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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Hello! I need to immo off a Citroen Nemo with EDC16C34. It is a Fiat immo system. I need immo off because the immo problems are always back in a few weeks, so the costumer wants to immo off it forever.

    Here is the original file, (It may be corrupt, there was a lot of work on this car in other shops)

    Thank you!


    0 281 014 444 Eeprom 95160 ori.rar

    840 bytes

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    tested and working solutions, not like some free tools ;-)

    You can see files in the text doc

    100€ payment accept paypal

    [img][URL=https://www.pic-upload.de][Image: 1.png]
    [img][URL=https://www.pic-upload.de][Image: 2.png]
    [img][URL=https://www.pic-upload.de][Image: 3.png]



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  • 10/30/19--09:05: CALTERM 4.7
  • alwas gert error Error while opening the datasource. Please see details for further information.


    Stack Trace:    at Cummins.DataSource.DataSourceFactory.CreateCalibrationDataSource(String productId, String configFile, String calibrationFile)
      at Cummins.CaltermApplication.ApplicationDataServer.CreateDataServer()
      at Cummins.CaltermApplication.ApplicationController.OpenCalibration(WorkingMode workingMode)

    any one knows how to fix it ?
    i need to remove zapit pass's on a truck

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  • 10/30/19--09:05: immo off vw polo
  • hello all master

    i need immo of to this ecu please

    vw polo 2003

    ecu: 036 906 034 fl
    eeprom 95080

    all details in the file attached



    polo 2003 95080 IAW4MV.FL 036 906 034 FL.rar

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    hello I am looking to do immo off on Chevrolet Camaro
    Here are the references on the photo
    09361735 CSHB
    Thanks for your help



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    2019.07 Subaru Select Monitor install and activation via Teamviewer. 

    Contains the full Subaru suite : SSM4, SSM3, FlashWrite 1, FlashWrite 2 and the Flash Database for your specific region. 

    If you need the Subaru Fast ( parts catalougue by VIN, it's extra). 

    No Key sale, no keygen sale, no file sale. 

    I only recommend the original Subaru Denso DST-I, if you want to use aftermarket devices, you are on your own, I do not recommend those and I will not help you setup chinese clones (because I had installs that were damaged by it).

    If you need to purchase an original Subaru multiplexer, please shoot me a message. 

    Price : 250$ via Paypal, 225$ via Bitcoin. 

    If you need an older version , please go to my old SSM4 thread here 

    Contact via Skype : subarutech@tutanota.com



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  • 10/30/19--09:24: Ford LSRNS need code
  • Hello

    I need a code for the radio Ford LSRNS
    8C1T 18K931 AD
    815 C7E3F0584B2689094
    7 612 330 584

    thx for any help

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  • 10/30/19--09:32: NISSAN 3T5 SPEED LIMITER
  • Hi everyone
    I have a truck nissan 3t5 of 2005 120 ch with limiter to 88kmh
    I would have liked to release the limiter if someone can help me
    thank you


    nissan atleon 5T.rar

    118.69 KB

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  • 10/30/19--09:34: Opel Vectra C - PIN
  • Hi, 
    Could you read PIN from the dump that I've added in attachment?
    ECU: Siemens 5WK9 1740

    Thanks in advance! Smile



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  • 10/30/19--09:40: Swfl files for f15 egs
  • Please anyone could share the swfl files same as the pic for egs f15 [Image: fbf5e4438319591cfe896c2ae1891619.jpg]

    Sent from my JKM-LX1 using Tapatalk

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  • 10/30/19--09:42: DD13 Injector codes
  • i have been on again off again messing with a truck. Before I started working here engine blew hole in block. Engine was replaced with one from LKQ. Engine was in derate and went to 3 different repair facilitioes. problem was with Fuel Quantity Control Valve, they replaced valve and still had the same problem, i repaired wiring from MCM and that fixed that problem. Now after i rev to over 1000 RPM it triggers faults for Injector Needle Control Valve on cylinders 4, 5, 6. engine will miss until i clear the codes. i have swapped injectors, new Engine harness, 2 different MCM's, new injector harness. at a complete loss here and scratching my head. any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi friends I have a problem with ford fiesta immo sync, in attachment there is sim 210 ecu eeprom (93c86), and dash hc912 eeprom files. Can anyone check me these files are, or not in syncro, and syncro if need? I tried with ford all in one, but  doesn't work on it...


    ford fiesta 1.4 16v 2008.rar

    995 bytes

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    Hi mates
    Is someone here what offert or can sale Scanmatik 2Pro with somes plugin ?
    pls only genuine tool

    Thanks four reply

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    Hi friends
    can somebody help me about dump from BC mag.marelli eep95160?i backup via lonsdor eep and after go add second key but key add failed,recover backup eep and now immo blinking and not work same first key,pls can somebody help me about this BC?503440270 1364523080 NBC250C.00

    P.S. or can somebody tell me pin code from this dump?

    BR asto


    DUCATO_BC 95160eep_org.rar

    512 bytes

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  • 10/30/19--10:22: Nexiq usblink 2 adaprets
  • I need some guidance guys. I currently own a nexiq usblink 2 with the y adapter. I want to get the OBDII and Volvo adapters but they seem pricy. I know that the have the identification chip in the adapters so there's no way to just make them or is there?. Would it be better to get one of the regulator USB links and make my own? Any help is appreciated. 

    Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk

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    Hi, i have a CITROEN C3 from 2012, Valeo ECU V29010314A, CMDE9676782980, it has broken eprom, not possible to read its content...can somebody help me sending me a good immo off dump for it please? I have Diagbox for configuring it after that if necessary. THANKS A LOT, best regards Blush

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    Hi, i have a CITROEN C3 from 2012, Valeo ECU V29010314A, CMDE9676782980, it has broken eprom, not possible to read its content...can somebody help me sending me a good immo off dump for it please? I have Diagbox for configuring it after that if necessary. THANKS A LOT, best regards Blush

    I got an ori eprom from another ECU with the same reference numbers...can somebody make immo off it please? eprom dump attached


    95320 VALEO EPROM.zip

    813 bytes

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  • 10/30/19--10:41: Audi A8 3.0TDI File
  • Have someone Ori File for:

    Audi A8 3.0TDI 233HP Bosch edc16CP34

    Software: 1037_377109

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  • 10/30/19--10:45: Golf 1K PIN code
  • Hi all, 

    can you calc the PIN for me please. 
    ECU - MM 4HV and dash EEP attached. Thank you.


    GOLF 1K.rar

    1.4 KB

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    I have this Citroen C5 Aircross from 2019 and it needs an airbag reset because it was involved in a crash, every airbag that blew was replaced and the belt tensioners too. But a new airbag module is very expensive, so I am looking for someone who can reset crash data.

    Airbag module Continental 98 237 418 80 or A2C15940302
    Eeprom SPC560P50L

    What program do I need to read this eeprom and who can help me with crash reset? I will pay for services.
    Thank you!

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