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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 08/14/19--05:43: Audi BMM EDC16C34 immo off
  • Hi, 
    I have problem with swapped EDC16C34 to A4 B7 (ori EDC16C31). I tried immo off in Immo Universal Dec and i have eeprom error DTC and camshaft senesor DTC.
    Do you have a proven solution for this driver (U34)? I attach my immo off file and the original. I can pay for the solution.


    BMM EDC16U34 files.zip

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    XENTRY Diagnostics OpenShell ( 09-10-11/2019 ) - VERY SOON

    uploading in process

    - System need Special Secure Solution for SCN Account not to Blocked !!!
    ( Daimler Server checking your HWID + Key + System Info if it is not original than SCN account will be Banned on Daimler Server )

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  • 08/14/19--05:48: V70 140HP 2.4 2006 DENSO LG2
  • Any tips or tricks for easiest read and write on DENSO LG2 ecu for this V70 140HP 2.4 20V 2006? Using KTAG.
    I don't want to messup this ECU with lots of soldering on chip. I can make one soldering on backside of ECU (bridge) if needed, but not more than that.

    Is there any custom made pin adapter for this one maybe? Or very small "bootpins" available?

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  • 08/14/19--05:52: clio 1.9d immo off
  • Hello, can someone help with immo off clio 2, ecu 0 281 010 501, two plug, eprom 24c04. thanks



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  • 08/14/19--06:27: EDC16C36 Movano dtc help
  • Please could someone delete the following dtcs from the attached file from  2.5 CDTI MOVANO
    I have tried with mtx dtc remover it finds and disables the codes but the light remains and when scanned the codes are still present.



    EDC16C36 MOVANO.rar

    58.3 KB

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  • 08/14/19--07:05: 2.0 TDI BMM 8v PD no power
  • Hi
    I did head gasket replacement to this skoda 2.0 tdi bmm
    Replaced timing belt and water pump
    Replaced injector orings 
    Cleaned egr

    Car starts very fast, no smoke, exhaust smells like unburnt fuel, engine sounds right, turbo actuator works, n75 OK, map and maf OK, turbo sounds right,injectors deviation +0.2 max cyl 2, builds boost very slow but it does reach requested pressure. Car has no torque kick feels like 100hp at most.

    No error codes. 

    Max soi is 16° and max duration is 26° which makes eoi around 10 which is a lot
    Any ideas?

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    Hello guys,

    Maybe some one have SCANIA EMS S8 SW 2642106 original file?

    Thanks in advance

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  • 08/14/19--07:19: tiguan fault
  • hi hope someone can help , 2018 tiguan got 2 faults codes was wondering if anyone can advise or fix via teamveiw

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    Infineon TriCore TC22xx/TC23xx EEPROM CAN Programmer
    Activation for CarProTool Programmer


    Ford  2018+ EEPROM Read/Write by CAN
    Mazda 2018+ EEPROM Read/Write by CAN

    AirBag modules details:

    Mazda GBEF-57K30A Tricore TC23xx-16F
    Mazda GBFT-57K30A Tricore TC23xx-16F

    Ford Ecosport GN15 14B321 CF Tricore TC22xx-16F
    Ford Ecosport GN15 14B321 GG Tricore TC22xx-16F
    Ford Ecosport GN15 14B321 LC Tricore TC22xx-16F
    Ford Fiesta H1BT 14B321 AF Tricore TC22xx-16F
    Ford Fiesta H1BT 14B321 AG Tricore TC22xx-16F
    Ford Fiesta H1BT 14B321 AH Tricore TC22xx-16F
    Ford Fiesta H1BT 14B321 BB Tricore TC22xx-16F
    Ford Transit J7BT 14B321 AB Tricore TC22xx-16F
    Ford Transit JK2T 14B321 AF Tricore TC22xx-16F
    Ford Transit JK2T 14B321 AG Tricore TC22xx-16F
    Ford Transit JK2T 14B321 AJ Tricore TC22xx-16F
    Ford Transit JK2T 14B321 BG Tricore TC22xx-16F
    Ford Expedition JL1T 14B321 BA Tricore TC22xx-16F
    Ford Fusion JL1T 14B321 BB Tricore TC22xx-16F
    Ford Fusion JL1T 14B321 CA Tricore TC22xx-16F
    Ford Fusion JL1T 14B321 BA Tricore TC22xx-16F



    [Image: mini%20CPT%20Can%20Adapter.jpg][Image: mini_CPT%20CAN%20AD_PBB.jpg]
     Price: 90.00€                                              Price:  130.00€

    Quick instruction:

    1. Connect Your CPT to PC
    2. Connect NOKIA ACP12E Power Adapter to CPT
    3. Connect CPT CAN ADAPTER to CPT
    4. Connect Power Black Box (or external 12V) to CPT CAN ADAPTER
    5. Connect airbag module to CPT CAN ADAPTER ( connection diagram available in support area)
    6. Run CPT exe and select OBD II in first left menu

    [Image: CPT%20EXE%20OBD2.jpg]

    7. Select correct car brand
    8. Select dflash ( Ford 96kb, Mazda 128kb )
    9. Click "ECU Info" for module deteced
    10. Click read button and after reading save crash dump on your PC.
    11. Run AirBag Service Tool and make calculation to "clear" file.

    [Image: LOGO%20AST%20text%20png.png]

    12. Save "clear" file on your PC
    13. Add "clear" file to CPT exe by "Open" button
    14. Clcik "Write" button and wait for finish.
    15. Read DTC
    16. Erase DTC

    AirBag Service Tool softwares for download

    [Image: YT_logo.jpg]   [Image: FB_logo.png]   [Image: download_button.jpg]

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  • 08/14/19--07:30: VCDS LOADER PROBLEM
  • Hello guys,
    I have a problem with the VCDS loader. Everytime i install the software, doesn't matter which windows, when i put the loader inside the folder, the software doesn't start, it only appears the vcds loader image and then dissapear. I tried with loader v2, v6, v6.3, v7, v8. 

    Did u guys have seen this problem ? Does any of you have a fix for this? Thanks in advance!

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  • 08/14/19--07:54: Golf 4 1998 1.6 Immo OFF
  • Hi,

    can someone do immo off please?

    Golf 4
    1.6 petrol
    Simos 2.4
    06A906019AK 5WP4371 03
    93C56 Eeprom

    I removed eeprom and read as 8bit and 16bit.


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    Hi guys, 

    Looking for someone in Spain who is selling km stop filters. It's quite urgent, client is currently in Spain and will travel to Europe. He needs to put the km stop filter. I need someone to send me the price including mounting of the filter and location in Spain. Preferably as close to Malaga as possible if not then near Madrid or Barcelona.

    So I need to have the price and your location in Spain. Price for the filter + mounting. It's for an audi a3 2018 with virtual cockpit ( full screen)

    THanks in advance

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    Hello, is anyone able to send a scan of this module with vcds ??


    tiguan 2.jpg

    146.04 KB

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    after some help -i have a ford ids clone with the ford software - i cant get it to comunicate as unid the unit is a 7h12 12c250 bk , is it possable to get comes or do i need to get l/r programe to use it . i need to do fuel learning on the defender .if i need to use l/rover software whats the best one for a clone ?

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  • 08/14/19--09:04: Astra H Radio Display sync
  • Hi, does anyone can syncro dash and display of astra h,
    dumps is here



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  • 08/14/19--09:25: Audi a4 launch control
  • Hi all,
    I need launch control for audi a4 2.0 tdi 140 hp edc16u31 file is attached.


    WinOLS (Audi A4 (audi a4 2.rar

    42.53 KB

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    Xentry.OpenShell.XDOS 04.09.2019

    [Image: attachment.php?aid=319014]


    XENTRY Diagnostics OpenShell_04.09.2019_Torrent.rar

    143.68 KB



    47.86 KB

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    Here I leave the torrent to this latest version of Xentry Openshell:


    XENTRY OpenShell.09.2019.rar

    143.68 KB

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  • 08/14/19--10:20: citroen c5 immo off
  • hello,need help with citroen immo off 0281010808


    ciroen 0281010808.rar

    161.94 KB

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    ok i will start from the beginning i remapped a customers 2005 bmw x3 e83  and cruis control worked before i did it.

    but kess should have read it but instead it downloaded the ori from the database and i used that for the remap i have learned the customer had somone else code the cruise control not BMW or it would have been included in the ori file with the correct VO

    i have a few bmw programs but there are so many i find it a pain so i have not learnt how to use any to any success

    i need somone to do it for me via teamviewer the coding missing is $540 in the VO and i have no idea how to write it.

    any help or sugestions much apprieciated

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