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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 09/17/19--00:35: Chery QQ
  • Hi all masters
    I'm looking for dump (AM29F400BB) Chery QQ 1.1 / 4 cyl / no immo

    Thank for any help



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  • 09/17/19--00:36: Bmw e60 coding help
  • Hi all
    Can someone please help me whit bmw e60. 
    Basically its no sound at all in car.
    I try to change  mask unit  radio. 
    But no luck. 
    As there is no vo in cas or lm module. 
    One morer think  .
    When i try reed  mask ecu for fault its cant  find  unit .
    Its all powers up .
    You can see radio options in screen but wen press joystick is slow us hell.

    Can someone please help tk sort this out. 
    Will pay off course. 
    Thank you

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    Hello all! Tell me the latest firmware for DSG7 wv jetta 0AM300048Q, such v0694b320AM_getriebe_DSG_OI4b was installed

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    I have a car with a very weird problem. It will never start unless a battery reset is performed. Before the reset, DME is offline.

    Dme has two supply lines, one on terminal 30 and another on terminal 15. The terminal 15 supply is switched on by DME by grounding a relay and the relay then closes the circuit. Relay is in junction box. The ground wire relay to dme is S_HR. When a battery reset is done, this line is ground line at DME pin and voltage near zero as would be expected.

    When this fault occurs, this line is positive battery voltage at dme. It attempts to drop voltage when car cranks but basically before a reset, the dme fails to provide ground and is thus offline because relay is not closed. Disconnecting this line for 10seconds, and key out also works, seems to reset the dme and it comes back online. Tests performed so far,

    1. Tested JBE relay manually by supplying voltage and ground, it works, replaced JBE, same problem
    2. Replaced dme thinking it was dme fault, same problem
    3. Wired my relay to bypass jbe relay, and supplying ground to my relay via dme. Same problem
    4. Checked resistance of lines from JBE to DME, all good
    5. SUPPLIED 12V to DME direct - Does not work!!! When I do this DME now fails to close fuel pump relay!! So it must be something corrupting dme logic or a missing signal or missing data.
    6. Wake up line has a pulse, in any case all other PTCAN ECUs wake up ok and when battery reset is done, DME always wakes up OK

    How is this possible? What is corrupting DMEs ability to provide ground with terminal 15 when car is switched off for longer than 10 seconds? I suspect there is a corrupt input to dme from another ECU or sensor but cant figure out which. One interesting thing is the brake warning almost all the time just when ignition is switched on. Brake switch tested, ok. In any case, terminal 15 should come on to DME with or without brake switch, DSC and EGS. Tested another CAS, no go.

    This is frustrating!! Seems like a minor fault but it makes no sense. Any ideas?



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    any one can remove  internal fault on airbag ecu from i10

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    Hello all, 

    Need good and tested Remap + Agr off for Opel Zafria 1.9 cdti 120 HP.

    Ori attached. 

    Thank you!


    WinOLS (Opel Zafira-B (Original) - 505798) - Checksum OK.zip

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  • 09/17/19--01:09: Airbag Nissan Juke 2009
  • Hi, can some help me clear the crash datа from this module?

    NISSAN Juke 2009

    SRS Airbag:
    BOSCH 0 285 012 138
    98820 BV80A

    Error code is:


    Thanks in advance for your help!


    95128 B1425 Rear Collision.rar

    2.09 KB



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    Please help, need recalculate checksum for this dump - NGC3 - Jeep Cherokee 3.7



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    Is there a way to recover?Boot mode? I already tried on the bench with kess, galletto, and mpps, no luck. File was 100% ok chs ok. Programming was successful with no errors but still ecu went dead.
    [Image: 20190917-101710.jpg]

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  • 09/17/19--01:38: Crafter Edc17C54 pin code
  • Please i need pin code from this ecu .
    Thanks !!


    03L906012C Edc17C54 CKTC.rar

    892.97 KB

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    hi guys im looking for someone who could do good job on me vw golf 1.9tdi 03 i want popcorn limite, smoke map done and more power il pay no problem, read with kess file attached thanks

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  • 09/17/19--01:57: code radio bosch fiat 500
  • hi all I need this fiat 500 radio code with bosch radio

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  • 09/17/19--02:10: Hatz engines [HELP]
  • Hi, 

    Somebody knows how to diagnose this engines?

    Best regards,

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  • 09/17/19--02:36: Suzuki Ignis Dash Milage
  • Can someone help me corect this Dump to 62.345 km?
    Eprom L56K read as 93C56



    324 bytes

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    hi folks, I have a voice navigation DVD with a number A29 on it. everytime I try to copy it to another blank DVD or a computer HDD disk it doesn't copy. how do I make copies of it. thank you in advance.

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  • 09/17/19--03:33: Mercedes W238 AMG Cluster.
  • How can I activate AMG Cluster in my no AMG W238 MY 2017.
    Xentry,Vediamo 5.1 and C4 present.

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    Hello guys,

    I am looking for ori file.

    sw 1037398347


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  • 09/17/19--03:43: MAN Workshop Infosystem
  • I am looking for MAN WIS which is not for military truck only, if someone has and is selling please let me know, i need one giving information on TGS & TGA/X trucks please, or if someone have workshop manual please assist, i will pay

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    Vasya Diagnost 19 Pro Original - Russian lang + Free updates

    Car scanner Vasya Diagnostic Pro is a licensed diagnostic scanner for cars of the VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat brands (VAG group) from 1989 to 2019, designed for computer diagnostics of these cars by both car enthusiasts and service stations.

    Registration required before use. Included is an envelope with data for registration. After registration, a link to the current software version and license file comes to your e-mail. For official original devices updates for free from the official site! Installation on an unlimited number of computers. The device itself is delivered in a cardboard box as in the photo, it has manufacturer's warranty seals. For vehicles up to 1996, an additional VAG 2x2 to OBD-II adapter may be needed.

    Price (including delivery) $129

    [Image: Vasya-Diagnost-19-Pro.jpg][Image: Vasya-Diagnost-19-Pro-.jpg]

    If you need it to write here for details.

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  • 09/17/19--04:00: bcm1 A4 8W - sgo help
  • Hi
    Iam looking sgo to bcm1 a4 8w 8w0907063cg sw 0267 or similar
    Anyone help me_?

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