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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    I have happened to two edc17c60 psa, 1037540764, which I read and write in bench with pcmflash. The car starts the first time and then never starts again. I put the original file back and it works fine. Thinking it was a Checksum problem, I corrected with winols and then wrote without checking with pcmflash, getting the same problem, dtc P3028.
    Rewriting the same file with Magic Flex works correctly. Does anyone know why this happens and how it could be solved?

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    hellow everyone, help me please remove dtc P1959 vw passat year 2007,engine type is: BMR 170cv, 
    ecu type is: simnos ppd1.2 , read BDM with ktag

    pay for file ! thank you in advance.


    hw 5wp45513af sw 6576286333.rar

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  • 10/04/19--14:22: Hyundai i10
  • Hi,

    I just need to find steering wheel radio and cruise control switches wiring diagram to catch extension cable. I will make a new harness.
    I got VIN as NLHA851CAFZ044318

    [Image: e0b6b08d73877568260b832c6a31a44d.jpg]

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  • 10/04/19--14:26: Searching file
  • Hi everybody
    I am searching flash file for 5G1920791 A Or b .frf if someone can give it to me
    Thanks a lot

    Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk

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  • 10/04/19--14:31: Cm870 into t2000 with cm871
  • I have a locked up cm871 in my t2000, I have a recently rebuilt cm870 in a 05 Volvo Vnl that has rust issues in frame so can’t be put to work. I want to put the cm870 into the Kenworth. According to the parts list for both engines the externals are different and for internals the injectors and cams are different. I don’t want to swap parts because the parts off the locked up cm871 can go on my other truck with that same engine as back up parts. Is there a way to rewire this to make it work? Thanks

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    I had a problem with a ecu bosch 0281010931 that did not start , the error messages i had where immobilizer related .
    On this veicule the immo is in 2 places : the immo box and the ECU .
    After checking i have found that the immo box programming was currupted that was the reson for the car not to work .
    I have now a set of files that i have tested and thay work .
    The file AM29F400BT_no_immo.bin works but the engine light stays on and the IMMO light too .
    If you use the second set of files for the ECU its a self learning code , so the frist time you connect the ECU it will loock it self to the car and learn the code on the immo box .
    If the programming on the immo box is not currupted you dont need to do any thing else if its currupted you need to reprogram the 93LC56 or 93C56 on the immo box and reprogram the keys.
    The pin for the immo box can be read from Address 000000B2 to 000000B4 in HEX and you ignore the frist 0 for exemple in hex Address 000000B2 :06 Address 000000B3 :37 Address 000000B4 :64 pin code is 63764
    Use these files at your own risk and allways make a backup of your files frist .
    If this helped you please press the thanks and +Reputation .



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    Have been reading and trying without any success yet...

    Downloaded and installed Mazda IDS 113. Starts up fine, did not need any patch or registry keys.
    Would like to make this IDS to work with my Openport J2534 interface.

    Have been replacing dll files in Program Files\Bosch... but that did not work or I did not understand what exactly to do...

    Any idea how to make the Mazda IDS to recognize and work with the Openport interface?

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  • 10/04/19--16:20: help ecu..
  • friends.
    can someone tell me if this ecu is me7.5?
    how can i identify her?
    I send the image of ecu


    ecu image.gif

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  • 10/04/19--16:52: help immo off Bosch ME7.5.10
  • good friends
    I ask help for immo off
    ibiza 1.4 gasoline
    bosch 0 261 206 031 me7.5.10
    chip st95040

    someone can help me



    ST95040_EEPROM (1).rar

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    ecu image.gif

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    Hey gang,
    Got 02 Lexus RX300 that someone messed up with eeprom while akl..
    Eeprom L56R - 93c56
    Need virgin ECU
    Attaching ecu label
    Thank you



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    Hi Mates.

    I was wondering what is the best quality-price truck interface option out there.

    I am looking at NEXIQ LINK 2. I will used it with cracked soft most of the time. I mostly work with Mack, Volvo, UD, Nissan Diesel, Wabco, Allison, Eaton.

    What would be the most complete general software for my application?


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    Could someone with access to Daimler system check the Service History of the following car?   

    I just need the last date serviced and the mileage.

    VIN:   WDDLJ7GB6FA141657

    Thanks much!

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  • 10/04/19--19:30: EGS52 String coding
  • Hello,

    Trying to change string coding for final drive. Tried vediamo & DAS. No Go. 

    read files from EGS52 via KTAG, used WINOLS to read FLS file. Problem I dont know where to change string coding. 

    When I try to change with vediamo or DAS. Says communication error** and wont change coding.

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  • 10/04/19--19:45: Wanted- John Deere EDL v3
  • Im looking to buy a genuine John Deere EDL v3, either new or used in very good condition. Prefer with cables. Thanks.

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    Hi Mates.

    Is anyone using Launch Idiag activated for trucks?

    I would like to know if it works well like the car version. I have the light vehicle version working perfectly but no sure about trucks.

    Also, is anyone using the 24v to 12v adapter for the idiag? and the 6 and 9 pin to obd2 adapters?

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    [Image: CmByKM1.jpg]

    [Image: MWJU6rS.jpg]

    [Image: fw72CjH.jpg]

    [Image: AbnjfdH.jpg]

    [Image: ss4Nqd0.jpg]

    [Image: zndBKAW.jpg]

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    After I done to disable IMMO of 2344 set as "Z" in XML editor, then using SOP to encrypt back, the SDP3 can't carry out the conversion. The error stated the SOPS version must have later version. FYI, I use SDP3 2.40.3. Please help



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  • 10/04/19--22:41: Pcmflash dealer?
  • Hi

    Is here any dealer of pcmflash?
    I need to buy some protocols and I am wondering if someone of you can provide better price than on ecutools site?

    Poslano z mojega VOG-L29 z uporabo Tapatalk

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    Here is Yamaha YDS 2.0. This is the newer version. Not the 1.33. I managed to bypass the required install key. The program installs and reads the database. I have not tested this on an engine. I don't have access to an interface. I know yamaha uses either can or k-line. I was wondering if it would be possible to force the program to use a different interface like a nexiq usblink or other interface. During the install ignore the install key and just click through the installer. After installing run the program select either outboard or pwc and select option 2) update. Point to DB file included in download. Restart the program and the database should be read. Again I ahve not tested this. I am just sharing it because I have not been able to find this program to download any where on the internet and I was hoping maybe someone could figure out the interface issue.



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  • 10/04/19--23:30: Audi RB4 crypto immo help
  • Hello All,

    I'm having trouble with my dashboard, I read the 24c08 from them but when I try to clone it on another cluster which is the same as mine, the issues are still present.

    Can someone help me by transfering the immo data from original to swap?

    Much appreciated!



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