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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Hi everyone

    Anyone knows where is the location for the air ambient temperature sensor on this truck? Cummins quickserve sent me to Volvo manual or part locator because this from OEM part, which I dont have access. Regularly their are in the chassis or bumper but this truck have like 30 broken cable all over the place. Any help will be well received. Thanks.

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  • 09/07/19--18:49: FILE ORIGINAL AUDI TTRS
  • Hi

    Some who help me whit this file original please?

    HW: 0261S02795
    SW: 1037517121
    Engine: 2.5l R5/4V TFSI 
    SW upg.: 8J0907404M  0020

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  • 09/07/19--19:29: Nexiq USB Link WiFi 2 issue!
  • Greetings members i'm having an issue with connectivity to my laptop with my nexiq usb link wifi 2. i will describe everything and see if you can help me out i would greatly appreciate it. i know theres alot of smart members on this forum.

    Issue: Can't use Nexiq USB Link WiFi 2 after installation of softwares via this forum.

    Insite 8.3 
    nexiq e tech
    and so on.

    I've tested the usblink2 on a shop laptop at work with a real validated version of cummins insite 8.5. I connect wifi and go to device test and it will connect and log data. 

    It originally wasn't working on my both of my laptops i have with software downloaded from this forum before i got usblink2 i always used the corded usblink, my usblink2 will not log data but it will connect via wifi no problem.

     on my one spare laptop with the software from this forum i completely reinstalled windows and formatted everything. I then connect usblink2 via wifi and download usblink2 driver and hook it up to a truck and walllahhhh it now logs data. so i started installing jpro, cummins insite etc. and then its like something kills the driver or something even after i try and reinstall the drivers and delete everything it no long will connect to usblink 2 explore and will not log data on the device test.

    I really need your help guys. i can't figure this one out. why would the driver not work.

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    hi everyone,

    I got damaged mileage eeprom on toyota camry 2004 model. Cannot read the eeprom.

    Could someone help me to fix this with a dash file. I need a file with mileage 177,xxx km 




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    Hey all,

    No need for date changing tools if your Cummins Incal file doesn't work. Just simply open your Incal folder-->intelect-->esdn and you should find your esdninfo.dat file.

    RIGHT click on the file and open with NOTEPAD. This file was date changed with the date change tool to Jan 1 2019. What you should see is something like this....

    Requiredbytes = 100000000

    This file was date changed to Sept 7 2019 and it looks like this.......

    Requiredbytes = 100000000

    Date reflects the start date of the file. First 2 numbers represent the year 19 (2019)
    The last three represent the day in a 365 day calendar. Sept 7 is the 250 day of the year.
    THUS.... 19250 = sept 7 2019

    Now because the Incals are only good for 60 days, once you copy your files into the Calibration Workspace folder and open your Cummins Insite, the cal will come up with a date of OCT which is the following month that it expires.

    Hope this helps you guys that dont have a date change tool, are out on a call or dont have the patients to wait for a 32GB Incal folder to change the date. mAnd those of you who had already known this, sorry for the loss of 1min it took you to read this.


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    If someone has to share with me the installation file for bosch esi 2013 or 2016 it would help me a lot thank you

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    hola amigos ecutronicss se desempeña 
    como una empresa de clase plus
     ya que ofrece diagnósticos y programaciones 
     a domicilio y talleres, estamos a sus ordenes

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    hi everyone can some one please immo off from this flash dump thank you..

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  • 09/07/19--23:24: Cummins Calterm 4.7
  • Cummins Calterm 4.7 for sale. PM for details.


    [Image: Calterm-4-7.png]

    [Image: 81-ADEAF6-DE57-4620-808-C-64-B2-ECCF7110.png]

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  • 09/07/19--23:32: BSI Key Code DS5
  • Hi,
    please pin code from Vin No. VF7KF5FVACS517571
    Thank you

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    Hello MHH Members, i am in need of some help & advice, for 2015 Mercedes Sprinter 2.1L 4 Cylinder Turbo Diesel ECM Type: BOSCH EDC17 CP57, i tried Reading BIN File (Factory Un-Tuned ECU) w/ KTAG Cl0ne, i followed instructions and verified multiple times it was a Bosch EDC17 CP57 (please view attached images), i made pinout correctly according to CP57 instructions in KSulte.
      When i try connecting to ECU to Read it says "Identifying" for about 2 minutes then gives this Error "communication error with the ECU control all connection if the persists send the log file to the assistance" , i tried multiple times again and verified a 12.5V from Bench Battery, same issue. Fing20
      I noticed ECU was not powered up w/ 12V power source so i put 12V source directly instead of via KTag but it gives Error "power supply should be supplied via Interface (KTag) and not to ECU"
      I removed power source for 12V to ECU and connected like before and same Error "communication error with the ECU control all conn..."
    I removed my very carefully soldered wire to the BOOT PIN and instead used a Probe Pen to BOOT PIN and connected the GRAY Alligator Clip, but same Issue.
    Now when i reconnect BOSCH ECU to the Mercedes Sprinter, the Engine won't start/turn over, and w/ Xentry/DAS the ECU is not recognized, so now im in a hole Sad

    Is the ECU possibly stuck in BOOT MODE? or is the ECU Bricked? Please i need some help Sweating 

    i ordered another KTag cI0ne from another source and it should be here in a few days, should i try again w/ the other KTag?
    Please if anyone could help Sweating
    images attached below, Thank You!



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    The latest Electronic parts catalog for all BMW cars and motorcycles including ROLLS-ROYCE (RR1, RR2, RR3). 

    It also contains genuine accessories catalog for BMW, MINI and ROLLS-ROYCE.


    Looking for other automotive software? Send a PM.

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    Hi all, I have an eeprom error on a 2014 FIESTA 1.5 tdci. I have had someone patch the ecu with immo off but still not starting (P062F)  (internal control module eeprom error )
    It may be ecu is knackered or do i have to do more than just delete immo from ECU. 

    Cheers Keeny

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  • 09/08/19--01:07: Coding key from passat b8
  • Hello , i need coding another key from passat b8 2016 because i have 1 key  . I have odis interface . Thx

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  • 09/08/19--01:39: Corsa c z12xep read pincode
  • Hello.
    I want change engine ecu.
    Hiw can read pin code from used ecu?
    Carprog cant read this me 7.6.1 pincode?
    Any help

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    Can some one please help resync ews2 back to ecu siemens ms41.0 i have inpa but not to good with it but i cant find any pinout points for the ews2 as the car it to far away from me.

    Sent from my SM-J250F using Tapatalk

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  • 09/08/19--01:52: GOLO Carcare activation
  • Hi, I need full Launch activation for Golo Carcare 9668900375xx. Prices please....

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    Hi, I need full Launch activation for Golo Carcare 9668900375xx. Prices please....


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    a friend of me had a problem with his e270cdi from 2004. He works in a mercedes workshop and made an update with the official mercedes test tool, but it bricked his ecu and only die ventilator runs and he cant access to the ecu with the tool. We made a full bdm read with ktag and that works. But i dont know if the full bdm is broken. Can someone take a look on the files and tell me if something on them is broken? 

    That would be really great.

    bosch ecu number: 0281011710




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  • 09/08/19--02:22: Ford V Radio Code Calc Free
  • Free Ford V Radio Code Calc Fing32

    (7 minutes ago)Wharfedale Wrote: Free Ford V Radio Code Calc Fing32

    [Image: E7ejnmT.png]

    Sorry its a little slow and big,  
    Im not great at programming, but it works.


    69 bytes

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