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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 11/19/19--14:37: CPC Programming on DD15 2014
  • I have new blank CPC and have old cpc parameters files as engineering saved on desktop .
    Have DDDL 8.06 installed 
    How I can do programming on blank cpc never used brand new from dealers .

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    I have a Mercedes Benz E280 CDI with EDC16cp31. I had a tuning on it which made fuel consumption a lot higher, so I decided to flash it back to stock. I took my Kess v2 (not reworked yet) and it gave me an error. I misclicked and I didn't recover it. I stupidly turned off ignition. So I tried to read via bdm. First bdm read was successful and I flashed my stock file. Now I don't have no access no more. Everytime trying to read it says ecu not identified. I guess its bricked. Does someone have full bdm read?
    thanks in advance 


    Mercedes benz e280 cdi.rar

    504.48 KB


    20191119_232956 b.png

    568.99 KB



    412.72 KB

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  • 11/19/19--15:18: ODIS-E 9.2.2 226MB Problem
  • Hello guys.

    I have the Problem on install ODIS 9.2.2, it shows, it want only to install 226MB of Data.
    But there are some GB.
    Where is my problem?
    Thanks a lot.

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    Hi. I'm looking for original file BMW E60 535d.
    OBD full read not partial. 

    HW: 0281013852
    SW: 1037381597
    SW upg.: 07804268

    Got the the car with modded file and ori is needed.
    Thank You

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  • 11/19/19--15:39: MotoScan Ultimate for BMW
  • [Image: Screenshot-20191120-013206-de-wgsoft-motoscan.jpg]
    Download And install 2 apps below:

    Run MotoScan Press on purchase and choose ultimate and confirm. Restart app then go to purchase and press purchase ultimate then it is unlocked. 

    Please leave thanks if you like


    Press on thanks button if you like

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  • 11/19/19--15:58: xHP Flashtool 3.51 Crack
  • Hi. 
    Crack might not work on some devices but we managed to share. 

    Install 2 following apks. 

    Run xHP Flashtool and press on purchase and confirm and you will get for free. 



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  • 11/19/19--16:29: TuneLogs Unlocked v4.0
  • Download and install 2 apks
    run tunelogs and go to protocols and press on them to unlock



    [Image: Screenshot-20191120-022637-com-tunelogs.jpg]

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  • 11/19/19--16:35: Econ Tool 2.39 Unlocked
  • Download & Install 2 apks

    run econ tool and go to purchase and press on it to unlock full version



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    Download and install both apks. 

    Run TunerView and select which protocol you want in order to unlock it. 



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    Hello guys.

    Ive heard that it is possible to use an "old" vcds or vagcom kkl cabel and use it for newer bmw (2004-2011) with the software inpa?
    They told me i have only to short the Pin 7&8 from my vcds cable, and i can use it for bmw.

    Who can give me an answer, is it true?
    I have a lot of old vagcom (kkl) cable and some new Vcds clones. And an original vcds, but i dont want to damage it Big Grin
    Thanks for answer.

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    can anyone do stage 1 + crackle n pops?   if you can do this for sure please message me and let me know.

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    Hi everybody... i need help to search fault codes in mev17.4 ecu... Can someone help me to find adress of code table and switch table in order to disable them? thanks!!!!

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    hey,everyone!!! i need some help with toyota pcm reprogramming files

    i got a 2006 4.7L tundra with air pump wiring problems(all wires are short out)  and now the car enter the safety mode (witch mean reduce power)

    to change all the harshness is way too expensive .

    so i am thinking about downgrade the pcm software to 2002 same engine without the air pump systems

    i dont know where i can get those pcm files, and i got the oem software with j2543 pass thru .

    is it gonna work ? 

    and  do you have those pcm file also ? 

    thx a lot 

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    I adjusted it by myself, but it was not well adjusted. Who can help me?
    Adjust to: 60000KM
    Thank you for the



    690 bytes

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  • 11/19/19--19:49: ISX delated low power
  • Need a little help I have a ISX that I had deleted by a member. I have paid him to do many and never had any trouble. We deleated the truck about 5 months ago and it ran  good until September when it got hot and derated the customer cleaned the radiator and changed the air filter he was hauling corn and temp issue went away but still no power. When I got the truck in the shop it had 2inactive codes 2963 engine coolant temp high and 2346 turbo intake temp high. We have recleaned cooling pack, checked for boost leaks, replaced intake manifold pressure sensor, replaced exhaust back pressure sensor, removed and plugged she valve and still no power. With insite turbo passed test. During test drive turbo command and measured remain 14 to71 percent but torque limiting mode comes on an calculated exhaust temps swing wildly from 200 to 1300. When we first deleted the truck he forgot to tell me to unplug the egr and it acted the same way. Could this be the programming or something else. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    Hi ALL,

    i have a 2001 ml320 with a faulty AAM 2 module with no central locking working. i have traced the fault to  the MC68HC705X32 0G47V cpu inside.

    I have ordered a brand new CPU and am struggling to Write the ROM/PROM to it. I am using orange 5 and it does not even give me the ability to write the prom to this new cpu.

    I know these CPU the ROM/PROM is one time programmable, but i cannot find much information on how to write it anywhere.

    Carprog provide the service here, but it is a bit expensive considering i can get a new cpu for 10USD and program myself...if i knew what programmer can do it


    If anyone knows what programmer can do it? or has success writing the prom/rom themselves?

    much appreciated

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    Hi all guys,
      I have a BECKER radio installed in ACTROS.
    I want radio code.
    BECKER CD 70
    MODEL NO:  BE 6047
    Serial no:  48035981
      Thanks in advance.

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  • 11/19/19--22:44: Msd80 clone advice
  • hi
    Trying to find out what tools other than Ktag  original can unlock and clone this ecu.
    Pls share what you know.
    Thank you

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  • 11/19/19--22:46: NEED STAGE1 FOR MB SPRINTER
  • hi
    I don't have drive for this file in my ecm titunium can someone can help me
    make stage1 or stage2 for this file
    MB Sprinter 1037386798


    MB_Sprinter 1037386798_ORI.zip

    69.12 KB

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