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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 11/17/19--04:24: RNS300 need pin from dump
  • Hello!
    Anyone can help with code from this dump?


    Sector 59.rar

    686 bytes

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    Hi, guys. Please, help me to remove DTC P0171 from this file. Thanks in advance


    orig EX_FHDP_D07006_Z16XE1_A0300009.zip

    211.28 KB

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    like the title say's i need a Mercedes Benz MB Star Diagnose C3 C4 Multiplexer RS232 to RS485

    shipped in the EU  as i dont have time to wait for china cable

    i have one with pcb inside so thats the one i need, see picture

    offer in pm only

    see this topic why:




    51.33 KB

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    Cześć, on jest w stanie sprawdzić, czy istnieje epprom tego ecu ??


    ford_focus 1_6tdci.rar

    960 bytes

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  • 11/17/19--05:06: Evoque medc 17.9 ktag clone?
  • Good afternoon guys, can someone please, with ktag fw8 let me know if medc17.9 can be read/written with clone please?

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  • 11/17/19--06:03: airbag mini 65.77 3451779
  • Hello
    can someone help me remove crash
    mini 54.77 3451779-01
           220 4408-33
           eprom 25128
    with Airbag Universal Repair 3.8 not working.
    Thanks a lot


    25128 crash.rar

    1.12 KB

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  • 11/17/19--06:07: S60 ignition problem
  • Hello!
    I have problem my 2003 S60.
    When i go to car and turn ignition on only airbag and check engine light go on, car dont crank.
    Ignition off, pressing unlock button, then ignition on and all lights come up and car starts.
    Video is in rar archive.


    volvo video.rar

    602.21 KB

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  • 11/17/19--06:23: VW UP Immo Off ME17.5.20
  • Hi,

    can someone make immo off? Car has new used ignition block but still not starts. Its original transponder. Odis online cant help. So please immo off???

    Eeprom + flash attached. Read with New Trasdata.

    Micro: (52) TC1724
    Plugin: [P1253] Bosch ME17.5.24 VAG
    Vehicle: VOLKSWAGEN UP! 1.0L 12V 50kW/67HP ME17.5.20
    Software Upgrade Nr.: 04C906020AK  5971
    Engine Type: 1.0l R3 MPI          CHYA



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  • 11/17/19--06:24: VmWare GMNA 2019-11
  • GM North America  2019-11 in VMWare Win7 32bit cost 180$

      Size 145GB total, 80GB archive (WinRAR)

    General Motors North America 2019-11-12 is including:
      -Canada with price
      -USA with price

    Regarding payment and receiving a link with password to download, write to private messages.

    [Image: 74c0a905c6704a80acb430a429aba491.jpg]
    [Image: 7ece6a79c5745241ee4f48a72b0259c8.jpeg]
    [Image: 8ab0218e902dbd9649f16805bf9d854f.jpeg]
    [Image: 9b89cdc8dd3f9ee2f0e47e693d2942a8.jpeg]
    [Image: 3c80379a6e58f4386773a9c18918374c.jpeg]
    [Image: c6be8b772929430b84e9172f2c7b6089.jpeg]

    Remember to click "Thanks" and "Reputation"! )

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  • 11/17/19--06:35: CANT FIND ISN MG1CS003
  • hi need help with isn Smile any idea?



    39.96 KB

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  • 11/17/19--06:47: radio code seat leon
  • hi, can somebody help with radio code for seat leon , serial: Sez1z216359485, thank you

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  • 11/17/19--07:14: Dodge ram wiring diagram
  • Hello, can some one help me with wiring diagram for dodge ram 1500 hemi from 2018.


    Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G960F met Tapatalk

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    Hi, this is a weird one. We've recently purchased a used 2015 Citroen C5, with hydro-suspension. The car was, to the best of our knowledge, sitting idle for a long time (at least a year), without any serious rides (apart from running the engine every now and then). The car doesn't seem to have any mechanical issues.

    When we test drove it before purchasing it, of course the ride wasn't up-to-par (we took into consideration that it was probably in "safe-mode" or something), but eventually, it became better (a lot of the ECUs were in sleep mode as reported while using the DiagBox) and we've topped up the hydracive fluid, since it was below the low mark.

    Bit by bit, it came closer to what the car's ride should be, but we're still having issues over speed-bumps (if driven over them slightly faster, the suspension will be very hard upon impact) and rough roads where there is a "dynamic" in the road bumps, the car just doesn't want to properly compensate them and it becomes hard and unstable to drive it at higher speeds. The "citreobics" are done without issues (several sets of up/down of the suspension).

    The only issue that appears while using the Diagbox is U2005: Triggering (vehicle speed receipt anomaly), remote cause, permanent error, communication error. I've tested the car and had the live parameters being show in the suspension ECU, the vehicle speed is visible to the suspension's ECU without issues. The error can be cleared, but it will reappear shortly after starting the engine. We've also tried a BSI reset (properly turning the car off and disconnecting the battery then reconnecting it), this also didn't help.

    Some of the ECUs report something about the "secure/safety work mode" (rough translation from the croatian language), but I can view/telecode them without issue. Also, one or two of the ECU's are reported as "being present but telecoded as not being present". I don't know why this is so, the car was properly serviced by a Citroen service (it was a company car on a lease), it wasn't done by some shady backyard garage.

    Any ideas what to do/try next are much appreciated.

    P.S. The DiagBox version used is 7.82, is there any newer one available, some of the car ECU's aren't properly identified (i.e. the latest SMEG nav unit), but this shouldn't pose an issue in detecting the cause.

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    I have to write in now file to trailblazer.. Then the program stop.. And Now can I not recovery... "Programering error-retry"🙄 What should i do? I use westeri program.. Please help

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    I am having issues to connect to the trucks on the units that previously worked fine. Connection to the truck starts , reading product information progress line goes about 3/4 of the way and drops to  -no product connected and stalls. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  • 11/17/19--08:46: Ford Focus RS
  • Hello

    Anyone try read 2.3 ecoboost and older 2.5T R5 volvo engine by kess v 5.017
    both are in protocols read/write

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  • 11/17/19--08:51: Help with for newer ecfg
  • Help guys does anyone have a newer ecfg than:


    Many thanks

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro

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    Hi there i need a website with shopping cart. I need there vin to work with tecdoc. I have domain with cpanel with unlimited database and space. LEt me know few people who can do it and how much will cost me....

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  • 11/17/19--09:06: hi need sgo file 5k0905861A
  • hi all need sgo file 5k0905861A

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    Are there any delphi softeware which works on any serial number?

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