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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 11/09/19--12:09: Need File Range Rover Evoque
  • Need a file for Range Rover Evoque  HW 0281032607  SW 10sw000058
    Thanks for help

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    anyone have BDM read 

    4F2910402A 0050



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    [Image: FhE6Tt.png]

    car Global online programming Geko account and license=
    One Years 650 USD,One months 50 USD,one time :25USD
    SEAT car Global online programming Geko account and license=One Years 650 USD,One months 50 USD,one time :25USD
    SKODA car Global online programming Geko account and license=One Years 650 USD,One months 5USD,one time :25USD
    Vw car Global online programming Geko account and license=One Years 650 USD,One months 50 USD,one time :25USD
    [Image: UsBmgv.jpg]
    Ford Vcm, Vcm2 IICVM=One months 50 USD
    Mazda Vcm, Vcm2 IICVM=One Years 1200 USD,One months 100 USD

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    i tried few codes with the calculator but not working..

    1K0907379AD 18 bytes coding
    Brakes front 1KD 288mm rear 253
    Engine 2.0TDI CBBB GTD

    thanks ffor your helps

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  • 11/09/19--13:05: BMW F30 cruise control
  • HI. I have retrofitted steering wheel with  cruise control . and now need codding , I have bimmercode apk . On old steering wheel was only LIM button. may same know how to? thanks

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  • 11/09/19--13:25: File Service Portal
  • Hi, 

    Does anyone know a good solution for offering File Service to customers instead of using thinks like mail / whatsapp ? 
    Maybe a PHP Based script or something else. Doesn't have to be open-source / free don't mind paying Smile


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  • 11/09/19--13:39: Rns 310 need help
  • Hi. Can you please help me to unlock my rns 310

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    I have here a old Mitsubishi Grandis with edc16u31 every time when i will read with kess v2 the file i become a rolling code error message.
    Someone a idea ?

    Others works without a Problem

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  • 11/09/19--13:45: Jlr pathfinder ccf edit
  • Somebody can help me change some options ccf in jaguar f-pace 2019 or somebody have ccf editor for pathfinder?
    Thanks and regards.

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    Hi guys,

    I got 3GP+ unit from Japan, which can't start propetly.
    After turning on still got start screen Audi SQ5.

    Unit was flashed with K900 software.

    In Putty got strange error:

    Quote:!PPC: CIOCPresCtrlPersistence::processResponseDataSetReadBuffer: DATASET_BUS_ASSIGNMENT_COMPLETE CRC not ok; different CRCs: receivedCRC = 0x0; calculatedCRC = 0xb441; sending empty buffer[MSG]@6274 (122921.43): Registering component OnOffPresCtrl a

    What you think about that?

    Thank you very much for help Smile


    53.03 KB



    167.47 KB

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  • 11/09/19--14:58: KM Hyundai 2018
  • Some colleague can help me with this file ..........
    My calculators don't work, they show another km

    Brand: Hyundai
    Model: GranI10
    Displacement: 1200cc
    Year: 2018
    Manual transmission
    EEPROM: 24C16
    Current KM: 105985
    KM Modified: 38000

    Attachment Reading



    911 bytes

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    Hi Guys.

    I am still struggling with getting cruise control to work on E46 320d M47 Engine EU4.   Car is 2003 auto transmission but is running on DDE ECM from manual late 2005 EU4 model as this ECM came with very low mileage engine. This is one of last E46`s  with Electric Turbo control Actuator.

    Current ECM is missing clutch signal hence it cuts out cruise control instantly when set.

    I am after BDM for Auto Transmission version.
     HW : 0281011122  
     SW : 1037377369
     UPG SW : 07801004

    Or maybe somebody here can change config in DDE`s  original  EEprom from manual to auto ???

    I am ready to pay for correct BDM for Auto version if somebody here has one or changing config in EEprom.

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  • 11/09/19--16:22: 2013 MACK MP8 HP
  • Hey is there a way to raise horse power and torque on a Mack with a MP8.... LOOKING ASSISTANCE with this customer.. thanks and likes ...

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    Hello Friends ,

    Need dpf and adblue off fuso canter edc17cp52

    Please help

    Best Regards


    fuso canter edc17cp52.rar

    987.09 KB

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    hello some one can change the mileage
    original haven 346117 KM
    i need 271865KM
    Thank in adance


    EEPROM TC1766.rar

    2.38 KB


    DEFAP TC1766.rar

    523.28 KB

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  • 11/09/19--18:31: Please help remove DTC
  • Please can someone help me remove following DTC:

    Or if it is easier to remove DTC table that will works great as well.
    ECU is bosh ME 2.0 and car is 2000 ML430



    134.58 KB

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    hi guys is there anyone who would be able to help me to get the correct coding for my 08 plate leon fr tdi 170 bmn abs pump module plz?

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  • 11/09/19--20:54: help navistar zeus mode
  • can someone help me install navkal 
    I have all the generators and files but I don't understand the instructions


    1 activate this navistar2 registry.
    2 install navkal in admin mode and generate the license when requested, but still do not open the navkal program just install it.
    3 Open Navkal's location and copy and replace the CDB folder.
    4 turn off wiffi before starting navkal so you can select this user.
    5 enter navkal with user: navistar2, password: Navistarperu10 #
    6 enter dealer number: 235453 and location: 000
    7 press your button thanks + rep, do not forget to rate the publication.

    user: navistar2
    Password: Navistarperu10#

    user: navistar
    password: 123

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  • 11/09/19--22:56: Launch X431 GDS not working
  • Hi guys,I have got my x431 GDS that has been working very nice before, but soon after trying to update it and failed my GDS very unfortunately has stopped working, I even trying to uninstall all the softwares and re-install them again but with no luck,so please anybodys help will be of highly appreciated, so that I could make use for my GDS again

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  • 11/09/19--23:09: Ambient in w204
  • Hello the respected clubmen.
    An idea to set w204 Facelift sedan in my appearedilluminating from beneath for space of feetbut not ordinaryand AmbietSense in what to choose one of Three colorssimilarly it will be the First stagefrom illuminating from beneath in feetI plan to add her to the doorsand to lay out a report with a photo.

    Associating with a man at that already it is set but in w204 pre face lift knew that plafonds are needed with on 4 pin, 1 massand 3 from Front SAMbut electro- a chart he was not able to give.
    I ask to help with the electro-chart of connecting from SAM . I am at somebody experience or knowledge herein

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