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  • 08/06/19--13:48: Need kess fw 4.036
  • Hello!

    Im in big need for fw 4.036 and sd files.

    Im in realy big hurry for this files so if someone can share fast im wery happy Smile

    I replyed some pass files but i did not yet had reply.


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  • 08/06/19--14:50: Introduce yourself
  • Hi, have heard great things about this forum. Happy to be apart of it.
    I am an Auto Electrician from Western Australia

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    hi friends I changed pcf 7946at on fiat panda 2014 remote control delphi performing the precoding with tmpro which then once precoded I had to adapt on fiat panda with multiecuscan.
    the key works correctly but the battery is immediately discharged and after a few days it doesn't work anymore, has anyone already done something for this?

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    KOMATSU CSS 2014


    If you need it, press the Rate (Reputation) and Thank you buttons, and write me to ask for a pass.


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  • 08/06/19--15:23: new key smart 454
  • hi friends, I have a client who wants to add a key with a remote control on smart454 after he has lost one. can someone help me on how to do this? thank you

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  • 08/06/19--15:57: W169 (cvt) Ecu Diesel swap
  • I destroyed edc16c32 ecu of benz a180 with cvt trasmission.

    Then I found a compatible used ECU of a w245.

    I renew used ecu with cgdi mb and I tried to do the adapting procedure with Vediamo.

    now I can start the car but I have a coding error.

    Ecu Diesel : p2217 dtc present in cvt ecu trasmissione 

    Ecu trasmission cvt:  0610 plausibility of ecu Diesel coding and ecu trasmission coding

    can someone help me?

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    Maybe someone has a dump on this ecu?
    Ford Mondeo MK4 2.5 Turbo

    HW: 6G9N-12B684-BA
    SW: 6G9N-12A650-PK
    SW ver.: 6G9N-12A650-PK
    HW Ver.: 6G9N-14C204-BK 
    SW upg.: BUP020DF00F0TMAC

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    Hello all ,

    I have a couple questions if anyone is awesome enough to help me out ;

    Firstly , if your familiar with ddct, when you are plugged in and running the truck you can start 'cal on the fly', my question is regarding this. Is there a device, or a device I could build , or certain programming features to be able to boot the truck into cal on the fly mode when you wish, with a preloaded parameter you can change on the fly of course. But do so without having to plug the laptop into the obd. I will literally pay for help on this topic. 

    My second question being ;
    I have seen alot of places online about 3 horsepower settings available on a switch and interchangeable on the 'fly'. One device obviously as we all know the bullydog , but I've seen diesel control offer it with a switch pack.
    My question being, is this just the rating switch wires that are already in the dash board, if I connect those to a switch with a ground and when I create a new calibration setup for ratings on a switch , that will be how it functions between rating 0/1/2. Thanks in advance for help on this topic.

    Your all legends I greatly appreciate your help as an owner driver with everything you have all helped me with. Any info on the above is greatly appreciated. Thanks 


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  • 08/06/19--17:26: Setup Drivers for DiagBox
  • Dear Members.

    Here is the important software Setup Drivers for DiagBox

    Please use Winrar to EXTRACT FILES

    Thanks + Rep + PM to get password winrar.

    Setup Drivers DiagBox.rar



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    Dear Members.

    Here is the important software Photoshop Portable english 117mb

    No need key, No need activation.

    Thanks + Rep + PM to get password winrar.


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  • 08/06/19--18:47: DAVIE 4 Installation LIC Reg
  • Hello guys, I have a ePortal paccar account, downloaded DAVIE4 from the downloads section to install on my second computer.
    clicked installed and input my credentials and the installation starts and certificate is created.
    halfway through it is asking me for a License registration that was sent to my email, no email is found in inbox.
    can any of you help out? thanks.


    pacar install.PNG

    4.98 KB

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    Hi i need a good and efficient vag group ecu file tuner

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  • 08/06/19--19:51: Maxxforce 7 crank no start
  • Got a 2010 maxxforce 7 crank good no start 

    Was running good and then parked 

    Things I see: 

    Rail pressure desired and actual when cranking read about 4700 psi 

    Oil pressure comes up 

    No codes 

    Rpm only goes to 125 and its definitely cranking faster than that 

    Some firing type noise from engine but never a partial fire situation that increases rpm it's just the starter 

    Unplug crank sensor and there is no code

    Is the 125 rpm just normal and it doesnt use low engine speed for activating ?

    I see fpcv goes to 30% and Pw shows a hz figure from 0 once cranking 

    Any tips?

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    Hello Respected Members,

    I was going to attempt to get a "Road24h" network configured in Windows 10 Enterprise 1903 x64 with an Intel AC 8260 WiFi card, and so far have not been able to make the SDConnect establish a device-to-device connection using the Mobile Hotspot feature, configuring Hosted Network in netsh, or been able to install legacy Intel legacy PROSet drivers to make the Ad-Hoc network appear.  I have read that one must manually create it and not to connect automatically as well as install Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 WiFi drivers to get Ad-Hoc functionality to return.  So far I have had no success.

    Here is the output of the WiFi card's driver capabilities. Do note that if I run a native installation of Windows 7 x64 Enterprise, Ad-Hoc is functional and show it is supported with the same command.

    netsh wlan>show wirelesscapabilities

    Wireless System Capabilities
        Number of antennas connected to the 802.11 radio (value not available)

        Max number of channels the device can operate on, simultaneously (value not available)

        Co-existence Support                        : Unknown

    Wireless Device Capabilities

    Interface name: Wi-Fi

        WDI Version (Windows)                      :

        WDI Version (IHV)                          :

        Firmware Version                            : 24.46

        Station                                    : Supported

        Soft AP                                    : Not supported

        Network monitor mode                        : Not supported

        Wi-Fi Direct Device                        : Supported

        Wi-Fi Direct GO                            : Supported

        Wi-Fi Direct Client                        : Supported

        Protected Management Frames                : Supported

        DOT11k neighbor report                      : Supported

        ANQP Service Information Discovery          : Supported

        Action Frame                                : Supported

        Diversity Antenna                          : Supported

        IBSS                                        : Not Supported

        Promiscuous Mode                            : Not Supported

        P2P Device Discovery                        : Supported

        P2P Service Name Discovery                  : Supported

        P2P Service Info Discovery                  : Not Supported

        P2P Background Discovery                    : Supported

        P2P GO on 5 GHz                            : Supported

        ASP 2.0 Service Name Discovery              : Not Supported

        ASP 2.0 Service Information Discovery      : Not Supported

        IP Docking Capable                          : Not Supported

        FIPS                                        : Supported

        Instant Connect                            : Supported

        Dx Standby NLO                              : Supported

        Extended Channel Switch Announcement        : Supported

        Function Level Reset                        : Supported

        Platform Level Reset                        : Supported

        Bus Level Reset                            : Supported

        MAC Randomization                          : Supported

        Fast Transition                            : Supported

        MU-MIMO                                    : Not Supported

        Miracast Sink                              : Supported

        BSS Transition (802.11v)                    : Supported

        IHV Extensibility Module Configured        : Supported

        SAE Authentication                          : Not Supported

        FTM as Initiator                          : Not Supported

        MBO Support                                : Not Supported

        Number of Tx Spatial Streams                : 2

        Number of Rx Spatial Streams                : 2

        Number of Concurrent Channels Supported    : 0

        P2P GO ports count                          : 1

        P2P Clients Port Count                      : 1

        P2P Max Mobile AP Clients                  : 10

        Max ANQP Service Advertisements Supported  : 0

        Co-existence Support                        : Wi-Fi performance is maintained

    netsh wlan>

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  • 08/06/19--20:33: Need Opel Vectra C PIN
  • Can anyone read out pin from CIM dump 93C76


    Opel Vectra C CIM.zip

    759 bytes

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    What soft works for 2012 Mitsubishi Fuso and to delete my dpf code.?

    and also what program can I use to program the injection to the ECU on a International Prestar?

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    Hallo, can someone help me for ARD and DPF off on C7R088** engine?
    Machine is 962K T6A.

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  • 08/06/19--22:06: fiat 500 x
  • hi all I need to get the pin code of the body of the 500 x



    228 bytes

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  • 08/06/19--22:44: Hallo
  • Hi a saab owner from Sweden here who joined here because there seems to be a lot of knowledge here

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  • 08/06/19--22:53: PIWIS 2
  • Has anyone had any good experience in buying a Chinese PIWIS 2 setup?  If yes, who was the supplier?

    Thank you in advance.

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