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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 02/06/15--12:39: Renault Traffic
  • Hi,
    can anyone help. I must add one new Key with Plip for my Renault Traffic , building 2005. I found the menu in Clip - Immobilizer- Key saving. Next Step the Program will have "Costumer Code ". I have the " Renault PinCode Extractor Programm", but i don`t know , what must i use. Ore have anyone this Code ? My VIN is VF1JLCCA65V244838.


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    Hey friends, I search this question but no answer. How I adapt virginized ecu to w204? It ask me for online or ofline. Ofline ask for pasword. I find webmaster fix for password but it didn't work?! Any help please?

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    HI guys
    i need wirring diagram Bang & Olufsen Amplifier (8T0 035 223AN) B8 10KANAL Most dsp
    audi S5 2007
    I find GND and + but i don't find + after ignition
    please i need the wirring for find + after ignition

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  • 02/06/15--13:07: VAS-5054a help
  • Hí to all .
    My PC is windows XP-sp3 Dell laptop D-520 1.600 Ghz
    I have a problem with my china clone VAS-5054a Head.
    It is working very well with Bluetooth vas5054a version 19-01-01 ,tested in VW Amarok TDI 2013 year, all modules, all ok.
    but not works with USB driver, when I put, plugged in USB-port, message screen is ( unknown device ) cannot continue to install driver !!!!!

    My VAS-head is failing USB driver, not recognized .
    some help here, please.

    many thanks.

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  • 02/06/15--13:41: Xentry C3 Mux Repair help
  • Hi i have problem whit connecting C3 mux.
    I had shorted cable between the PC and the MUX. And now I cant connecting. On SDcontrol Tool is partD accessible but in selftest No signal , I check wire and 100% ok. I schow in MUX and I have on MAX232 pin2 9,7 volt this is it certainly is not good. On my mux i have : L7808CV 8V ; L7805CV 5V ; L7805CV 5V ; TIP42C 12V ist all right 12V on TIP42C .THANKS for HELP

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    BOSCH EDC16C34 ford focus;
    help dtc off ecu : p2585

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 387.63 KB

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    Hi please I need a egr off for ford focus.

    focus 1.6 edc-16c3
    ecu:bosch 0281011263


    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 4 times
    Size: 156.65 KB

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    http://www.mhhauto.com/images/lina/1087.gif Can someone point me and the right direction? My Situation:
    I have a 2012 F150 that I recently replace the BCM and the IPC(instrument panel cluster). now I need to upload the old info off the Modules so I can download the info to the new modules and program the keys....thats it.

    I just bought a VCM II clone but the cd was bad,in the description it said it was v86.4. I need help using this forum to locate and install the correct IDS v86 using virtual Machine if i can. I have a Windows 8 64bit laptop

    File Type: .jpg
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 268.3 KB

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    Full analog of iprog calcs - zProg Calculators2015!

    Calculators for automaticly clear crash, correct odo, repair immo and calculate code for radio.

    List of cars in attachment: more then 5500 calcs (include new cars 2013-2014 years)

    Free update 1 year.
    [Image: pre_1423263107__3q.jpg]
    [Image: pre_1423263139__5q.jpg]
    [Image: pre_1423263175__6q.jpg]
    You can buy full package or only some modul.

    Odometers: 200 Euro

    Airbag:200 Euro

    Immo: 100 Euro

    Car Radio: 100 Euro

    Engine: 100 Euro


    Price of full - 500 Euro

    Programm protect by senselock key. They will delivery to you from express post.
    Price of key - 30 Euro. If you buy full - key as a gift!!
    [Image: senselock-3.jpg]

    accept paypal payments!

    skype: andrey.china85

    File Type: .txt
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    Size: 84.12 KB

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  • 02/06/15--14:57: jumper 2,2hdi IMMO OFF
  • HI !!

    I need immo off on ecu BOSCH 0281010345 _9648608680_D2242
    flash am29f400bt

    for jumper 2,2 hdi 2004

    Please hellp!

    File Type: .zip
    Downloaded: 7 times
    Size: 153.65 KB

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    If anyone sell an original ECM Titanium Full Version, please write me a pm.

    Thanks a los


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  • 02/06/15--15:28: Mercedes sprinter RV
  • I need some help guys my friend has a check engine light on her RV. I have never worked on these types of engines what can I use to read the code? And what interface do I need? Thanks!!

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  • 02/06/15--16:15: Ecu For sale
  • I sell ecu's

    Edc 17cp14 3.0tdi V6 Audi A4
    Edc17c46 volkswagen gtd 170 hp
    Med17.5.5 vw Polo gti 180hp
    Pcr 2.1 vw Polo
    Simos 10.xx Audi A1
    Edc 16u1
    Edc 16u31
    Med 9.1 vw mk6 r20 270 hp
    Edc 17cp14 2.0 TDI 140hp

    If you need ecu send me pm
    All ecu are immo off

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  • 02/06/15--16:43: Renault Reprog DVD V135
  • DVD Renault Reprog V135 (12/2014)


    Reprog Guide .Pdf

    Note : extract archive with Winrar 5.20
    Renault Reprog V135.zip
    File Type: .zip
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 300 bytes

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    Hi Guys, i need to change kilometers in Siemens VDO crypto Dash. Original file attach, need 59000 KM.. Its possible?

    VW-Gol Trend-Siemens VDO- 5U0920821N-QC6-24c16.ori.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 8 times
    Size: 1.51 KB

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    I have a svdi v19 and have problems with it unsuported cluster Sad

    I opend the interface and been shocked on the pcd is vvdi printed XD
    So i think its the same pcb and only the firmware is different

    Have someone a firmware from vvdi for me so i can try to convert it ?

    Thanks so much regards


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  • 02/07/15--11:25: Ford Freestar Radio Module
  • Hey Everyone,

    I am looking for the software to reprogram a 2007 Ford GAP radio in order to enable the aux feature in the car. Does anyone know how I can get this?


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    if i install isid , ista/p and ista/d on my pc , can i connect my icom on my pc and see falut code? can i program?

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  • 02/07/15--12:14: Perkins 1100 series issues
  • Hi,

    Got an 1104 with electronic.

    Keeps going into limp, codes are 1347-5 Fuel Rail 1# pressure valve solenoid current below normal and then seconds after this i get 0001-5, 0002-5, 0003-5, 0004-5 injector current below normal for all 4 cylinders.

    Supply pressure from lift pump is 60psi, ok.

    Fuel rail pressure varies have seen it between 35kpa - 75kpa on screen, mostly 50kpa.
    Problem seems to get worse with increase in temperature. Machine ok from cold.
    Machine will sit idling for say 15 mins then go into limp.
    When run fuel rail pump solenoid test it says, not ok (open).
    When run injector solenoid test is says fail (cant remember reason)
    Wiring looks ok, there was traces of oil in injector loom plugs and have cleaned plugs but no difference. ECU plug dry.
    Wont run fuel verification test due to fault appears when diagnostics tries to raise engine revs when warm
    Has 6500 hrs on it.

    Any suggestions would be helpful. At the moment im going for fuel pump solenoid sticking / complete hp pump but still learning. Is here anything else to investigate?

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  • 02/07/15--12:40: Scania ECU Help
  • does anyone know how to change the engine run hours on a scania ecm

    bought a second hand ecm and fitted it to the engine all works great ....although on the control panel it sees the engine run hours on the new ecm ..............

    any ideas anyone ?

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