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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 11/10/19--05:19: Freightliner/detroit support
  • Hey if anyone looking oem support, program any freightliner or Detroit modules to factory by VIn… PM me... can program sam cab, sam chassis, cpc, msf, single sam(2019), any modules, all Detroit ecm,ACM,cpc…. bulkhead modules for the M2... thanks.

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  • 11/10/19--05:33: IC222 Virginize Cluster W205
  • hello community I have a w205 speedometer (IC222) and would like to access it with diagprog 4 on it. I heard I need to flash one or more files again. !? but which ? Can anybody give me a tip.

    Actually i get the message: Unknown Version.

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    Good afternoon guys,

    I have a smart 2014 with a startstop error and error b1267 through diag.  From the plug in the ignition switch, there are 2 cut wires, a white one and red one.  Red is 12v.  Could these wires be stopping the startstop system from working? Where should they be going to? Wires are small diameter wires.  Thanks

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    Hi guys, i need your help with something.
    I downloaded Delphi 2015.1 R3 and 2016.0, but i have troubles installing it.
    It's not my first install and i never had problems earlier, but this time i simply can't get it to work.

    What happens next;
    I install Delphi (either version, 2015 or 2016 it doesn't really matter), installation goes well without any problem,
    and i manage to actually activate the software. But each time after shutting down / restarting my laptop, when i start Delphi software again,
    it asks for activation, like i haven't already activated it. It's the same with v 2015.1 R3 and 2016.0.

    I uninstalled the software, cleaned left overs and reinstalled it well over 10 times now, but i keep having the same problem - i activate it, and when i start delphi again,
    it asks for activation.

    I'm currently using Windows 10 x64 , but i've used the software on same version of windows earlier, so i don't know what could possibly cause the problem.

    Please help.


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    Motor type should be D4164T, 80kw. Is OBD kline/CAN wiring complete done? Volvo is well known this issue(no wired to OBD)

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    Best price...PM

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    Best price...PM

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    Best price...PM

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    I need a pinout of st cas and for st62 for digiprog 3. For black and white cas.



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  • 11/10/19--07:31: bmw g30 codings
  • hello! i by an bmw 520i g30

    now like to change some codings

    vim i found only to max 59kmh(FF like old f series.)

    start stop shuld works in engine ecu.  (will test this)
    how change cluster to alpina optik ?

    wich miore options are interesting to change?

    car have full options.

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    Iam looking for 0D9300012B_4801 software for Temic.  Who can help?

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  • 11/10/19--08:27: VVDI Key Tool Smart Remote
  • Hello

    I try to Generate Remote for Smart OLD Key 3 Buttons 433 MHZ and i have this Error , i dont now why ?

    Thanks for Help



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    Gesendet von meinem CUBOT KING KONG mit Tapatalk

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    AUTODATA 3.45 English language - Final Update

    Works on Windows XP and Windows 7 x86 x64

    This is the latest version of the program before the online release!
    The program contains information on vehicles up to 2014.

    *The buyer is provided with a link to download the program directly.


    Please if you have interest PM for details 

    Also please price only be PM !!!

    Any question please ask PM

    Thank you


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    Please can some one please me correct Hyundai 2013 with small mirco c66 its very small all i need to know is the pinouts to read it and write to it .Thanks [Image: ccb1f7225a458f56dd0a916b50aaf436.jpg]

    Sent from my SM-J250F using Tapatalk

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    DSTC (Dynamic Stability Traction Control system) equipped vehicles within the chassis range listed below may set BCM (Brake Control Module) DTC 0076 after performing a BCM software download. On the XC90 DTC 0117 may also accompany BCM DTC 0076.

    atttaced serive info

    is it possible to solve without going to the dealer?




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  • 11/10/19--09:14: Volvo S60 dash mcu dump need
  • hi, I need English flash dump for Volvo S60 2.4 d5 2003 instrument cluster 69294-630T with mcu mask 3K91D, 128kb in size
    old dash died, I put used dash with all same serial numbers but it is not waking up when connected to car, new dash is from year 2002 maybe this is problem?

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    Can someone help, whit witch tool can ecu be read? Or which EDC is it??

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  • 11/10/19--10:25: 722.9 problems
  • Hello guys 
    I have problem whit my 722.9 w221 2008 gearbox when changing gear from 2-3 
    i have complete new gearbox and converter and complete new valve body whit conducter plate 
    i have problem when shifting from 2-3 under normal acelleration the shift is bumby/hard , if i nearly dont accelerate then the shift is good from 2-3 

    when i do the gear adaptation from 2-3 then it shifts smooth but that also not under acceleration.

    what can my problem be ? does the converter adapt filling presurre and time ? so after xxx km it gets better ?
    there is corret oil in gearbox and all is new and valve body is mountet whit online scn coding

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  • 11/10/19--10:56: DTS 8.13.029 Please license
  • Pleas activate license for DTS 8.13.029

    HWID: 1057-0927-F4AB-C4C6-E72F-AADD-0046-35D3


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  • 11/10/19--10:56: Stage 1 TDI
  • hi all

    anyone have a stage one tune for a golf 5 TDI

    SW: 1037382083
    VIN nr.: AAVZZZ1KZ7U037926
    SW ver.:
    Engine: R4 1,9L EDC
    HW Ver.:
    SW upg.: 03G906021KH 9245


    tdi ceo.rar

    53.49 KB


    tdi id.txt

    145 bytes

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