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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 09/12/19--01:07: pinout dash chrysler c300
  • hi at all member of the forum i need have the pinout dash chrysler c300
    i ask the pinout for this dash because don't work the displai milage and display number drive
    thanks at all

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  • 09/12/19--01:19: Volvo S60 reading
  • Hello.
    I want to read and write my Volvo S60 ecu.
    Kess v2 said wake up error and cant read.
    This is EDC15C2 ecu, Volvo S60 2.4D 96kw
    Someone have instructions how to read and write this ecu?

    I found this instructions..


    Is the pin 24 inside the ecu?
    The end of site is wiring picture, is it correct?

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    Hi, I posted this doubt in the Mercedes group but i didn't get any answer at all...i have one CRD3.40 ecu that was damaged by an accident...processor is phisically damaged so is not possible to cloning it... i have another spare ecu but 'Magic Eraser' tool does not support CRD3.XX for make it virgin... i see Ktag have not that ecu in the B-Class tab but it have protocol for CRD3.XX for the W204...is it possible to read this ecu with the 808 protocol for W204?
    FV and HW are the same that numbers in the KTAG instruction pictures for the W204 CRD3.XX...i guess HW is hardware number, is not? do somebody know if is it possible to read this ECU with the protocol 808 of KTAG?

    Also, can somebody make this ecu virgin? Thanks Smile

    [img]<a href=[/img][Image: IMG-20190911-WA0003.jpg]" />

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    hi, I search the original file for Audi TTS

    0261S02725 1037500914

    thank you

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  • 09/12/19--02:18: PIN CODE for NTG5
  • Hi

    I need Anti-theft PIN code for following NTG5 unit please


    thanks in advance

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    I have problem with incarse mileage in Land Rover Discovey 2013.
    Now I have 126566km and need 135068km. When I modify dump I have 000000km and after ignition on on display is ------km
    I try disconnect battery etc. but still the same problem, also try procedure from other side:
    "dash out....eeprom out.....programing......dash in car on key.....proc reset to zero....dash out ...eeprom put back in dash....dash put in car....job done"

    Can someone tell me working solution or correct procedure? In attach original 24c16 with 126566km.


    LR discovery13r eh2210849ec 24c16 126566km.rar

    541 bytes

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  • 09/12/19--02:34: Golf 5C0959655M CRASH
  • HI there.
    plz can any1 can clear my crash file plz?


    5C0 959 655M


    95640 ORI CRASH.rar

    1.37 KB

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  • 09/12/19--02:46: tistoweb saab sps
  • hi all can some one please share vmware saab sps last offline version I need to swop a ecu in a 2008 saab thanks

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    Hello, i have this Audi A4 B8 magneti marelli 8k0920900k mileage correction eeprom 95320 from 268k to 168k.
    Thank You!



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  • 09/12/19--02:56: volvo dtc delete edc16c34
  • ECM-2A00 pressure sensor particulate trap can anyone assit with dtc delete



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  • 09/12/19--03:00: need dtc off me7.5.10
  • need dtc apagado

    me 7.5.10

    17818 p1410




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  • 09/12/19--03:25: Mazda IDS v115 Full.
  • [Image: xa5u5yx.jpg]

    Ask for Password on [Image: postbit_pm.gif] after you have given REPUTATION +1 [Image: postbit_reputation.gif] and [Image: postbit_thx.gif] to this post.


    Mazda IDS v115.txt

    70 bytes

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    I am in the process of enabling SLA on my W204, the camera i have bought is for SLA, Lane Keeping, IHC . 

    I have fit the camera and when going to calibrate it, it fails due to DTC codes, these being communication with the Radar\Video Control unit. and Steering Wheel motor unavailable. 

    There is no way to disable this i can see in the variant coding, is it possible to flash this with a version of firmware that allows me to disable this function. 

    I can see a few version of Firmware that are compatible with the camera hardware 0009052100, i can't find the version that still allows SLA but removes the Lane Keeping option. 

    It seems all the ones that have SLA also have Lane Keeping assist ( my car doesn't have this)

    0009025904;MPC212;   This is my current version 

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    Can someone help me DPF and EGR off 
    Skoda SuperB 2.0 CFGB  125kw  2013 

    03L906018RQ 9980

    Many thanks)


    Skoda SuperB 2.0 edc17c46 flash ori.rar

    1,009.13 KB

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  • 09/12/19--03:46: Actros MP4 963.403
  • Hi mhhauto family;

    I need to offline install arabic languge on ICUC unit for MERCEDES ACTROS MP4 963.403 model. I have DAS-XENTRY 2018-09 version. When try to offline install language this system said me "not have any language install files" . Anybody help me please..

    "sorry I shared the post in a wrong place." please move to the right place?"

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    From an old delco ecu. What will read it?

    Thank You.
    [Image: IMG-20190912-114956.jpg]

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    Hello, I need immo off on this driver,

    036 906 034 DS

    Magneti Marelli 4MV

    eprom 95080


    036906034 ds oryg.rar

    406 bytes

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    Hello Guys! Got one Passat 2.0tdi 140hp edc7c46, no communication with ecu.. I`m open ecu don`t see any water damege.. try read on banch with k-tag, get full read.. can some one check files if there is some fault or need change ecu.. 
    SW: 1037564418
    SW upg.: 03L906018BE 9979
    Thanks !


    vag edc17c46 bdm.rar

    959.88 KB

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  • 09/12/19--04:41: DTS Monaco Flash Programming
  • Hi, Version Monaco - 8.03.12.
    Tell me who knows how to program in Monaco,
    Where to put CFF files for programming.



    349.71 KB

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