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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Hey guys, I have a ford IDS clone, and a GM MDI clone.  I am looking for something similar for jeep/dodge/chrysler.

    My ECM just went out in my trail Jeep cherokee (1996) and I am looking into purchasing a used ECM.  What better time than now than to buy a tool so that I can flash my VIN to the new computer. 

    With ford and GM, I can flash older vehicles for free with some of the software out there...Dodge stuff is kind of convoluted, so I was looking for some assistance.

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    ECU giving injector problems. Found 2nd hand ECU same part numbers.
    I have been reading about using KTAG to unlock ECU, apparently need PIN, MAC and CS, is that correct?

    My questions are
    1. Can we use fvdi to extract PIN, MAC and CS safely?
    2. What is best way to read eeprom? remove? Ktag? KESS?
    3. Once we have this information, is best to use ODIS online? If so, someone can help (we will pay for odis login obviously)

    Sorry to ask, but we never had to close pcr2.1 yet and need to learn.


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  • 11/10/19--22:36: CALTERM 4.2 gift
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  • 11/10/19--22:41: Mercedes SCN MYTH!!
  • Hello,

    as many things circulate online that xentry block scn and bla bla bla, use this pay me more get long key and all, its a joke.

    here is what i tried to do.

    i have oem xentry i stopped using it, i installed a normal xentry for 100$ from a guy, with some patches and all he did.

    kept using my scn for 95 days total now and not even blocked or anything a single time, even if it does i can find out reason but since it didnt, this blocking is joke.

    it blocks only when multiple user use 1 account as simple as that or enter wrong pass 2-3 times.

    you guys can try it too Smile
    it was an informative post to just clear one thing of the way, about being scared of the online accounts.

    good luck

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    hi any can help me with how retrofit w246 from halogen headlight to led one?

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    I spoke to UK guy some time ago had discounts on smok licences. I need amok and licence to read and write pcr2.1

    If you can help pls get in touch


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    The SUPER DP5 is a new vehicle diagnostic device based on Android. This powerful equipment is suitable for a wide range of vehicles, providing accurate results.This item do not support bluetooth.

    SUPER DP5 Package Full Version Functions:
    Immobilizer+Mileage Correction+Diagnosis+Special Functions (Oil rest +ABS+Battery matching+ECU programming+EPB+Throttle programming+Airbag rest+TPMS+Steering angle rest+OBDII+DPF+Injector code+Supension matching+Gear learning+CVT learning)

    SUPER DP5 Software Features:
    - Immobilizer / Remote programming

    Super DP5 supports the following models and functions:
    - European Cars:
      For VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat (Standard)
      For VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat (Advanced) --(add NEC 24C64 2014-key programming)
      For BMW (Standard)
      For BMW (Advanced) --(Add FEM/BDC key programming, ISN code reading etc.)
      For Volvo
      The other European cars

    - Asian Cars:
      For Hyundai /Kia (Standard)
      For Hyundai /Kia (Advanced) --(Add 47/8A/46 smart key pin code reading)
      For Toyota /Lexus (Standard)
      For Toyota /Lexus (Advanced) --(For Middle east cars, it adds H chip all keys lost (Immo box reset)
      The Asian cars

    - North American Cars:
      For Ford(Standard)
      For Ford (Advanced) --(Add Ford after 2015 key programming functions, I.E: Mobdeo,Edge,Taurus,Escort,EVEREST,Explorer,F-150 SVT Raptor,Mustang,Lincoln MKZ, MKC and Continental 2015 – etc.)
      For GM(Standard)
      For GM(Advanced)
      The other American & Chinese cars –(Can perform BMC pin code reaing on these cars:-2017Lacrosse,Lacrosse,Trax,EnvisionGL8,MALIBU,AVEO, Excelle before 2015, Cruze etc.)

    - Cluster Calibration
      All cars cluster calibration

    - 4-system Diagnosis
      Engine, Transmission, ABS, airbag reset

    - OBDII Diagnosis
      Full functions diagnosis
      Full-system all-cars diagnosis

    Special Functions:
    - Oil Service Reset
      Reset the Oil Service Light on
    - Manual Remote Setting
      Some cars only supports manual remote setting
    - ABS Bleeding
      After replacing the ABS pump and related components
    - Battery Matching
      After the battery is changed, you need to match the battery
    - ECU Programming
      The car with EPB replace brake pads --(Electronic Parking Brake release)
    - Throttle Programming
      Used to clear the learning value after cleaning the throttle, otherwise it will cause high idle speed
    - Airbag Reset
      Used to clear airbag ECU collision data after a vehicle collision, otherwise the ECU cannot be reused
    - TPMS Reset
      Used for reset after tire pressure alarm
    - Steering Angle Reset
      Replacement of data lost after steering angle change or power off
    - OBDII Engine
      Used to diagnose the car with OBD protocol
    - DPF Regeneration
      Diesel Particulate Filter Operational
    - Injector Coding
      Used to match and code the injector after replacement
    - Suspension Match
      Used to match and set the suspension after adjusting
    - Gear Learning
      Used to learn the crankshaft position sensor after power off ,only the domestic vehicle equipped with the Delphi system has this function
    - CVT Learning
      Used to reset the learning value after maintenance of CVT transmission
    - Steering Angle Repair
      Used for the repair of lost data of vehicle steering angle sensor

    Package Included:
    - 1 x Tablet
    - 1 x SUPER DP5 Diagnostic Box
    - 1 x Tablet DC Charger
    - 1 x USB Cable
    - 1 x OBD II-16 Adapter
    - 1 x Adapter for HONDA-3
    - 1 x Adapter for HYUNDAI/KIA-10 
    - 1 x Adapter for KIA-20
    - 1 x Tool Box

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    I have programed new Key with Renolink Car starts , but the Remote Not working.
    Key PCF 7947. Can i Programed this Remote with Renolink ?


    Gesendet von meinem CUBOT KING KONG mit Tapatalk

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  • 11/11/19--00:44: CNH 9.1 KM
  • I would like to buy CNH 9.1 with keymaker

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    I found a strange 315LP key. While most keys I have seen that are 315LP have a fixed frequency of 314.9, this one seems to have a completely different frequency that jumps around. It locks and locks.

    I need to make a key but never seen a blank that behaves like this. Fixed 315LP key does not work!!

    Where can I get similar blanks?

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    i need immo off EDC16C34 0281012980

    Thanks all



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  • 11/11/19--01:01: can filter RH smok probleme
  • hello I install a filter in ezs w205 2018 the filter RH at home smok I can not communicate with plug obd I do not fit in any box with obd I do not know how to do etraznge problem I communicate with can filter rh since smok but what is this function ???????

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    I need SMR-F file please for my X253 Hermes module : 2139027520,0009029437,0009027546
    Someone could share them please ?

    Thank you in advance

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    does anybody know where the tx and rx lines are at the mib std2?

    I have found at XDA (from mengxp) a solution to activate the terminal output:

    Quote:This device does not have serial shell .
    But I successfully hacked the emmc filesystem
    Now serial port has a shell

    Desolder the EMMC chip

    Dump EMMC chip via SD card reader

    qemu-img convert -f raw d:\682C_EMMC_DUMP.bin -O vmdk d:\682c.vmdk

    Start QNX x86 vmware machine to modify the 682c.vmdk

    modify the file /fs/hd1-qnx6/tsd/bin/system/startup
    add following line
    echo ser1 "/bin/login -f root" qansi-m on > /tmp/ttys
    /sbin/tinit -f /tmp/ttys &
    Save the file

    Shutdown QNX6 VM

    qemu-img convert -f vmdk d:\682c.vmdk -O raw C:\682C_EMMC_DUMP.bin

    write C:\682C_EMMC_DUMP.bin to EMMC via SD card reader

    Solder the EMMC chip back


    I also have a option to read eMMC via ISP, look at the attachmend.

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    My Ford Transit Custom 2013 2.2 TDCI 155hp has started to randomly shut off the dashboard, it varies if its just the lamps and gauges thats shut off ( still background light ) or if its the complete dashboard ( all turns black ) When this happens the car and everythying is working just as it should, except for the trailer running lights, they go black aswell

    I do not believe the fault is within the cluster, because i have disconnected it and taken it for a drive, and the same random frequency for blacking out the trailer lights still occur.

    Anyone have any idea what can be the cause? Relay, modules etc?

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  • 11/11/19--01:32: kessv2 manuals pin out guide
  • does anyone have any manuals for kessv2?

    need the guide to bootloader bosch tricore medc17 Mitsubishi 

    bootloader tricore
    bosch edc17 mitsubishi 
    via the protocols menu

    just need a pin out guide or some help

    pretty sure the lines are correct just need to know the boot wire location as im getting a "MICRO wakeup error'

    thanks and rep in advance

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    It's possible to reset and re-learing the DPF in OM651 (250CDI) whit vediamo and CRD3?

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    Hi all.
    Have a problem here Toyota Land Cruiser 2004 with Denso Ecu 89661-6A350 175800-7252 motor 1KD-FTV 3.0.
    The repro is done by DIMSPORT also the ori file is send back by DIMSPORT.
    My problem is i try to write back ori file by KTAG but i got checksum error.
    Is posible to be incompatibility dumps problem?



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  • 11/11/19--02:17: MB STAR C3
  • I got this tool from some one and when I open it it says

    No access authorization code Please contact the Star Diagnosis call center

    any one can help

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  • 11/11/19--02:24: SCN ACCOUNT 3 MONTH FOR RENT
  • european account

    price is 500 euro

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