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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 08/05/19--10:50: LAND ROVER IMMO QUESTION
  • Hi to all friends

    How are you?

    Pls dear friends

    Is this the immo section in land rover ?

    I mean if i read the mcu will i turn immo off in this kind of car just to read this?

    Does anyone of you dear friends have ty to read thsi MCU with original car prog

    Thank you very much



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    Hello friends, is anybody who have problem with battery module in Audi A4 B9.. There is two battery (big and small) in small baterry have fault P1609 - crash... In Basic setings is option to reset but I need security access code.. 

    Thanks for help..

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  • 08/05/19--11:15: jeep
  • Hello colleagues, I have in my workshop a jeep cherokee of 2005 engine code 99b where I entered due to failure of the alternator that no longer loaded but after several attempts to repair the same and many failures we decided to put a new one but we always have a problem and that is :
    The alternator is perfectly charged but the battery light in the instrument panel is always on.
    Can you hel\\\\\\p me? Have you ever had one?

    Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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  • 08/05/19--11:15: BMW DME MSD81.2 coding
  • Hi, I have got to repair E88 1.20 170PS automatic. Car is water demage and ECU is broken, it is Continental 7621178, DME MSD81.2 5WK94901. It is not possible to read flash or eeprom. Tricore TC1796. If will buy other used from other car how syncronize to my car or make immo off? Other modules are copied now....CAS working, ESL working, dash working. It's my first BMW and I need advice,please

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  • 08/05/19--11:21: need pin bsi peugeot 407
  • hello mates, need pin from my dump bsi, 95128 jc bsi peugeot 407 2009

    thanks in advance



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    Hi to all. I need help to clear crash from airbag Renault Master III 2015y.
    Sensor Autoliv 611136500
    Memory 95640 (S25A64).
    Pls only tested solutions. Thanks and regards.

    Sorry. I forgot add file


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  • 08/05/19--12:55: MB 838 Ca 500 manual
  • Hello
    If someone can help with the documentation of repairs to the engine.

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  • 08/05/19--13:02: 2012 honda insight alarm
  • Hey guys, have a car here where customer said he left the light on and it killed the battery- once we put a new battery in the alarm won't stop going off? Any ideas what is going on? not too familiar with this system. I unplugged hood latch sensor and the alarm did go off. with a new battery the next day the car still won't start- Any leads?

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    hi: any experienced Paccar techs out there? Because I’m not. Lol
    I have this 2013 mx13 paccar that has 10-15second crank time before it starts.
    You can cycle ignition off after running for a bit and immediately try starting and it still takes 10-15seconds to fire up.
    Driver said truck runs fine after start up.
    At idle I have approx 38psi reading on supply and 9000 on rail pressure, and quickly jumps to 18-20k psi on throttle snap
    The supply pressure drops to 1psi within 10 seconds of shutting the engine off, then only reads about 6psi during extended crank, as engine picks up speed right before starting, the supply side jump to 15psi but it takes at least 10 seconds to build from 4psi to above 7pso before leveling off at 38-40psi at idle.
     No relevant codes to use at this point
    But when I unplugged the rail pressure regulator, the trucks starts up within 4-5 seconds of cranking and rail shows only 6k psi with regulator unplugged.
    Gonna replace the regulator and high pressure sensor, but I’m leaning to supply fuel pump maybe weak.
    Thanks for any input

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  • 08/05/19--13:29: Key programming tool
  • Can somone advise me on witch tool to use for eu cars, Reading about obdstar x300 dp and xtool x100pad2 some good, more baad.. What can be recomended for moste eu cars key programming and km adjustment? Could of course buy other tool if recomended..

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  • 08/05/19--13:52: Sa code change for truck
  • Hello anyone can do sa code change for actros mp4 truck

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    Hi dear
    I have Volvo v40 2013 diesel all keys lost with semi smart key
    I try to disconnect the CEM behind the glove box but the KVM not found on the trunk just find a little box
    Any one can help please
    Thanks[Image: 399bc6ec6c26fdeeb24d19a065f027c4.jpg][Image: a6e8dc59310d2dbe5fdd9e91208468f9.jpg][Image: e61ec72f8e2dedb40bd84531875f2a2b.jpg][Image: 97383b9f76df0ce1c43ee348473c3b02.jpg][Image: d0c4dd0f31f2433aa54b7fa3b9fab890.jpg][Image: e149bddef86c07e66722cca4c96fd490.jpg]

    Sent from my BV9600Pro using Tapatalk

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    ecu lost synchro with dash.
    please help resync them.
    (dash=visteon 4M5F; ecu=sid202)


    dash and ecu ORI.rar

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  • 08/05/19--14:43: Need help code Lancia
  • Anyone can help me find code for This rádio please

    Thanks[Image: 450bcef801240c8393cf9f6faac2e121.jpg]

    Enviado do meu ANE-LX1 através do Tapatalk

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    Transit mk7 2.2 MY2012
    I keep getting a high soot error bank 1 at 120% and regen does not finish.
    I can reset the learned values but after approx. 50-60 miles the error comes back.
    I have done the following
    removed and checked wiring loom, bled fuel system to vaporiser valve, checked all resistance in temp sensors all ok, resistance of vaporiser glow plug is 1 ohm, all voltages at temp sensors is 5v, pressure switch voltage 5v but centre pin also shows 5v unplugged, but if unplugged throws error, all flex tubes to pressure sensors good, dpf is clear (inspected with camera) all fuses for vaporiser are good.
    I have wiring diagram but it does not show voltages so any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.

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  • 08/05/19--15:01: B&C Consulting Database
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  • 08/05/19--16:37: Ptt apci update
  • so paid sombody to install ptt for me.

    wanna update apci. 

    get this error. 

    can anybody help ?


    apci update error.png

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    techtool info.png

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    Hello all,

    after i have read the EDC17C19 with my ktag 7.020, i have made egr off and dpf off , then have write the new file with the tool; result: car doesn't start, and ecu doesn't communicate in diagnose or through kess.

    Second time i have write same file with DIMSPORT trasdata and i have made checksum by dimsport that made RSA CALCULATION, after this car start for 30 seconds and switch off again.

    If i write the ori files flash+e2p car doesn't start and show immo led in cluster.

    Can you help me? 

    I have match my file with other and i think that the read is good.

    Why immo led limp on?

    Somebody have any idea for solve this?

    I can pay :-((

    Thanks in advance
    My files is Backup_1037506532.rar



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  • 08/05/19--16:59: U150487 radar sensor 8
  • Hey I have a 2013 ML350 with error U150487 radar sensor 8 comms issue. Is this the right rear directly behind the face of the rear bumper sensor? I can't find any place that explains which sensor is which number. 

    Thanks for any help

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  • 08/05/19--17:21: 2000 f250 powerstroke FSM
  • Looking to see if anybody may have a copy bbn of 2000 f250 7.3 powerstoke field service manual thanks in advance.

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