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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    hello! i have and audi a6 4f from 2010 here 3,0 tfsi simos 8.31 ecu

    the car was tuned before,the owner say the tuning was set back to stock file.so far so good.

    the cats was reparied by spezialist wich replace the ceramic part inside.now after 1 year and 14000 km later same problem with katalysator

    i compare the file wich the owner say its original and one original from pcmflash databank.see many many diffences

    who can say what was done here on the original file from owner?i dont thinks its stock file.

    please help!!!



    simos 8.31 problem kat.rar

    755.4 KB

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    Hello companions, I need to pinout the motor wiring of this car, I need to check MAF current and some more things thanks and regards

    vw touareg 2.5 tdi year 2005 174 hp
    engine: BAC
    ecu edc16u1

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    I have an Audi A1 (8X) of the year 2011.

    I have been installing the navigation system and I would like to update its components. (NOT THE MAPS)

    Firmware / Software update components , Bluethoot, etc ...

    I am looking for several threads but I do not finish having anything clear.

    I attached the photos of my browser currently.

    I would like to know the reference you should download and if possible the URL to do so.

    But with having the REF, Google is very friendly and sure the download is coming somewhere.

    I detect this versions, but not sure is this is the last.

    8U0 for RMC -- RMC_EU_K16158

    8U1 for RMC2 -- RMC_EU_K16342

    I hope I have explained well, sorry for my english. Sad

    [Image: 04e1db830dce88d4e788ad6eca7a6605o.jpg]

    [Image: 299a9a48624bff89bfe2583d76577e8do.jpg]

    [Image: e75e788c355fdf5a4aae3bcff9dabfbco.jpg]

    Many Many Thanks!!!

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    Hello. If You Can help me please leave here the file here or e-mail: maticar94@wp.pl   Thanks a lot.

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    Dear MHH Auto crew & members,

    Does anybody know where to order tools and equipment for soot cleaning DPF recovery and Forced DPF Regeneration like shown in the below video's?

    Thanks in advance for your support!

    Best regards,

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    Hi , can anyone check this eeprom read from 2014 fiesta 1.5 tdci with non start issue for any discrepancy and rectify or immo off if possible . I bought car as non runner and comes up with eeprom error. Read with KTAG.

    Cheers Keeny


    FIESTA 1.5tdci NJ14UTF(EEPROM) (2).zip

    3.57 KB

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  • 08/29/19--03:19: peugeot 206 sagem s2000-2A
  • Hello friends

    peugeot 206 year 2004 sagem s2000-2A virgin file I need
    1.4 engine gasoline


    95080 eprom original.rar

    447 bytes

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    Hi, I know these ECU suffer from internal fault but does anybody know how to repair?
    The fault are pretty common, cuts out after starting

    • P0194 fuel rail pressure sensor circuit
    • P06A8 sensor reference voltage #c circuit
    • P068A ECM outage relay too soon
    It's been sent for testing and returned saying it can't be tested. I see this fault many times but not found solution. I am willing to test and attempt repair.

    If anybody has any information??

    I think maybe 5v feed to sensor or circuit failure, the ECM relay outage I presume is because it's cut out. I see this fault after tuning with no other issues

    Ford Delphi DCM 3.5 BV61-12A650-KM

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  • 08/29/19--04:01: W222 NO fuel pressure
  • Hi, I have a W222 , The engine is not starting, when check at engine there is no fuel pressure , I checked near the fuel pump I can hear the pump working, but fuel not reaching the engine , I disconnect the fuel line on the pump very low pressure , has anyone experienced this , the pump when activated sounds normal in sound, the pump also has 3 electrical lines coming out , not line the other pump which has one for power and other ground, any advice would be helpful.


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    I am looking for the following Regional ECU Software DVDs if anyone can help:

    HLI 000 000 22 89
    HLI 000 000 33 46
    HLI 000 000 33 44

    Thanks and Regards,

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  • 08/29/19--04:07: vw sgo file dsg
  • Hi all,
    does somebody please has a this sgo file?



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  • 08/29/19--04:22: Tactrix openport 2.0
  • Hi all, 

    I need your opinion, I want to use a passthru tool (affordable one) and I see that tactrix openport 2.0 it's a good option but there's a clone an original versions. Does the clone worth the money or by the price of the original it's better to buy the original? 

    Thank you all for the opinions.

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    mercedes xentry 2019.09 fixed all bug and scn online problem ,free download no password ,software get it from 4s shop

    link: https://mega.nz/#F!BhJEAaKY!71rtNe_CjYyruiVuhW-r4g

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  • 08/29/19--04:41: FORD PUMA 1.6 IMMO
  • FORD PUMA 1.6 YBPF-12650-AA


    Has anyone done?

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    Hello friends,

    i have problem with read BDM , no ident!

    i need board photo from RS3 MED 9.1 Bosch HW 0261 s02 825

    Best Regards

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  • 08/29/19--05:01: Audi S5 2013 AFS disable
  • Hello, need help to code out AFS on Audi S5 2013

    Was Xenon with AFS, now fitted Base Xenon Lights without AFS.

    Now i have AFS errors on dash. It is possible to recode BCM1, or flash with VCP? Only thing that found is VCP parameterisation file for Q5FL_BCM1_8K0907063Ax,Dx

    BCM1 8K0907063DJ

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  • 08/29/19--05:25: FVDI Help Teamviewer
  • Hi,

    Looking for someone who can maybe help with FVDI 2015.

    Was working fine before but hadn't used for a while. Formatted my harddrive again to reinstall and now cant get to work

    Seems to connect fine. Connects to server fine and refreshes the days but when connecting to interface it fails.

    Any help much appreciated


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  • 08/29/19--05:30: Airbag pin data needed.
  • Hi all.

    I need pinout for Autoliv 550904200.
    It is a Peugeot Expert my 2000. I think same as Scudo.

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  • 08/29/19--06:16: Honda CRV2.2 EDC16 2007 DPF
  • Hi, Friends.
    After removing DPF -  CruiseControl not working. Can anybodi help me?


    HONDA 2.2 CRV 2007 edc16 DPF OFF.rar

    213.2 KB

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  • 08/29/19--06:22: Mersedes Benz Sprinter
  • Hello everyone. Maybe someone can remove 1 dtc of DCM 3.5 ?
    DTC Is P0471

    Thanks for any help.
    +REP and Thanks for any help

    The car is Mercedes Benz Sprinter 213



    70 bytes

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