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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 08/02/19--21:02: Holden Commodore 2005 odo
  • Hi can someone help me with this odo correction. Photo of dash attached.

    Chip ST 95160WQ

    Original mileage 225,227km

    Need to correct as 159,xxxkm

    Read dump also attached.




    130.36 KB


    holden commodore 2005 95160chip (225,227km).rar

    603 bytes

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  • 08/02/19--22:15: Ford Tranzit 2.4tddi-egr off
  • it is a van Tranzit 2.4(TDDI)-vp44 pomp
    there is a problem with EGR error code P0404.P0409.Emergency mode and preheat lamp blink

    please help remove EGR
    tested over 10 files egr off and the lamp always blinks


    tranzit 2.4(tddi)ori.rar

    67.92 KB

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    Hi guys,

    Anyone know maybe about some replacement part for my DSG?
    HW: 02E927770AD
    VW Touran 1.4l TSI. 

    Can i use 02E927770AE? Or some another?

    Let me know, please.


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  • 08/02/19--23:29: Knowledge Base FREE For All
  • Hello Everyone 

    I want to share with everyone my Knowledge Base it includes service manuals, wiring diagrams, DTC troubleshoot and more. For almost all heavy duty trucks, engines and transmissions. I attach some pictures of what the folders look like. Some only have wiring diagrams or DTC Solution but there is a lot of valuable information. I hope this will be helpful for you guys. 

    Rep + Thanks= Pass 
    Pass in PM only



    178.94 KB



    261.08 KB



    222.46 KB



    221.42 KB



    154 bytes

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  • 08/02/19--23:42: heather FH4
  • Hello! How to disable or remove the message that the heater needs maintenance? . and how to make the heater not restart after starting the engine
    volvo FH4 2017
    thank you in advance

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  • 08/02/19--23:47: Mercedes eis programmer
  • .jpeg

    images (10).jpeg

    22.11 KB
    Hello friends

    Was asking which is the best tool to read and program eis to key for mercedes nec 

    Thanks hopefully it will work with cars and trucks

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    I would like to clone a ME7.3.1 ECU, and copy the map and car information.

    The map with a FGtech Galletto, and the EEPROM with a ordinary VAG KKL cable and ME7 EEPROM tool.

    The problem is when I start up this ECU with everything connected the voltage drops to 0 it looks like a short.

    I use a 12v, 1.5 amp good power supply, I attached a picture with the way I connected it.     

    The ECU that I want to read is edited by a tuning company, is it possible that there is a read protection or is 1.5 amps at 12v not enough?

    I did read a stock ME7.3.1 ECU without a problemso the method have to be right.


    How to connect me7.3.1.JPG

    187.34 KB

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    Hi to all
    recently instal DEPLOYABLE SIDE STEP on L405 and i need help to codet in vehicle can u please help me whit this
    got SSD ready can connect TM
    Please let me now , best is if u done and now how to do properly

    Please contact me on whatsupp 00447737862086
    or skype  Ramasxe

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    I am not able to find the driver to modify my car map.
    Please help who has it:

    2012 focus, 95hp, Sid807evo.
    Original flash attached.

    I got a good tune for power from a member here, but has many issues when pulling from stand and when morning start up(pre detonation knock, no torque almost stall when press accelerator at low rpm). Put original file, all perfect, but no extra power after 2000rpm like the tune.
    Asking this file, so I can do better to smooth and delay the power gain.


    my focus flash.zip

    1,011.59 KB

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    ¡Hola amigos!
    Ayer estaba haciendo un audi a5 con edc17cp44.

    La escritura era correcta, pero el auto ahora arranca y después de 5-8 segundos se apaga.

    VCDS no muestra errores.

    Autotuner no me permite cargar el archivo original, ni desde su base de datos, ni desde mi lectura virtual.

    ¿Dónde está el problema?
    El soporte del autoajuste está de vacaciones y necesito una solución.

    Pago por la solución.
    Lectura adjunta bdm después de

    la lectura virtual y el archivo de reasignación

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  • 08/03/19--00:29: audi s3
  • i want ori file from this audi s3 2009 

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    Hi. Can you hrlp me. J need 196320km in ecu  Iaw5sf3
    Thank you


    iaw5sf3 -org.rar

    226.09 KB

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    Hi dear member, i need some help.. i cant remove from this ecu flap function.. some help? 
    error : p0638 DF226


    Suzuki grand vitara ori.rar

    52.79 KB

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    I fitt to my glc Leather Seats with Vents and I can't find where add this option with vediamo or xentry 
    Who can help me????



    370.82 KB

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    Can anyone help me with wiring diagram for rear o2 sensor?


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    Does someone has virgin solution for Renault Scenic 1.9dci 2004 EDC16C3? eeprom is 2kb big



    scenic eeprom org.rar

    553 bytes

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    I need your help and hope to get some kind answers.

    I'm looking for an installation package for Xentry 03/2014 and Xentry 09/2014. I should get the installation packages from these two softwares that are really easy and simple to install. I want packages of these softwares that don't have to do much to make them work. I want these to work very easily.

    In addition, I need a similar installation package for Vediamo software. I also want this to be an installation package that has everything as ready as possible without having to do a lot of work myself.

    I have a Dell D630 that my software needs to be compatible with.

    If you know of such installation packages, then I want them to link to this thread I started.

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  • 08/03/19--02:31: Opel insignia 2013r 2.0dt
  • Hello. I am looking for a diagram of the motor's electrical installation for this vehicle. I have a short circuit on the 5v line. Can anyone help me ?

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    Can someone Remove rear lambda / cat monitoring and DTCs (P0136, P0137, P0138, P0139, P013A, P013B, P013C, P013D, P013E, P013F, P0140... lambda/cat related errors), please
    Thank you in advance.



    116.19 KB

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    Hi all May someone please remove 2 dtc for me 
    Ducato 2.3JTD Marelli MJ8F3HW00D sw 2442B151
    Thanks in advance if anyone can help 



    655 KB

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