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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    I need help immo off for Renault Traffic 1.9 100Hp Edc15C2 ecu.... Flash File from kess at the attachment.

    HW: 0281011759
    SW: 1037369846
    VIN nr.:
    SW ver.:
    HW Ver.:
    SW upg.: 1037369846



    150.49 KB

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  • 07/31/19--08:09: Looking for edc17c42 90 hp
  • I search one file of clio 4 1.5 90 hp
    Any software number will good

    Thanks and appreciate will released

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    hello friends i need to clear the crash error of this switch with xc2336a-56 infineon processor, read with xprog box, file in question attached, please someone help me thanks.


    arquivo new fiesta orginal com batida d3bt-14b321-ae.rar

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  • 07/31/19--08:23: C5 stage1
  • Hello please help me Stage1 for the Citroen C5 1.6HDI 110cv, thanks.



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  • 07/31/19--08:24: '12 Audi Q7 3.0TDI AdBlue
  • Need help to reset  AdBlue system. New SCR injector, new cat.conv., both new NOx sensors installed. 40 miles left. Can't get rid of codes:
    P20F4 - NOx reductant consumption too low
    P207F - Reductant quality performance.
    Can't be cleared at all. 
    Even with factory tool through guided diagnostic after bunch of tests in the end it says aborted.
    With Ross-tech "Resetting learning value for reduction agent metering system" says function finished, system NOT ok.
    Any specific steps? Thank you.

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  • 07/31/19--08:25: Pin immo
  • Pin immo please
    Peugeot 407
    Bsi simens 9655221080
    Eeprom 95256

    Dump eeprom
    Pin please

    original 407 sequeira 02-nr-81.rar

    5.48 KB

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  • 07/31/19--08:31: Agility 722.9
  • Hello dear canoes of the forum.

    Here is a variant coding vgsnag2 on which Agility is available.

    car w204 vin 2040481A ===

    The usual copying of the string and transfer to E class w212 did nothing but disable the ability to switch between modes E and S

    All this is laid out here for those who want to understand how to do it for themselves. I hope it will help someone or give directions to "dig"


    vgs agy.html

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    Please help with this radio code from freescale eeprom MC9S12dj256b serial of the radio is T00AM3064C0099



    502 bytes

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    Please help with this radio code from freescale eeprom MC9S12dj256b serial of the radio is T00AM3064C0099



    502 bytes

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    Hi all. 

    I have a mini r55 2009 here and which I can't read with my kess clone.
    I can ID it just fine, but if I read it, I get an checksum error and another critical error while doing so. Same issue with the peugeot thp series med17. 4, not the med17. 2

    Its a China clone with fw 5.017 and ksuite 2.47 and 2.23.
    Interface never gave me any issues. But don't use it as much since I have some genuine tools. 
    Wondering if its a general clone issue, or maybe just mine. 

    Anyone have insight on this?

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  • 07/31/19--09:38: Looking for tactrix ori tool
  • Write pm if you have one to sale

    Skickat från min SM-G950F via Tapatalk

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  • 07/31/19--10:11: GM Limp Mode H02S Drop
  • Hello all. I have a 2017 Chevy E350 Cutaway with a 6.0. It came to me after the in-house shop could not solve a recurring P2101 code. Parts they replaced thus far: MAF, ECM, & Electronic Throttle Body. All parts were dealer sourced. When the truck came to me it was running perfectly fine, but after 30 minutes or so of driving it went into limp mode with the P2101 code. Freeze Frame records in GDS2 don't reveal much, but comparing a snapshot of live data between a healthy running motor & the limp mode reveals all four O2 sensors voltages dropping to zero and remaining there (sitting at 0mV). Is that a normal function of limp mode or could this be a potential source for the P2101? I can post the live data snaps if that would help.

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    can any one get the pincode or the chassis number by the ecu file?
    or can I get it anywhere else from the car?
    all the modules came from junk yard. So I need the vin or pincode.

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  • 07/31/19--10:31: Virginise IC213 LCD
  • Hello my friends,

    Do you know anything about making IC213 LCD Screen virgin? Or Is that possible to remove SSID from eeprom without disassembling eeprom?


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    Hellow I need immo off solution for kia picanto 2008
    ecu engine: KEFICO 39100-02FC0,9030933023A2
    EEPROM 95160 + ST   

    thank you


    kefico 39110-02fc0 kia picanto.rar

    553.23 KB

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    consult 3 SPX COMPUTER Registration ERROR code pls ! [Image: lQWkdJ]



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    I need to make immo off an ecu from a Saab 9-3 2000 model, trionic t7.7 but I see this is not possible with common equipment.....

    Any advice please?

    It's possible to read processor? (Flash is the easy part)

    Thank you....

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  • 07/31/19--11:04: ford travel pilot code
  • i need code for a ford travel pilot number is 815 C7E3F0731 A 1515229    7 612 330 731

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    Can someone clear crash from my file?
    Bosch 0 285 013 135
    FJ5T 14B321 AB
    Memory: 95640

    Thanks in advance....


    0285013135 fj5t 14b321 ab crash.zip

    2.58 KB

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    hello mates! fvdi kill again! 

    Functional Plan NO: 9664058780
    Manufactur: Johnson Control
    Functional product NO:9664059080
    Software Index: 05.01
    Softweare Edition: 06.43
    Softweare Signature: EC.1F
    Software Reference:9666697080

    JCI_BSI_EC.1F needed please

    thanks in advance, best regards from Spain

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