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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 07/11/19--03:31: BMW E36 316i need checksum
  • Hi there guys i need some help making checksum for this file ecu.Car is BMW E36 316i ecu is BOSCH with number 0 261 209 001.I think that it is ME9.2 but not 100% shure.I tryed to make checksum with winols v1.7 not working,winols v2.24 not working and also tryed with ECM titanium not working too.Please if someone can help car is here for second lambda off file is made but we can't make checksum for the car to start(with some of these files car starts but only for once and after that there is no start)


    bmw 316i lamba off.rar

    74.23 KB

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  • 07/11/19--03:36: Opel Motronic1.5.5
  • Hello friends , please help with pin on this ECU Motronic1.5.5 Opel Corsa B1,0 1997.
    Car Prog write pin 0000


    Motronic 1.5.5.rar

    1.04 KB

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  • 07/11/19--03:37: How to do coding with monaco
  • Hello guys!
    I've a mercedes s205 with an original expanded  tow-bar. (done by myself)
    Now it's necessary to activate it.
    I've monaco 8.14 full activated.
    Can someone tell me step by step how to make the coding for this?
    My system is xentry 05/19, win 7, and mux c4.
    Thanks to provide assistance.

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  • 07/11/19--03:44: cas3+ eep damaged
  • hi
    i readed cas3+ 0l15y with smok j tag for reset km and after write back,cas is dead
    no ignition.no lights
    i attach here orig eep readed and flash
    , if someone can check and give me any ideea about how to solve it.

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  • 07/11/19--04:08: DTCs for PTT Volvo
  • Hello,

    Is there a way to see all the available DTCs for a specific vehicle without the product connect? I'm currently using the 2.7.25...

    Also, what are the Database password? Does anyone know?

    Will thanks + rate, PM me thanks!

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  • 07/11/19--04:10: bmw 525 e60 crash data clear
  • hi, i need clear crash data, tryed wit airbag service tool, but no luck, thanks

    pn. 65.776978374-01

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  • 07/11/19--04:12: bmw 525 e60 crash data clear
  • hi, i need clear crash data, tryed wit airbag service tool, but no luck, thanks

    pn. 65.776978374-01



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    Hello I have a problem with GLK x204  2,2 cdi  951 engine cr42.  
    error is P0101 64

    MAF is replaced.  Air  filter is replaced

    adaptations MAf and Air Filter is done

    Error back

    he sees the mass of air in measurement.

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    I Need ecu pinouts for ford focus

    Cane some have?


    Ford focus ECU.rar

    829.84 KB

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    Please how this conversion can be done!!
    Yesterday i was at a workshop , he shows me used mechatronic which have board 0AM927768D, he send to someone who flash it with 0CW sw for golf7 and program car VIN to this unit, so later he fix it in the car and car is working now
    I checked it with vcds and see that it in advanced identification it have 0cw sw and adapted to car vin no.

    Please any idea for how this conversion can be done?

    best regards

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    Can somebody help with clear this crash ?
    XC2361A 56F



    FLASH3 BJ32-14D374AC Crash.rar

    1.82 KB

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    i tried coding with my x431 but it keeps saying error coding file


    thanks in advance for any help



    353 bytes

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    Need Stage 1
    Who can help?



    161.17 KB

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    I will try to make this story as short as possible and would like to get your opinions if anyone knows something i don't

    While welding, my father accidentally connected positve terminal of welder to some loose wires and fried ECU
    It's Sirius 32n ECU from Renault Twingo 1.2. 
    Before that engine run fine without any issues. 
    After we realized what happened, we opened ECU and saw the damage. 
    He got some other Sirius 32n ECUs from scrapyard, and I transfered EEPROM from his fried ECU to new Sirius 32n (different serial sumbers) 
    Before the accident I took memory dump od that same ECU, and after the incident and after EEPROM 'transplatation' I took another memory dump.
    2 dumps are exactly the same, so we can conclude that it wasn't damaged. 
    After assembly the engine started but I noticed that it's not working fine, it's shaking on idle, producing a LOTS of smoke, can't get RPMs and it's unusable
    After that I concluded that 'new' ECU is at fault because it doesn't have same serial numbers.
    We got exactly the same ECU, same serial numbers, every element inside ECU is the same (same manufacturer, same part) and transferred, once more, EEPROM to that ECU.
    Engine again started, but it works bad, same as before. 
    I have some cheap ELM diagnostics and it was reporting lambda sensor fault and idle system malfunction. 
    Since it's possible to connect lambda sensors to either lambda connector, I concluded that maybe lambda 1 is connected to slot 2 and connected it other way. 
    After that I didn't get any error on diagnostics, but the engine is working equally bad as before.
    My conclusion is that when original ECU is fried, something else also fried, but something that ECU can't detect as faulty (because no new errors) 
    What could that be? 
    Does anyone has any suggestions?

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    KIA OPTIMA 2.0gdi  274hp i need ori files ECU SIM2K-240

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  • 07/11/19--05:47: Vw tiguan edc17c46/edc17cp20
  • Hi guys!

    Anyone know if i can read wirte edc17c46 or edc17cp20 with Kess clone 2.23.
    I see Kess support these ecus.


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    Hello friends. I want to give you high quality files with good prices. 
    I'm just developing solutions for Diesel BOSCH Ecus. 
    Most of my files tested and have good results and all safe !
    If you interest Please contact me on PM For price list and contact details.

    Best Regards... 

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    I have a 1.6TDCI with corrupt data (Not able to generate outcode, says 0 keys programmed when 3 are programmed on Tango)

    I have cloned the ecu, but same no start...

    The Car has been messed with by other places, and data in this and dash is corrupt.

    Maybe someone can repair mine? 

    OR need original BDM Ktag please that I can adapt...

    Thanks +1 always ...



    871.93 KB

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    Hi need clear Crash,Seat Ibiza Bosch 6R0 959 655,eeprom 95320.Thx in advance



    1.44 KB

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    I want to delete the John Deere 6150R tractor dpf

    I bought the file elsewhere, but there is a problem with the file.

    If you use the engine for 40 hours, a warning light will be displayed

    Can you solve this problem completely ???

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