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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 08/24/19--03:47: ME7.4.6
  • I need immo off bosch me7.46



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    I need to immo off a land rover defender 110 -2011 - ECU fomoco dcu 106 - NNN501630

    what do I need to do?

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    hello house, need toyota allion pinout foe ecu 89661-20c00 please


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  • 08/24/19--04:30: fiat 500 crash data 52040843
  • hello, please help me with crash data for fiat 500 2015. CPT- bad idea...


    52040843 dfash crash - Copy.rar

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    hello everyone, please check me if this file is good, dpf and egr are good? the tune is good, I don't have the original for comparison, someone can post it



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  • 08/24/19--04:50: VGS4NAG2 W205
  • Hi,
    i need CFF OR SMR-F flash file please  for VGS ECU Continental - Mercedes W205 :

    Hardware 0009017100

    SW Block  0009022822

    ECU serial number 1414401348

    Best Regards

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  • 08/24/19--04:59: BMW 330D 245 EDC17CP09
  • Hi tuners,
    I want to tune my car with good logic and calculation.
    I have some experience with tuning but not with EDC17CP09.
    I have created a mappack to find all limiters
    Someone have experience tuning with EDC17CP09 and want to help me and check / corrected my mappack?


    BMW 330D 245 -EDC17CP09.rar

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    Official electrical circuits of Lexus cars of the European region, distributed exclusively in electronic form by subscription

    If I helped you - please press Thanks and REP buttons!

    Add. Information: Because this dump cannot be viewed offline due to the many java scripts; for proper operation, the distribution contains a micro-server self-written in AutoIt.

    1. Run install.cmd to unpack the manuals (unpacked manuals occupy 19 GB)
    2. Run server.exe (by default it is hung on port 80, you can specify a different port in server.ini)
    3. Launch a browser and open the page (if the port has been changed to another, then

    Unfortunately, the server script sometimes freezes and has to be restarted.
    Find the Lexus logo in the tray and right-click on the icon to select Exit. After that, the server can be started again.
    (If someone can offer a more stable version of the server or knows what to fix in javascript so that everything works without a server, write in a personal message)

    You can save disk space with frspc.cmd. (19GB> 6.8GB on disk)
    Starting this file from under the administrator will start the regular procedure for compressing the entire folder with the lzx algorithm.
    ATTENTION !: It works only on NTFS disks. When copying files to another location, or moving to another disk, the files will be unpacked and they will need to be compressed again.


    Toyota & Lexus EWD [2004 - 2018, HTML, SVG, PDF, ENG].rar

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    I have an 2003 E46 318I (N42/N46) with an BOSCH ECU DME7508292 0261209007 here. 
    Cant synchronize ECU and EWS3 with INPA or Tool32. ECU is rejected. 

    Is it possible to virginizie it? As far as I understood its not possible to do the "immo off" on this ECU? Is that true?

    Any help would be appreciated. Got KESS and KTAG here as well to read anything.

    Thanks in advance!

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    can some one help me with DTC off at a Hitachi [b]WA12212970WWW [/b] ECU from a Forester 2,0i 116kW 2006? 
    -475173 (P2433)
    -503841 (P2444)
    -503858 (P1410)
    It must not for free. 
    Or contact to some one, witch can do this job are helpfull too.

    Many Thanks.

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  • 08/24/19--06:13: Peugeot Partner pin code
  • Hello people ! 
    I 've read a bsi 95160 eeprom for getting pin code, through effi and cartool and I can't get, first says unspported other gives me arrows; Attached file. Please help ! 
    All the best for all !!


    Bsi ori 95160 HG ORIGIN No code read .rar

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    Looking for a original boot read for a 2.2 dtec 150bhp 37805-RLO-G080

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    Hello. Please help with flash from this ecu via bdm 0281012046 A646 150 47 49 because other guy flashed it with dpf off and wrong solution and car no have power and any dtcs.

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    My MSD81 got broken and i bought a ECU+CAS+Key combo. I let someone write the ECU ISN into my OLD CAS. Now with every ZUSB i tried for the ECU i am getting a 2f49: EWS manipulation protection error. I am getting this error even with the CAS from the ECU+CAS+Key combo. I think i need the correct zusb for my car. The VIN is WBAVS71090KN30430

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    VAG DPF 3.3 Full (for Android device + ELM37)

    With this application you can find out if the filter is really in the process of regeneration, if the regeneration is awaiting completion, how many kilometers have you traveled since the last regeneration, etc.

    Core functions:

    • Display of 12 DPF filter parameters like: soot mass accumulation in the filter, regeneration duration, km traveled and time passed since last regeneration, EGR valve closing, exhaust gas temperatures of inlet and outlet of DPF (Attention: data shown may vary depending of the engine type due to the presence of the parameters into the engine ECU)
    • Manual or automatic parameters update
    • Display, for all the parameters, of the previous value and the difference between the actual and the previous value (only for automatic update delays different from 0 seconds)
    • Ability to exclude one or more parameter to increase the reading speed
    • Display of the filter filling percentage before reaching of the filling limit that starts the execution of a field regeneration (standard regeneration controlled by the engine ECU)
    • Graphical display, using a progress bar, of the filling percentage value before starting a field regeneration or a service regeneration
    • Graphical display of the filter status: red filter for the regeneration phase (passive, field or service) of grey filter with different back internal areas depending on the filling percentage value
    • Display of extra data: adapter communication error counter, filter filling rating in µg/min, update time of all the 12 parameters, automatic update delay actually selected in the options menu
    • Notification bar icon to show an active connection and the auto-update process running.
    [Image: VAG-DPF-3.3.jpg]

    If you need it - push buttons Rate (Reputation) and Thanks, and write here for asking pass.


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    HI ALL,


    SKYPE : +383 49111858
    INTERTINI Performance

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    I have a 2006 Jetta with MiniDot cluster with well-known LCD display problems. As the display is more expensive than a used cluster, I want to upgrade as well to a HighLine cluster.
    Currently I have the following equipments: Confort module 3C0937049D (midline), steering 1K0953549AF (midline), Instruments/Immo 1K0920862K (minidot, Visteon?), can-gateway 7N0907530N (upgraded because I have RNS310).

    The big problem I have right now is that I cannot read IMMO data from the old cluster using VAG Commander 1.4. I have a chinese clone that seems to connect to dash via CAN but it simply crashes if I want to read IMMO/security code. Can I try with VAG Commander 3.x or 5.x using the cable for 1.4? If so, can anyone upload it for me?

    Is there any trick in order to read IMMO data using CAN commander 1.4 or the cable I have is just rubbish and I have to look for another one? Should I try with the old CAN-Gateway that was originally on car?

    For HighLine cluster, what P/N should I look for? I know that it has to be Immo4 not Immo4c, right?

    Thank you in advance for any help.

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  • 08/24/19--07:46: 03G906016CB
  • hello

    I need sgo file 03G906016CB


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    Hi guys. I have a mini r56 with frm2.  After battery drain and new battery replacement, headlights are always on and only indicators work only In One direction. I was thinking that problem is from frm but I never fixed frm2.  Is this a software issue as in frm3 or a hardware one?  Also, I have a frm2 from a BMW e90, can I try this on the mini?

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  • 08/24/19--08:29: Kia Rio 95910-1W510
  • Hi
    Kia Rio 2017
    Please clear crash



    kia adi.rar

    2.57 KB

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