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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 10/29/19--11:36: Help crash data Audi A4
  • Hi friends
    Anyone can help me? i need reset crash data 
    Audi A4  8E0959655G  0285001668

    Attached 95640 eprom dump

    Thanks in advance


    ori 1.rar

    1.42 KB

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    Good evening friends

    I'm at the very beginning of my possible tuning career and wonder if anyone can be so kind to help me along the way.

    Recently performed my first tuning with the KESS V2 on my Landrover Freelander td4. The tuning file was purchased so have done nothing but read and write.

    My question is as follows: I want to open both the original and the tuned file to compare them. Have several Land Rover cars that I want to try to create files based on the changes made to the purchased file. Is this possible and which program is easiest? I have WinOls and ECM Titanium.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • 10/29/19--11:54: BMW R1200RT mileage update
  • Hi Mates. BMW R1200RT 2015 year production. the LCD screen was damaged, the cluster replaced with a second donor. it is necessary to make a correction of the mileage because it does not agree with the one recorded in BMSK. what is the layout on the PCB in the cluster where the mileage is recorded ??

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    All the forums state that wiring diagrams are found in ISTA.  The BMW service DVD does not include wiring diagrams.  So I went to ISTA website to pay, and copy my diagrams but the sign has a disclaimer that is has no motorcycle information.  So which version of ISTA do I need, and who is most reputable to purchase from?

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    Hi all MHH friends,

    i need some help in clearing this file. 

    airbag unit 

    0285011060 a9069014700 q1  with 95320

    vw crafter 2015

    best regards


    Crafter crash data 0285011060 a9069014700 q1 CRASH ON.rar

    1.2 KB

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    Hello, I have a problem with a car that does not drive

    I have the following error in the bms battery module

    P1D799A contactor of the high voltage battery module has been opened due to a relase fault.

    in no other module I have errors what can I do about it


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    I need immo Data PIN CS Immo id .... from a Audi Q5 from 2009 the problem is that the car burn out because of the DPF and now i need put some used parts in the car
    the only thing i have is the original key.

    I is possible to get this information from vin????
    Or other way???

    Best regards

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  • 10/29/19--12:25: MAN Tgs EDC7C32 engine swap
  • I have swapped a blown engine and had to fit a bigger engine both engines run the same ecu part no and the original ecu from truck runs the new engine but I need to get the power output adjusted to match the bigger engine and maybe a mild tune whilst I’m there.
    The original engine was 360hp from 10500cc and the new engine is 440hp from 12500cc I have opened both ecus and read with Ktag and I tried to load the map file from the 440 onto the 360 ecu but it doesn’t now start as the vin and immo data have also transferred so I’m wondering what the best option is either immo off the 440 ecu or can the files be mishmashed onto the 360 ecu? Being a little nieve I thought a little tune on the 440 file loaded onto the 360 and hey presto 500hp Fing20

    I have sent the files over to my usual file writing co but I’m waiting to hear back if they can do it so thought I’d put the feelers out for any suggestions and if it is even possible . 653

    Thanks in advance

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  • 10/29/19--12:31: Need original file clio 1.4
  • Hi, 

    I made fuckup with backup while my wife walked into the room and start talking to me, now software is gone  1087

    Need original from this ECU;

    Renault Clio II 1.4 FENIX 5 
    S115301100 C

    Big Grin



    304.69 KB

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    Hi guys!
    Anyone can Remap Mss50 ecu?
    I can find only fuel and inlet cam map and Rev limit. 

    PayPal wait.



    8.27 KB



    8.12 KB

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  • 10/29/19--12:34: BSI peugeot johnson KM

  • Can someone help me with the KM of this BSI
    Peugeot Partner
    Original 331118KM

    Thank you all

    Obrigado a todos

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  • 10/29/19--12:37: 2017 NAVISTAR ON COMMAND
  • just got my hands on this works great PM  for password


    navistar on command 2017.rar

    221 bytes

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    HI FRIENDS. I NEED IMMO OFF Chevrolet Captiva 2.0 (2008)

    Model: Chevrolet Captiva
    Motor capacity: 2.0cc
    Diesel/Gasoline: diesel
    Production year: 2008
    ECU type and number: edc16c39 0281015176
    Memories of ECU: flash m58bw016db
    Description: I want immo off.
    Chevrolet Captiva 2.0Cc 150Cv Year 2008.

    EEPROM ECU 95640


    origin eeprom chevrolet captiva.rar

    1.2 KB

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  • 10/29/19--13:00: DTC OFF Opel Vivaro EDC16C33
  • Hi friends!

    I need to remove P062F error - eeprom. Read using Ktag. Bosch EDC16CP33 0 281 014 208. Opel Vivaro 2.0CDTI

    Thank you for your help.


    0281014208 vivaro.zip

    690.36 KB


    0281014208 vivaro 2.zip

    617.12 KB

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    Hello. After programming CAS-module using Insta-P Cas corrupted.

    I need working flash and eeprom. I think only flash is enough.
    Please share flash if you have readed this number module.

    Attacment is corrupted flash and probably working eeprom. They are readed using R270.

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    I need to delete good dtc from flash, file from onother man fires P0000 instead original fault so please pm anyone. Urgent

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  • 10/29/19--13:03: John Deere 6105R Ecu Read
  • hello i have try read a Tractor with Kess 5.017 
    take a Original John Deere Cable ´´144300K227´´ but without sucsess 
    know somewhere why cant read ? older john deere can read (L14/L16)


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  • 10/29/19--13:18: fiesta st180 workshop manual
  • Hello

    Is somebody who has fiesta st180 workshop manual or its engine workshop manual? Thank you very much.

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    Hi car is VW Passat 1.8T  150HP  ANB 2000y. Avant FWD. 
    Someone previously incorrectly encoded the ECU Engine, now it is coding 11001 and the ECU has error P1612-35-00 engine driver incorrectly encoded.

    Do any of you know what the correct code should be for the engine control unit?

    thank you


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  • 10/29/19--13:45: dtc off fiat 500 iaw5sf9
  • Hi friend, is possible remove this dtc in this ecu fiat 500 iaw5sf9?

    dtc is p0138



    ori 500 5sf9 sw 1307u55.rar

    232.24 KB

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