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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    i am trying to do firmup usa command unit to change to ece
    i have heard that there is process to change region xentry......but no process such a thing like that in xentry...
    here is version information
    does anybody have any idea of it?
    which regio dvd and software needed?
    i could not look for which regio dvd needed in xentry....



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  • 08/30/19--08:54: GM MDI Faulty. Repair ideas?
  • I have a clone GM MDI that worked great for years. The SD card failed and I replaced and done firmware recovery.

    When it powers up now, it goes through normal lights, then beeps and flashed red error light twice. 

    It connects fine to mdi manager and passes self test in tech2win. 

    Won't communicate with vehicles.

    Ive tried several SD cards and different mdi manager versions. Always the same results. 

    Any ideas on whats broke?

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    Hello! need help to do immo off on vag ecu, i`m got one t5 2.0tdi have fold p0641 - sensor voltage .. i`m have check all sensor no any fold but code still come back even without sensors..  , find one used ecu at workshop looks same need do test with this ecu.. i`m plug in this ecu no any fold at moment, want to se how will be at runnig engine.. 


    VAG TPROT EDC17CP20 SW 03L906019FL.rar

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  • 08/30/19--09:02: Vw Golf VII Airbag Crash
  • Vw Golf VII 2017 year. after an accident in front, errors cleared after OBD, but the number of collisions can be read in the memory and parameters. I have the record "number of front collisions - 1".

    can anyone help and clear on "0" collisions?


    5Q0959655AR 040030317 a2c99883504 frontcollision1 25lc128 VW21.rar

    754 bytes

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    Anyone have the old 1966 Cat 966B Loader often called Traxcavator service manual and parts manual. Greatly appreciated.

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    Z17DTH wiring diagram for drivers door up and down

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  • 08/30/19--09:20: Deutz Fahr agroplus 87
  • Hello, I'm looking for a service manual for Deutz Fahr agroplus 87.
    Thank you for help Smile

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    Has anyone installed a auto powerfold module into an Astra h

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  • 08/30/19--10:01: Vovlo v50 sid807 dpf off
  • Volvo V50 1.6 2012 SID 807 EVO
    S180134100 A

    HW: ZZ99-99Z999-ZZ
    SW: ZZ99-99Z999-XX
    SW upg.: 10232215AA



    volvo v50 10232215AA ori.rar

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    I hope that somebody can help. In my workshop came a Chrysler Voyager 2.0 petrol/lpg with a mil light on. Okay, diagnostic read p0122, replaced tps car run well for 3-4 months. Now car still do have p0122 and it's getting worst everyday. When you accelerate more than 15% It stalls and misfire, It run very rough! With the DRBIII I can see that tps signal Is going to 0% and back to the right position (for example if I have full gas It read 85-0-85-0) and the car run very very rought , impossible to drive.
    I replaced already: Spark plugs, ingnition coil pack, petrol injector, lpg injector, PCM unit (and reprogrammed), Spark plugs cables, PCV valve, two lambda sensor, manifold inlet , manifold pressure sensor, intake air temperature sensor, replaced 5 TPS, FIVE! Mopar, meat and Doria, standard production, then i replaced crankshaft position sensor and still the same! I don't know what to do. The funny thing Is that in reverse (It has 5 Speed MANUAL trasmission) goes very great. Yes, it works great in reverse but It have no sensor for reverse, i tried to short the two reverse light togheter cause but not working. Idle Is good, reverse Is good , forward the car Is misfiring. Diagnostic tell me only p122 code. I tried to make new cable from PCM directly ti TPS sensor, no change at all. Tried to replace engine ground, no change. I tried everything... Last thing i Will do tomorrow Is to mount some EGR blocker.
    Anybody can help? Thanks..

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    Have someone mappack or something like this ?

    For old Golf 3 1.9 TDI

    Engine code : 1Z

    Ecu Nr : 028 906 021 xx

    2x 27C512 Eeprom inside

    Its the first type ecu with plastic cover.


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    HW: K7Q9SE60FO23000
    SW: 10094307AA

    can somebody please check if this file is tuned?  the car smokes black badly on load. 
    I check the basics and is all ok, so I wonder if is tuned or not as we don`t know the car history.

    many many thanks


    FORD FOCUS 2.0 TDCI SID 803A.rar

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  • 08/30/19--11:29: Clone ECU SMART A1351503479
  • Hello my friends,
    someone who can help with the clone process for ECU:

    Mitsubishi 8631A098 
    SMART A135 150 3479
    Mitsubishi Electric E6T42487

    Best Regards

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    Hi guys
    I have a mpps v18 EU clone I tested on a bosch me7.5 I received from a friend last week. 
    When writing a mod file it seemed to skip some parts during write, like jumping very fast from 20 to 30% and on some other parts of write same thing.
    File size is 512kb.

    Is this normal, why does it skip some parts?
    It finished the programming, but I have no car to test ecu on. 

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  • 08/30/19--11:33: Isuzu NKR 93C46 Mileage HELP
  • Hi

    Need some help

    Actual value 309415, i need 200000

    Thanks in advance

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  • 08/30/19--11:41: maxxforce 7 black smoke
  • I have a 2014 International Maxxforce 7. Blowing black smoke on acceleration, and fait black smoke on turbo boost up hill. Only heavy when you  hit the gas but clears right out after 5 seconds. Other than turbos anyone have any ideas? It smells like oil, dark black. air filter is good and all the obvious. Truck does have plenty of boost, just smokes.

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    please can someone calculate the code from attached dumps from a Bosch 5M0035186L Unit?

    Kind Regards




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    I warmly welcome.
    Has anyone experienced in coding VW crafter ??
    Is it coded as in the VW group or maybe just like Mercedes?
    Because I would like to code the daytime running lights.

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  • 08/30/19--12:37: New Member
  • hello everyone hope you all doing well.. i am new member here ...

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    As in the title i am looking to flash my NTG47 from a W212 with Firmware from a W204 NTG47, the reason i want to do this is so i have the correct digital manual information.

    If i locate the required CFF files Vediamo wont accept them because my hardware ID is wrong, is there a way around this ? 

    Perhaps substitute the flash files on the DVD and rename them ? 

    Thanks in advance

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