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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    can someone provide me with info whats involve to adapt used PCM on 2012 ford focus 2L

    egine its Bosch MED17.0

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    Hi Everyone!!

    Could it be? 

    I've got 2,4V on both wires that go to the crank sensor.

    P0016 DTC Code.
    Cam sensor tested and good

    But still, this crank sensor seems to have a bias voltage on its wires. Is it possible?


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    Please i need clear crash airbag BMW E64

    65.77 9160559-01

    ACSM 220 4433-61

    Best regards


    95128 .65.77 9160559-01 crash.zip

    1.62 KB

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    Hi mates. Can someone confirm, has USA/EU adaptive bixenon lamps the same pinouts?
    I have a car from USA. There were eu lamps installed. And now There is no main beam. Shutters are not working. But no faults. And  all other functions are working. BCM coded to bixenon. Adaptive lights works ok. Control lamp are lighting on when I switch on dipped/main. But in fact no reaction. 
    And there is no v294/295 shutter motors check at bcm. At 55 module (xenon) I tried to turn on lights, and nothing. Elsa shows that there is no difference in wiring. Only one pin is present at USA and absent in eu, and it doesn't looks like I should cut it..
    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
    Vin is vwvrn7an9de502557.
    Lamp (left) is 3c8941033d aln.
    Can someone check if there is a difference of connection for original lamp and eu?

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  • 10/17/19--08:04: checksum needed
  • Hello All,

    somebody can make checksum for my file?

    Thak you for reading my threat.


    Volvo XC70 .rar

    134.84 KB

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  • 10/17/19--08:30: Baldo editor
  • Need Baldo editor. All propositions in PM

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  • 10/17/19--08:40: Bmw F10 528i Ori file need
  • Hi need ori file to Bmw F10 528i 2015

    Method obd

    ID PRT: 629
    SN: K17041049
    HW: 00001901013101
    SW: 00001C9F1D6E02
    SW Upg.:00001CB21D6E09
    SW Date:
    Imp.: DME-MEVD17.2.9______
    VIN: WBA5A5107FG176684
    SW Ver.: CVN: B5C6F7D2 PRG: 01

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    hi all
    i have a mercedes vito year 2005
    old key was broken , made new key where i took key pasword from old key
    elv does not work ,i installed emulator and new key it open ignition but does not start the car it says START ERROR
    any advise ?

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    Hi Guys I need your help, 
    I never done Mercedes Ignition switches before so please be lenient. 
    A good friend of mine brought me an old Mercedes W210 (nice car low milage) but with broken eis, can't turn key when inserted.
    He bought a donor EIS with key and replaced it by himself, of course it doesn't work, same situation key doesn't turn. He ask me If I can help him to adapt eis to the car but now  I have the car 2 eis switches and 3 keys and I don't even know what's the old eis and whats the new one, also I don't know what key is for what eis. Can someone with experience in that help me to solve this?


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    Searching original file for kess OBD write Smile

    Toyota Hiace 2011
    ECU Name
    ECU prod nr
    Hardware nr

    Regards Stefan

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    Howdy folks. do you have a full read file for this tool ?      have a nice work day.  BDM READ

    Hardware Nr.: 0281015576

    Software Nr.: 1037515038

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  • 10/17/19--09:23: internatnional N9/N10
  • Have a 2016 International 7400 with spn 132 FMI 31. N9/N10 Enginer. MAF sensor is new and wiring has no issues. When I look on computer I have Hz as an error with key on only, when its running its showing. Any idea, keeps throwing check engine. THink this could be a computer?

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    can someone correct this dump (93c46) it now has 63136 km and it needs 16015

    Thank you very much.

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    hi all,

    i have made a diagnose with VCDS initially ecu tell me p0691(gnd fan error) and i have replaced full fan. 

    Issue persist, i have disabled dtc by file fan start correctly but car after 2 minutes after the start minium increase from 850rpm to 1050rpm and still.

    I have make adjustments by VCDS and i have input 800rpm but issue persist.

    login VCDS code is 12233

    Anything have any suggestion?


    1571329610462_Audi A3 BMM edc16c34 Mattia Mascia.rar

    59.77 KB

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    Hi friends , need lambda off for this Range Rover 2005 year 390hp, if possible power remap too.

    Dtc errors present: P0036 , P0056 - Heated Oxygen Sensor Circuit
    Denso Ecu SW:47369 HW:NNN500412

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  • 10/17/19--09:49: Nissan Maxima Pin code
  • Hi everyone!!!
    I need pin code nissan maxima 
    Siemens B. Made in Mexico.
    5WK4 8042A_G 10666A

    2605 doesn't work...

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    Hi, I am a new member from Malaysia, I first time using this thread, hope any friends can help me to active my Toyota tis techstream software. Thanks.
    Software ID: CE848A10C266121ADB9D99A46AE47106

    Software Version: 14.20.19

    Best Regards

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    hi to all.i have a yaris 2008 and dies after batery drain.i read immo box and is corupted.the box is 89780-0d011 and the car have only one key and i think is not the master.is black.what i can do for that?have anyone dump file virgin or i take from same car and do it auto learn key with fvdi?work?thanks for help

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  • 10/17/19--10:16: CFF file for VGS3
  • I have here a VGS3 unit with SW number 0009022707. There is no such a file with this number in abrites 7g database. Can someone tell me an older or a newer sw version what belongs to this sw number?
    Car is CLS W218 250 CDI 218.303

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  • 10/17/19--10:25: Immo problem BMW 330 XD 2007
  • is it possible to do immo off ? i have kess. ktag. galletto. kwp 2000 and carprog

    BMW 330XD TOURING  engine cod:M57-TU2D30  År:2008  Månad:200709  Reg.dat:20071025  KW:170  HK:231  Chassinr:WBAVT91040KX28194   

     the cuctomer change batery in car and after it say code 50 i dont know in witch ecu i hav not car in workchop only info what customer tell me i have only delphi diagnos tool not bmw tool

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