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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Good Morning,
    I try original file Renault Master 2.2 DCI EDC15C3

    Thanks for your help Sadsmile

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    [Image: 0COYmwrgsiTh6xbZGop20p9Kxu7m1CN2.jpg]

    This edition of “Service CD” Bosch contains more than 55,000 different spare parts and service information for approximately 27,000 products brands BOSCH – SKIL – DREMEL – ROTOZIP – CST / berger – ATCO – QUALCAST – SUFFOLK PUNCH

    “Service CD” gives you the advantage to save time:

    · Installation on one computer and install the network (set on the server)
    · Direct access to relevant information in the form of pictures or lists of spare parts,
    · Data on the use of spare parts,
    · Special Functions search for quick identification of spare parts,
    · Review of new, addition or deletion of items
    · Flexible choice of 32 languages,
    · Memory function for the individual user that
    · An extensive function of the order, order management comfortable with the archive orders
    · Interface for online transmission of data Order in the extranet Germany
    · simultaneous activation of several parts in the list order
    · Menu listing with various formats of lists of spare parts,
    · A special viewer illustrations for optimal display on the screen
    · Technical documentation
    Service data are constantly exposed to updating and expansion.
    Currently available service information is not worth for all products

    System requirements :
    CPU 2 GHz or higher
    • RAM 512 MB
    ​​• 1.6 GB free hard disk space for program and data directory
    • DVD-ROM
    • Monitor SVGA (1024×768 resolution or higher)

    Name: BOSCH Service Info System
    Version: 2014 version
    Home: http://www.bosch-professional.com
    Interface: multilanguage
    OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven / 8
    Size: 2.5 Gb


    BOSCH Service Info System.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 6 times
    Size: 394 bytes

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    first time poster..

    Has anyone had any luck connecting a subaru forester diesel to autocom/delphi 2013.3 ? i cant find it in the vechile list .. :/ and i need to reset steering wheel angle sensor

    Kind regards

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    hi please help me with dump ori mecedes class E 0281 010 706-28429
    i need it

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    Hurry it's shared on google drive



    SORRY I'll reup soon

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    Hi Everyone
    i would need help with my Vediamo working on a W176 with MED40 ECM.
    My goal was to perform a variant coding of the ECU changing the Vmax parameter, but it does not work.
    The fault i get is "DiagService refused".

    I have read tons of threads here searching for a solution but now I'm more confused than before, cause I don't know now if I have a tool configuration problem, a procedure problem or it depends on me...

    I'm using Vediamo 5.00.5 with a MED40.cbf from 30.01.2014.
    Saw on youtube a video of someone from this forum changing a vmax on a W246 with the same ECU without problems. But it does not work for me....

    Any help is welcome!
    Thank you


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  • 12/23/14--00:04: I need pinout 6K9920840G
  • I need help pinout 6k920840G dash. Seat Inca. I need change miles.

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 0 times
    Size: 1.54 MB

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  • 12/23/14--00:10: bmw dme msd85.1
  • Hi to all,I have a bmw ecu dme msd85.1 5wk93810.I can't read thim by obd,maybe someone know how it read by bdm and write?

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  • 12/23/14--00:41: DAS Addon's
  • DAS Addon's. I have several questions.

    I'm using 12/14 image
    I've check the Starkeycenter and checked version info. It doesn't says it has any addon's in there.

    I then used the DAS Bin fix for partT file from Mercedesssd. When you run DAS, it says it has all sorts of addon's in it. I believe that's because his system had all these addon's not necessarily that mine does.

    Question: How do you really check if it really has Addon's. And are all these addon's needed??


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  • 12/23/14--00:49: 2004 Toyota Alphard
  • Hello,
    Has anyone got any maintenance manuals or user manuals in English for a 2004 Toyota Alphard 3.0ltr,

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  • 12/23/14--01:21: w210 ezs one mcu empty
  • hello to all
    customer brought EZS of w210 with the number 210 545 02 08 who is not working and other EZS in which I need to transfer chips from defective EZS. external chip with a mask 0d69j is ok. internal chip is empty all FF. whether it is possible on the basis of dump from an external chip something calculate the internal chip? I know what goes procedure in such cases, but I do not have the tools for pairing EZS and ECU. I do not have more information on the vehicle until the customer comes for it but I think it was around '97 year. damp from external MCU is here.
    thanks in advance

    mcu1 0d69j ezs rus.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 337 bytes

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    does someone has clear file or can clear please my file.

    Very Thanks in advance

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 1.19 KB

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  • 12/23/14--01:35: icl2 problem
  • hi
    please help. after change battery of scania the lcd of ICL2 (Instrument Cluster 2nd Generation) stop work; how can i solve this problemSadsmile

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  • 12/23/14--01:56: SID801 PIN CODE
  • Need help with PIN-code calculation from Citroen SID801 ECU, BSI dump is corrupt.
    Thanks in advance! Best regards and Merry Christmas for all users! Smile

    SID 801_5WS40025E-T_93C56.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 0 times
    Size: 168 bytes

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  • 12/30/14--12:38: Vediamo MED40 ERROR ODX
  • Hello,
    I have got problem with coding in Vediamo program. When i try to change the VIN number in module I see error (0 Service MED40::[F1A0] VINCurrent_Write failed.MVCIError: 58649: System : Bounderies of intervals overlap at CompuMethod Scale Linear., 54130: No matching TextTable entry found for value "127.000000".) What can be the reason of this problem? What it can be caused by? I own the original SDconnect4 and the original datebase odx MED40 .
    I would like to thank you for your attention and help in advance.
    Best regards,

    Quote:00000a2c Protokoll Start, 30.12.2014 19:08:27
    00000a2c 19:08:27 Server initializing...
    00000a2c 19:08:28 OK
    00000a2c 19:08:38 Available Diagnostic Hardware:
    00000a2c 19:08:38 XXXXXX I+ME ACTIA GmbH SDconnect
    00000a2c 19:08:49 System MED40 is selected
    00000a2c 19:08:49 MED40: Data Rev.02.12.010
    00000a2c 19:08:54 Contact with ECU MED40 established.
    00000a2c 19:09:07 [F1A0] VINCurrent_Read: eALL_POSITIVE
    00000a2c 19:09:07 VIN_Current: WDD1760431J144077
    00000a2c 19:09:31 [F1A0] VINCurrent_Write: eALL_NEGATIVE - 7F2E33
    00000a2c 19:09:31 NRC: Sercurity access denied
    00000a2c 19:09:56 Hard_Reset: eALL_POSITIVE
    00000a2c 19:09:56 ResetType: 01
    00000a2c 19:10:05 ECU MED40:Errors read successfully.
    00000a2c 19:10:31 [F1A0] VINCurrent_Read: eALL_POSITIVE
    00000a2c 19:10:31 VIN_Current: WDD1760431J144077
    00000a2c 19:11:00 EcuPassiveMode_Enable: eALL_NEGATIVE - 7FA011
    00000a2c 19:11:00 SID_RQ_NR: A0
    00000a2c 19:11:00 NRC: Service not supported
    00000a2c 19:11:07 Hard_Reset: eALL_POSITIVE
    00000a2c 19:11:07 ResetType: 01
    00000a2c 19:11:43 [F1A0] VINCurrent_Read: eALL_POSITIVE
    00000a2c 19:11:43 VIN_Current: WDD1760431J144077
    00000a2c 19:12:10 Service MED40::[F1A0] VINCurrent_Write failed.MVCIError: 58649: System : Bounderies of intervals overlap at CompuMethod Scale Linear., 54130: No matching TextTable entry found for value "127.000000".
    00000a2c 19:12:10 [F1A0] VINCurrent_Write: eNEGATIVE - 7F2E7F
    00000a2c 19:12:10 SID_RQ_NR: 2E
    00000a2c 19:12:10 NRC:
    00000a2c 19:12:25 Service MED40::[F1A0] VINCurrent_Write failed.MVCIError: 58649: System : Bounderies of intervals overlap at CompuMethod Scale Linear., 54130: No matching TextTable entry found for value "127.000000".
    00000a2c 19:12:25 [F1A0] VINCurrent_Write: eNEGATIVE - 7F2E7F
    00000a2c 19:12:25 SID_RQ_NR: 2E
    00000a2c 19:12:25 NRC:
    00000a2c 19:12:58 [1001] Explizite_Variantenkodierung_Read: OK
    00000a2c 19:13:02 [1001] Explizite_Variantenkodierung_Read: OK
    00000a2c 19:13:04 [1001] Explizite_Variantenkodierung_Read_Dump: OK
    00000a2c 19:13:13 [1001] HEX_Variantencodierung_Read: OK
    00000a2c 19:13:17 [1001] Implizite_Variantenkodierung_Read: OK
    00000a2c 19:13:49 EcuPassiveMode_Enable: eNEGATIVE - 7FA011
    00000a2c 19:13:49 SID_RQ_NR: A0
    00000a2c 19:13:49 NRC: Service not supported
    00000a2c 19:13:51 EcuPassiveMode_Disable: eALL_NEGATIVE - 7FA011
    00000a2c 19:13:51 SID_RQ_NR: A0
    00000a2c 19:13:51 NRC: Service not supported
    00000a2c Protokoll Ende, 30.12.2014 19:15:04

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    I have a problem with my Xentry 09/2014. I just installed it on my system(dell d630), everything works at it should, but I get an error when I am trying to Program the ECU. I have installed the Brabus Performance Update on one of my Smart Roadster, but I don't have the SCN code for it, so the car runs in safe mode. Meanwhile my hard drive got corrupt and I had to install Xentry again on a new hard drive. Now I want to program the control unit to it's initial state, but I get the error(see attached picture).

    I searched everywhere but apparently I am the only one having this error. Am I doing something wrong? PLEASE HELPSadsmileSadsmile

    File Type: .jpg
    Downloaded: 18 times
    Size: 304.72 KB

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  • 12/30/14--13:05: Cant upload my file
  • Hello i´m new at this Forum and in ECU Tuning.
    I have a problem with vagedcsuite but i can´t upload my file.
    I´ts a 7-zip file.
    which files are the correct files to upload.

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    Hello Xentry experts,

    How you doing?

    I am looking for a hdd image for my Star Compact3 headunit with Xentry 2014.
    Or an other option is welcome as well...

    Now I try to load an image from Dell D630,but without succes

    See screenshots.
    Got error message during the load proces
    and after that when I ignore ,the process stops.

    Can anyone help me with this problem?

    Thanks in advanceHandshake

    Best Regards you all.

    Error message True Image x.jpeg
    File Type: .jpeg
    Downloaded: 5 times
    Size: 15.37 KB

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    this is the disc i got with my lead DIS V57 SSS progman V32 TIS
    its here for anyone who has lost their disc or it has got damaged
    dont forget thanks and rep

    DIS V57 SSS v32 auto installer vmware.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 13 times
    Size: 73 bytes

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  • 12/30/14--13:16: VAGEDCSUITE Problem
  • Hello, my problem is i can´t save my new changes.
    Yesterday i changed some things.
    Today i want to go on. but i can´t save the changes.
    Please let me know where is my mistake.

    Bruno Golf4 ajm-EGR-OFF-Stage1.zip
    File Type: .zip
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 144.33 KB

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