.22 KB


    XENTRYPT07.2019 WIN10X64_full_b1_s1_v1-2.tib.rar

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    Hi Guys

    Please could someone who has the wiring diagram for Perkins 2800 share it with me.

    Thanks in Advance

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