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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Hi, I want to ask for option to remove or repair low oil pressure from cluster or bcm.
    Its new engine inside after full rebuilding, of course new sealed in oil bowl.
    Problem with low oil pressure in that engines is common for me but I checked the oil pressure and its value = 5bar.
    I checked wires between oil sensor end ECU, replace oil sensor - still the same.
    I don't have faults on ECU. Only information on cluster.
    Car has remove DPF and EGR. EEPROM on BCM was programmed to change mileage but on both control unit when I back to original dump - nothings changed error are still with me.
    Is it possible to remove fault from BCM/cluster?  Which pin is from oil pressure in BCM/cluster or everything going by CAN protocol?
    Car is Zafira C 2.0CDTI 110HP

    Thank you in advance, greetings!

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  • 08/27/19--15:21: Introduction
  • I’m an auto electrician in South Wales called Huw Jones. Looking for information regarding key code pulling and body control module cloning.

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  • 08/27/19--15:39: Cummins Insite 8.3 or above
  • Hi all who can supply with Cummins Insite 8.3 or above that has either a good keymaker or has a long license.
    I need to program my own X15s.
    Thank You

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    Looking for trim files for:

    Thank you, your help is appreciated.

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    A2139065108 this card

    Wysłane z iPhone za pomocą Tapatalk

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    Hi All,

    I am part way through a DQ500 retrofit into my B6 Passat but have hit a problem that I would appreciate any input into before I move to next steps.

    0BH transmission is from a 2013 Tiguan TSI with 55,000kms.
    Gearbox with modified bell housing, starter motor, new flywheel, driveshafts, transfer box etc installed from the Tiguan into my 2009 R36.
    Initially had a problem with the CECM not able to detect gearbox in park or neutral on pin 2 of the TCU plug, no matter what gear the gearbox is in:

    Component and/or Version: Bordnetz-SG H54 2602
    Software Coding: 668E8F0700041A00470000001E000000000B79435C40012000 0000000000
    Work Shop Code: WSC 12345 123 00000
    Additional Info: 3C2955119B Wischer 100908 022 0601 1K0955559AH RLS 121108 054 0402 
    VCID: 3333E107973B0BBF07B-8066
    1 Fault Found:

    02389 - Release Signal Transmission; Position P/N 
    008 - Implausible Signal

    For now this pin is pulled to ground and it starts OK.  Unsure if this is a compatibility issue with my CECM or something else but for now this is not the important part....

    Unable to complete basic settings, it aborts for safety reasons with main reason 0, sub reason 91 on clutch 1 close step.  Happens with both VCDS or ODIS.

    In 1st gear there is a lot of slip, but car can still move.  Into 2nd gear and drive is normal.  3rd gear has no drive, clutch just slips.  4th gear again has drive.  Reverse is also OK.
    There is a fault logged in the transmission:
    10895 - Clutch 1 
    P1898 00 [047] - Function Restriction
    Coupling function restriction

    I did not change the clutches, I just pulled out the whole basket and put aside while swapping over the bell housing to the modified one.
    Re-used the existing measured retaining ring, then installed a new clutch cover and outer retaining ring.

    Also of note when the gearbox was first installed, it was in drive.  The only way I could start the car was to put it on the hoist, put gear selector and gearbox into N, then start the car.  Once it was running I was able to put it into P, R, D and everything seemed normal.  Except that I cannot complete basic settings and K1 clutch seems to be almost totally broken.

    The next step I think is to pull the gearbox back out and inspect the clutches, and replace if they are found to be faulty.  Also maybe replace the K1/K2 clutch solenoids in the mechatronic just in case.  However I am open to any suggestions for what to try/test/measure/log

    For reference there is an autoscan attached



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  • 08/27/19--17:40: 0AM300042Q
  • Yesterday I got a VW Scirocco with this software on the DSG -  0AM300042Q

    By my calculation the software should be 0AM300058P (If I remember correctly the transmission code was NTP)

    VIN WVWZZZ13ZDV007057

    My question is: when do you use 0AM300042Q (SWM) and when do you use 0AM300042R (SWN)

    Is this software sort of uber software that takes the place of many softwares?

    Looking forward to be enlightened


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  • 08/27/19--17:57: HOLDEN ME9.6.1 DTC OFF
  • Hi Guys,

    Looking for help in removing DTC P0016 P0017 P0018 P0008 P0009

    BOSCH ME9.6.1  0 261 209 107
    SW: 1037391131
    SW UPG: 1039S16645
    HW: 0261209107

    Many thanks



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    Toyota TIS Techstream 13.30.018



    toyota v13 iso.txt

    197 bytes

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  • 08/27/19--18:26: xprog 5.74
  • XProg 5.74




    167 bytes

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    John Deere & Hitachi Parts Advisor EPC 08.2019

    Who need tell me.

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  • 08/27/19--20:13: 2016 honda hrv dash dump
  • hi i need a dump for 2016 honda hrv dash with fujitsu MB91F060Bs thanks in advance

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  • 08/27/19--21:51: Radio-Code.LT
  • I found this site on another forum and did not see it linked here.


    It has many codes listed for older model head units, very good resource!

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    I recently got Bitedit but it lacks many tables, in particular Injector tables such as the puls width.

    Who can assist me, I would be happy to pay for any help. Thanks.

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  • 08/27/19--22:50: C4 clone options
  • Hi, I am looking to buy a c4 clone, however there are so many mixed reviews on which to buy.. Can someone assist in where to purchase a decent clone and tell me why is this clone better than a Chinese clone? or what is there to look for when purchasing a good clone?

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    Hello all

    Help me can share software fluid sim for pneumatic, hidroulik & electrical

    Thanks all

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    Hello, as title says need working solution for tractor Valtra n123h adblue off, ECU is bosh edc17CV44

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  • 08/27/19--23:29: ICM Coding data faulty
  • I have a BMW 750 Li N63 F02 that needs ICM to be changed. After changing I'm getting an error code "48008B ICM: Coding data faulty" & "480098 ICM : Coding data faulty". Can anyone help me on how to code this ICM to the car? And for additional information, the ICM is from another vehicle.

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    i have upgraded slave kess unit to CP2012 NXP and SD Card but after the upgrade every icon is grey and i cant click anything,soldering is good and same like original,
    i have checked connections and if anything dirty...its just not working,tried different laptop with different SW version from him..i don't know where is the problem for me.
    it was working before up to 2.23 but it had flash counter so i contacted cp and upgraded to his 2.47 then i had this issue.


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  • 08/27/19--23:42: GM MT60 ECU repair success
  • Thought I'd show a common fault with this Delphi ECU. The ECU has no communication and no start.
    The problem lies within the chip below, needs bga reballing

    Check photos:

    [Image: IMG-20190815-143231.jpg]

    [Image: IMG-20190827-134014.jpg]

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